The following month, Hermione and Nicolas moved in with Draco and Isabelle. The move was very easy on Nicky and he took to Draco immediately, since he had never met his own father. Isabelle, however, needed a little more time. Hermione understood, and she knew Issy would come around in her own time. Until then, they would just be friends.

During brunch with Hermione’s parents in late November of that year, Draco proposed to Hermione, who, to no one’s surprise, gleefully accepted. The ring was the same one that he had given her their seventh year. He had held on to it for safe keeping. The happy couple didn’t want to waste any time on an engagement, and planned the wedding to be around Christmas time. Christmas Eve to be exact.

The morning of her wedding, Hermione woke in her bedroom and when she looked out her window she found that everything was covered in a beautiful blanket of white. She was staying with her parents, while Draco stayed at their house, and the kids were with Molly and Arthur. Her wedding gown was hanging neatly on the back of her door, and she could feel her excitement bubbling up inside her at the sight of it. It was a magnificent dress; it was a classic white without straps. It smoothly hugged her curves in an elegant and very tasteful way. It widened and puffed slightly after her hips then gently billowed out around her to the floor. (A/N: contact me if you would like to see the picture of it) She stretched her arms above her head and gave a content moan. She sunk back under the fluffy duvet covet with a dazed grin on her face.

“I’m getting married today.” She said out loud to herself.

“Yes you are darling.”

“Mum! I didn’t realize you had come in!” Hermione sat back up and looked at her mother. She handed Hermione a cup of tea and sat down on the edge of her bed.

“Are you nervous?” She asked. Hermione shook her head.

“I’m not, actually. This is what I want, and I’m sure of it. I know Draco loves me, and I know I love him. This just seems… right, you know?” Hermione answered, taking a drink of her hot tea. Her mum nodded wisely.

“Yes, yes I understand. And I am very happy for you Hermione. I just want you to remember…”

“Oh mother not again please…” Hermione rolled her eyes.

“I just want you to remember, love someone with all your heart, trust them with your life, but do not let them control you. Just be yourself.” She said motherly. “And about this honeymoon…”

“Mum, stop right there. I already have two children, do you really want to continue that speech?” Hermione raised her eyebrows at her. Mrs. Granger looked down at her hands.

“No, no I suppose not. Well anyways Hermione, there is breakfast waiting for you downstairs when you’re ready.” She kissed Hermione on the forehead and left. Hermione sighed. I’m getting married, I’m getting married, I’m getting married, I’m getting married, I’m getting married… She thought grinning. Dragging herself out of bed, she sleepily wandered downstairs and plopped into a seat at the breakfast table next to her father.

“Morning daddy.” She said taking a bite of bacon.

“Good morning pumpkin. How are you this fine morning?” He asked ruffling her already messy hair.

“Good.” She answered, continuing to eat.

“Don’t fill up darling,” He mother warned. “It would be terrible if you were too bloated to fit into your dress.”

“I know mum.” She said blandly.

“Now who is it that is doing you hair? Ginerva?” Her mother asked curiously.

“Yes mum.”

“And she is in… what was the name of that color?” She asked, referring to the bridesmaid dress.

“Raspberry Truffle mum.”

“Oh yes, that’s right.” She took a bite of her toast. “It’s quite a lovely color, you did a nice job picking out the color pallets for everything.”

“Thanks mum.”

“Now what are we-”

“For goodness sakes Jane, give the girl a break. She just woke up, and if you want to review everything we still have all the sample layouts.” Mr. Granger said. Hermione silently blessed her father for shutting up her mother.

“Well I’m going to go get dressed and take my dress over to the church, then I’m going to deliver Isabelle’s dress to the Burrow, so I suppose I will see you again when its time for…” She paused, letting the words sit on the tip of her tongue for a moment. “When its time for me to get married.” They smiled at her and she went upstairs. Throwing on a jean skirt and a jumper, she flooed to the church. (it was in a magical community)

“Ah Mrs. Malfoy, there you are. I’m Sylvia, I will be showing you to your room where you can get ready before the ceremony.” A kind looking woman who appeared to be in her late forties.

“Oh thank you, but you know I’m not Mrs. Malfoy just yet…”

“Yes, yes of course, but it is only a matter of time dear.” She led her down a narrow hallway and opened a wooden door at the very end. Pushing it open and ushering Hermione in, she took the dress from her hands and hung it up on a hook. There was dark, shiny hardwood flooring, and stool covered with a plush cushion in the corner, seated in front of a vintage looking vanity.

