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Danica Potter sat across from her father’s grave on a cold, rainy June day. The thirteen-year-old girl had tears glistening in her eyes. Her jet-black hair was long and thick. Her emerald eyes stood out in her tan face. She shivered in her jeans and green t-shirt. She was sitting on her jacket, and had been for an hour. She finally gathered the courage to talk to her father again.

“Hi Dad,” Danica whispered “It’s me again.” she quickly wiped away a tear.

“I finished my third year. Remember I told you about my friend, Rebecca Weasley? I went to her house last week. Janelle Thomas was there too. We had a sleepover. Uncle Ron was there. He was funny. But I wish I had a dad. I wish you were here with me. I wish a lot of things, but mum tells me wishing doesn’t do any good. She says I have to accept things because I’m old enough.” Danica’s eyes watered but she refused to let her tears fall. She remembered all the times her mum had told her that. Her mum didn’t seem to have problems with her dad dying. Danica felt a surge of anger.

“Mum tells me all the time that you died eight years ago and I need to forget.” Danica remembered the new guy her mum had brought in to their apartment last week. His name was Brandon, or something. After she introduced him to Danica, she took him into her room, and hadn’t come out for hours. Danica hadn’t eaten that night.

“I don’t want to forget you, Dad. You were the only one who ever cared about me.” Danica’s eyes brimmed with tears again, but she still wouldn’t let them fall.

“I hate her! She has a new boyfriend every week!” Danica yelled angrily. “Why did you have to die? Why? You were the only one who loved me, who wanted me.” Her voice broke. She remembered those wonderful weeks when she would stay at the Weasley’s with Becca and Uncle Ron, Aunt Hermione, Uncle George, Aunt Alicia, Uncle Fred, and Aunt Katie. Those were the best weeks of her life. She loved Hogwarts more than her home. Her mother didn't seem to notice she had a daughter unless Danica was in her way, or interrupting her fun. Danica remembered she had muttered some lame excuse about Danica being in her apartment.

“I get to go to the Weasley’s again tomorrow for a week.” Danica told him, trying to smile. She didn’t’ hear her Uncle Ron come up behind her. He saw Danica shivering and talking to her father’s grave. He felt a rush of pity for her. He silently retreated to the gravestone behind Harry's.

“I like the Weasley’s more than mum.” Danica told him, twisting her hands. “They’re nicer, and they give me triple helpings. I wish I could live with them.” she sighed.

“Well, I’m going to be in my fourth year this September. Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione tell me stories about when you were my age.” Danica tried to smile. Ron felt his eyes water as he saw Danica trying so hard not to cry. Danica never cried. When he thought about it he had seen her cry once, when he had gently told her that her daddy wasn’t coming back. She had been five. Hermione cried more than Danica. He felt a tiny anger surge toward Danica’s mother for ignoring Danica, her beautiful daughter, an intelligent, interesting, and curious young girl. He listened to Danica again.

“I remember the night you left,” Danica was saying, “It was dark and cold and rainy. I wanted to come with you, but you wouldn’t let me. You said you’d be back tomorrow morning. But you didn’t come back.” Danica whispered, “You lied to me! You left me all alone! I hate you! You didn’t come back.” A single tear slipped down her cheek. Ron felt a tear roll slowly down his cheek as well. He remembered the night Harry left too. How could he forget? It was the night Neville, Charlie, and Malfoy died as well.

In the years before his death Harry had searched for and found all of Voldemort’s Horcruxes. He had killed Voldemort, but was killed by Severus Snape, who was now on the loose. He remembered how devastated Ginny had been when she had heard about Harry. She locked herself in her room and hadn’t come out for three days. When she did come out she didn’t cry. Mostly, it was she who took care of Danica. When Hermione had asked her why she simply answered, ‘It’s the least I can do for Harry.’ Nobody had questioned her after that.

“I remember when you said good-bye. I told you not to, because you said you’d see me tomorrow. So you didn’t. I wish you did. I loved you, Dad. I loved you more than I love anyone.” Another tear slipped down Ron’s cheek.

“I try not to cry, Dad.” Danica whispered. “Everyone tells me its okay, especially Aunt Ginny. But I don’t. I don’t want to disappoint you. I would rather die. I loved you so much, Dad. And you just left me! How could you just leave me all alone?” Danica asked. Ron couldn’t stand it anymore. He walked up behind Danica.

“You’re not all alone, sweetheart.” Ron whispered, hugging her tight. He pulled her up off the ground.

“Always remember that. You’re never all alone. Not as long as I’m alive.” And for the just about the first time in eight years Danica cried. She let her tears fall freely, without trying to stem them. She leaned against Ron and cried eight years worth of tears. Ron leaned down and picked up her jacket off the ground and put it over her shaking shoulders.

“Come on, let’s go home.” he told her gently.

“Wait! I have to say good-bye.” Danica protested. She walked over to the tombstone and kissed the top of it.

“Good-bye, Dad. I love you.” Danica whispered. And she walked away with her Uncle Ron, feeling a peace inside.

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