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2007-08-13 12:54:20
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2008-10-19 16:31:49
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2009-08-23 18:25:26
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Inside Looking Out

Merope Gaunt has lived eighteen miserable years of loneliness and poverty. The only escape she knows is to harbor impossible daydreams of the man she can never have.

But how long will her love remain a secret?

1854 106
2 The Beginning

Bethe is lively, brilliant, and owns the medicine shop in Little Hangleton. Merope is fragile, unloved, and full of repressed dreams. Both are young, talented women who are much more than they appear.

What will happen when fate steps in and brings them together?

2098 82
3 Through Different Eyes

An increasingly educated Merope begins to see her father differently and reflects upon his once happy marriage.

It seems as though Bethe also has a secret or two. Is destiny something you can control if you see it coming?

2529 75
4 The Engagement Party

Tom begins to notice the girl, whose brother is always watching. Cecilia struggles between the man she loves and the man who loves her.

Romance is complicated, even for the privileged, and sometimes the heart has to choose between what is right and what it longs for.

3261 70
5 Truth and Consequence

Inspired by a revealing talk with Merope, Bethe returns to the orphanage in search of her past.

Tom comes knocking at the Gaunts' cottage, where he finds it quite easy to converse with Merope. If only Morfin hadn't been watching...

4090 52
6 An Interlude To Love

In the village of Silvermist Woods, Bethe finds the answers she has been seeking and much more.

Alone after Bob Ogden pays the Gaunts a fateful visit, Merope finds comfort in Tom - who must remind himself that he is promised to another.

3894 57
7 The Love Potion

Tom and Merope's unusual friendship comes at a high price. Strange dreams and a chance sighting arouse Cecilia's suspicions.

Rose's unrequited love is tested, while Bethe makes a decision between her friend's happiness and her friend's salvation.

6474 46
8 Outside Looking In

Tom's bond with Merope deepens, but his relationship with Cecilia begins to suffocate. Cecilia makes a plan that will ultimately end their suffering.

Bethe has a disturbing dream and finds that her guilt and anxiety are straining her friendship with Merope.

4822 37
9 Letting Go

Bethe makes contact with her family in Ireland, but it is with a heavy heart that she prepares to leave Little Hangleton.

Tom takes Merope home for a disastrous introduction to his parents, forcing him to make a fateful decision.

4079 27
10 A Dream Fulfilled

Tom and Merope escape Little Hangleton to begin their new life together. Nothing can mar Merope's blissful happiness - not even the locket, which begins to lose its hold on her.

On her way to Ireland, Bethe finds a familiar face among her fellow passengers and has a tragic revelation. She begins to ask the most dangerous question of all - what if?

4834 25
11 Long-Forgotten Memories

Bethe meets her family in Ireland and has an interesting and unexpected glimpse at what could be a clue to Merope's past.

Meanwhile, a mysterious young man reveals that he has been following Tom and Merope on their honeymoon in Paris.

5195 13
12 Whispers in the Night

In order to prove Tom's love to herself, Merope decides to stop giving him the potion. What she discovers will either secure him forever or end their short-lived happiness.

Somewhere in the bowels of Azkaban, Marvolo is thinking of home - unaware that in Ireland, Bethe has received an enlightening letter about his past.

6446 13
13 The Secret Love of Marvolo Gaunt

One dark wintry night, Merope meets Ralph on the cliff by the sea to hear of the desire that conquered her father and how it destroyed two families in the process.

As Ralph tells her, "When one meddles with fate, fate will come back to seek justice in the end."

5644 14
14 Give Up This Fight

Marvolo pays a heavy price for his crime, never dreaming that the daughter he can't forgive will be the one to bring Slytherin's vision to life.

Merope makes the most of her final week of happiness with Tom, knowing that their love must come to an end.

5583 11
15 The Leave Taking

Furious at Merope's deceit, Tom returns to Little Hangleton. But the shallow life that awaits him there - and a surprise meeting with a past acquaintance - forces him to rethink his rash action.

Left alone once again, Merope is comforted by the locket which gives her an interesting piece of news.

6473 16
16 The Birth of Darkness

Tom returns to Ireland but what he finds is not what he expected. Bethe hears of the strange beggar woman who knocked on her door.

Merope learns the truth about the locket, takes a trip to Borgin and Burkes, and looks upon the face of her son for the first - and last - time.

7049 22

A man seeks answers, and a woman comes home.

2963 59


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