“There is a lavatory over there,” She pointed to another door to Hermione’s left. “And we always advise our brides to use the loo before they put on the dress. Horrible incident last week, the bride dipped the train of the dress into the toilet on accident. Terrible really… bridesmaids all around with hairdryers trying to blow dry the dress, and then the shrinkage…” She looked at Hermione’s bored expression and stopped. “Well, I believe that’s everything. You are to be wed a two o’clock, is that correct?”


“Until then.” She shook Hermione’s hand and left her in the room. Checking to make sure she still had Isabelle’s flower girl dress, she apparated to the Burrow.

“Give it here Issy!” Nicky yelled.

“No, sorry I don’t think I will.” She said snottily.

“I want it back! It’s my mum’s!” He stuck out his hand, and waited for her to give it back.

“Too bad. I think I’ll keep it. It’s pretty.” Isabelle slipped the ring onto her finger and looked at it.

“It looks better on my mum, now hand it over!” He gritted his teeth and glared.

“No.” She said defiantly.

Hermione popped in to the scene of the two children arguing. Molly was by her side the instant she appeared.

“What’s going on?” She asked her.

“I’m sorry Hermione, I just didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t take it from her, but she just wont give it back.”

“Give what back?”

“She has your wedding ring.” Molly said sadly. Hermione’s face fell and her heart sunk. She had thought something like this might happen, and fortunately, she had worked out a plan with Draco earlier. Hermione turned to Molly and handed her the dress.

“This is her dress, please ask her to put it on. She might refuse, but after Draco gets here…”

“What do you mean, ‘when Draco gets here’?” Hermione took out her mobile phone that she had purchased for her and Draco for times like these when they weren’t supposed to see each other. Dialing the number, he quickly answered after the first ring.

“Hello? Hermione? Can you hear me?”

“Draco I can hear you just fine.” He still was a little unsure when it came to telephones. “But we have a little problem. Issy had stolen my wedding ring from Nicky and she won’t give it back.”

“I’ll be right over. Get Ginny and go to the church. I’ll handle it.” They hung up and Hermione smiled at Molly.

“No worries, everything will be fine, but I must go before he gets here. Bad luck you know…” She ran upstairs and knocked on Ginny’s door. Ginny came out, dress in hand, ready to go. Just as they were about to apparate they heard Draco’s voice floating upstairs. Knowing the problem would soon be solved, they left.

“Issy, why don’t you come have a little talk with your old man for a minute eh?” He crouched down to her eye level. He was already dressed smartly in his tuxedo, with his hair combed neatly. Taking her by the hand, he led her outside to the little pond in the Weasley’s back yard. He found a stump and he sat down on it, and then hoisted Issy onto his lap. “What’cha got there sweetie?” He tapped the back of her hand. Slowly, she uncurled her fingers to reveal Hermione gold wedding band that Draco had given the ring bearer (Nicky) to hold onto. “Now why do you have Hermione’s wedding ring Isabelle?” He asked gently. Isabelle started to cry, and squeezed her hand shut again.

“You can’t get married now. I have her ring. She can’t be my mum now.” She said tearfully with a bit of spite in her voice. Draco sighed.

“Issy, I thought you were okay with this. I thought you liked Hermione, because you wanna know something?”


“Hermione loves you very much, and she is very excited to become a part of our family.”

“I do, but-”

“You do what?”

“I do like her but I miss my real mum, and what if you and me can’t play together anymore?”

“Munchkin that would never happen and I know you miss your real mum, but we need to move on. Do you think your mum would want you to be mean to Hermione and be sad like this?” After a moment of silence, Isabelle answered.


“Now I have something for you,” Draco pulled out a dark blue velvet box. He handed it to her. “This is from me to you, so that you never forget that I love you and you will always be my little girl.” She opened the box and inside there was a little tiny ring. It had a silver band with a small pink heart in the center. The heart sparkled in the sunlight, and removing it from its box, Draco slid the ring onto her index finger.

“It’s pretty.” She said, looking at it intently.

“Yes, and I’m glad you like it.” He kissed her on the cheek. “Now do you think I could have Hermione’s ring back?” She nodded and handed it to him. “That’s my girl.” He carried her back inside. He handed the ring back to Nicky, who snatched it from him and put it protectively into his vest pocket. As he set her down, he gave her a serious look. “I think you should apologize to Nicky too, you shouldn’t have said those things.” She sighed.

“Alright, if I have to.”

“You have to.” He gave her a little push in his direction. He checked his watch. 1:15 PM, it read. “Oh Merlin I’ve got to get going. Molly, you and Arthur are bringing the kids, right?” He checked with her. She nodded.

“You look very dashing, now go finish getting ready, and do remember to breathe!” She added as he left.

