Hermione, Draco
Drama, Romance
Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature
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2016-03-05 09:40:10
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2018-01-07 12:26:11
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2018-01-07 12:26:11
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Letters

Decree No. 547

1145 3
2 A Muggleborn's World

Draco reentered his new living quarters. He didn’t know what to expect, but this was certainly a far cry from the mud shacks he use to image muggles living in.

2070 2
3 Dinner and a Game

Draco is introduced to football...

2158 3
4 Same Bright Star

The first night is always the hardest.

1413 1
5 A Pureblood in a Muggle World

. How could something so simple challenge his intelligence? He sighed as he wondered whether or not he should just scorgify himself everyday instead. Just as he was about to retreat back to his room to do just that when snort came from down the hall.

2861 4
6 Questioning Normalcy

The pressure he felt in his chest was overwhelming. The muggle term, he would later learn, was called a panic attack. The sudden fear of dread washing over you, breathing so shallow just to keep your heart from exploding out of your chest. He felt this before he even knew the Dark Lord had arrived at his house. Knowing that something was going to happen, and it was never good.

2817 5
7 Mud in the Purified Waters

At first it started with the blatant refusal to go, then questioning if she had been dropped on her head one too many times as an infant.

3170 4
8 Amber Rain Drops

The rain had stopped.

In fact it had completely suspended.

2084 2
9 Post War Trauma

Hermione explains...

1757 3


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