At 1:50 PM, Ginny stood behind Hermione arranging her veil and her fluffing her gown. Hermione was taking slow, deep breaths.

“Nervous?” Ginny asked.

“No, not really, I mean, I’m ready for this.” She said confidently. A minute passed. “Okay maybe just a little…” She admitted. “But don’t go and tell me it’s normal, I know that already.” She snapped as an afterthought.

“I wasn’t gonna say anything.” Ginny said innocently. Hermione took a few more deep breaths. She looked over at Ginny. She raised her arms up.

“How do I look?” She asked with a worried look on her face.

“Do you remember the way you looked at the Christmas Ball your seventh year?”


“Well you look ten times more beautiful then that night.” Ginny complimented. “And do you remember Draco’s reaction then?”


“Well I think this time they are going to have to cart the poor guy off because he is going to have a heart attack when he sees you.” Hermione smiled.

“Well Merlin I hope not, I would hate to be a widow before I’m even I wife.” Hermione said with a small smile. A moment later she stopped smiling. “Oh dear Merlin, you don’t think he’s really going to have a heart attack do you?” She sounded panicked.

“Oh jeeze Mione, I was only kidding. Nothing will happen to your beloved Draco except a loss of words and a hard on.”

“Gin!” Hermione smacked her with her bouquet.

“Ouch! Hey!” She laughed. At five minutes to two, Nicky and Isabelle came in along with Hermione’s parents. Nicky looked excited, but Isabelle was staring at the ground looking embarrassed. When she finally looked up at Hermione, Hermione gave her a warm understanding smile. Isabelle dropped her basket of flower petals and ran towards Hermione. She grabbed her by the legs and hugged her tight. Hermione bent down to hug the small girl. She kissed her on the top of the head and whispered softly to her.

“It’s okay, we can be friends.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it; I won’t do it again…” She said shakily.

“It’s okay Isabelle, we will work it out.” Hermione soothed. Music began to play, and her father moved towards her.

“It’s time Hermione.” Isabelle unattached herself from Hermione’s legs, and Ginny rushed to re-fluff the dress. Her mother gave her a hug, and Hermione bent to give Nicky a kiss on the cheek before he started the progression to the alter.

“See you out there.” Ginny said, giving her one last hug and a go-get-‘em smile. Everyone let except her father. He extended his arm to her.

“Ready to go knock their socks off?” He asked. She smiled and took his arm.

“As always daddy.”

The wedding march started playing, and Draco’s heart began to race. He was fiddling with his cuff links, trying to keep himself calm. Ron and Harry stood next to him as his best men. They had finally accepted the fact that if Hermione was going to marry him then he couldn’t be too much of an asshole. However, they struck an agreement that if he ever hurt Hermione they had first dibs on beating him to a pulp. He saw Isabelle walking down the aisle, tossing flower petals as she went, with Nicky right by her side. Ginny was a few steps behind them, attracting quite a bit of attention from the young male guests. He could have sworn he saw her winking at someone. As everyone stood up, he knew that Hermione must be coming soon. He held his breath as he saw a glint of white coming around the corner.

She slowly, gracefully walked down the aisle on the arm of her father, as if floating, instead of walking. He couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. Her eyes were shining, her hair cascading down her shoulders radiantly, and that dress… he loved the dress, the dress was gorgeous, but the dress needed to come off. Off to reveal a bodacious…Bad Draco! Stop it! Ceremony now, shag later! Come on, pull yourself together man! He yelled at himself. He started to feel a little lightheaded, and that’s when he remembered he wasn’t breathing. He let out the breath he had been holding in and tried to remember to breath like a normal human being this time. His eyes hadn’t left Hermione’s since he first saw her, but now she saw turning to her father. She kissed him on the cheek and then turned to him and reached for his hands.

“You are so beautiful.” He whispered. Her smile became even brighter, if that was possible.

“You don’t look too bad either.” She whispered back. He smirked one of his famous Malfoy smirks. Oh yeah, I know I look good. He thought smugly.

Conceited bastard” Draco heard someone mumbled. He turned and glared at Ron, who gave a glare back. When Draco faced Hermione again, he saw that she was glaring fiercely at Ron herself, but this time Ron blushed and mouthed ‘sorry’ to Hermione. The priest cleared his throat and the ceremony began…

“Ladies and Gentlemen we are gathered here on the eve of Christmas to celebrate the joyous union of this witch, and this wizard, through the bonds of marriage…”

“…Love is patient; love is kind and envies no one. Love is never boastful, nor conceited, nor rude; never selfish, not quick to take offense. Love keeps no score of wrongs; does not gloat over other men's sins, but delights in the truth. There is nothing love can not face; there is no limit to its faith, its hope, and its endurance…”

Draco took the rings from Nicky.

“… Draco, do you take Hermione to be your wedded wife, to live together in marriage. Do you promise to love her, comfort her, honor and keep her for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health and forsaking all others, be faithful only to her, so long as you both shall live?”

He squeezed Hermione’s hands and stared deeply into her eyes. “I do.” He slid the gold band onto her ring finger.

“Hermione, do you take Draco to be your wedded husband to live together in marriage. Do you promise to love him, comfort him, honor and keep him for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health and forsaking all others, be faithful only to him, so long as you both shall live?”

“I do.” She slid the ring onto his finger as he had done to her.

“Then it is with great honor that I now pronounce you wizard and wife, you may kiss the bride.”

Draco leaned in and brushed his lips onto Hermione’s. Her arms found their place around his neck and she opened his lips with her own, and softly slipped in a little bit of tongue. He was beginning to respond when she pulled away smiling. A bit disappointed that the kiss was over (hey, they were in church and it wouldn’t look good to start necking in front of family anyways) but understanding and know he would get more later (*hint hint*) he laced his fingers with hers and together they walked down the aisle past their cheering friends and family members.

At their reception, pictures were taken, congratulations given, champagne and fire whiskey drunken, food eaten, speeches made, and music played, but the only part that they young couple couldn’t wait to get to was their first dance as husband and wife. Draco stood up and offered Hermione his hand, which she happily took without hesitation. As they stepped onto the dance floor, they got a few cat calls from people who saw them dance together at Hogwarts so many years ago. Pulling her tight to him, Draco kept one hand in hers and the other on her back as the music began to play. “One Fine Day” sung by Natalie Merchant.

One fine day
You'll look at me
And you will know
Our love was meant to be
One fine day
You're gonna want me for your girl

“When was the last time I told you how much I love you?” Draco whispered into her ear as they moved to the music.

The arms I long for
Will open wide
And you'll be proud
To have me by your side
One fine day
You're gonna want me for your girl

“Hmm,” Hermione pretended to think. “I don’t remember.”

“I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you…” He whispered huskily so that only she could hear. Hermione smiled.

Though I know you're the kind of boy
Who only wants to run around
I'll keep waiting and someday, darling
You'll come to me
When you want to settle down, oh

“Did you know,” She started.


“That I have never been happier than I am when I am dancing with you?”

One fine day
We'll meet once more
And then you'll want
The love you threw away before
One fine day
You're gonna want me for your girl

“Did you know,” He countered. “That I have never loved anyone the same way that I love you.”

“That sounds familiar.” She mused.

“Mmm, it should. That is what you said to me the last night we were together at Hogwarts.” He said. She rested her head on his shoulder.

“I meant it you know. Every word.”

“Yes, I know.” The music faded out and into another song and the guests clapped respectfully. Over her shoulder, Draco saw something that he could not help laughing at.

“Mi, take a look behind you.” He told her. She brought herself away from him and turned. She burst out laughing as she saw Nicky and Isabelle trying to dance with each other. Hermione and Draco watched as Isabelle tried to instruct Nicky on how to do it properly, which he would have none of (not with his mother’s temper he inherited) so Isabelle stomped on his foot with her tiny heel. Nicky pushed her back and then stormed off, leaving a very mad Issy behind. Still laughing, Hermione turned back to Draco.

“Dance classes for the both of them right away.” She said through her giggles.


Four months later, Hermione was pregnant once again. This time, with twins. One boy and one girl. They were born Ariel Ginerva Malfoy and Christopher Zachary Malfoy. It had been a true test of love, but Hermione and Draco finally got the fairy tale ending that they had wanted. Not that it didn’t hold its fair share of difficulties, Hermione and Draco fought almost as much as Nicky and Issy, but there was just so much love in the household that there was no way their arguments could go unsolved. When Nicky and Issy grew old enough, they were accepted into Hogwarts. Nicky to Gryffindor, and Issy to Slytherin, and there parents? Well they wouldn’t have it any other way.

The End (for real)

Ahhh, it feels good to have it completed. I’m happy with the way it ended. Are you? Tell me, leave me a review. I love all of you guys, you’re great! I never on my life imagined that Two to Tango would be so popular, I honestly though everyone would hate it, but no! I hope that when I get another story up here (when ever that is…) that you will read it. You know, I could get a new story up a lot faster if somebody wants to drop me a few new ideas *hint*hint wink* nudge nudge* (and I will credit all the ideas to that person OF COURSE) Many hugs and kisses,

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