Antoinette, the Annoying

After several hours of shouting and swearing (mostly on your part), the problem of Sirius sitting with Steph has been resolved in a nonviolent manner.

Which is good.

You can break up verbal fights, but if the two boys started throwing punches, you were staying out of it.

Now everyone is happy, and you’re completely out of breath. Liam is sitting with his newly proclaimed girlfriend (he announced it to the whole common room to make sure that no one else would hit on Stephanie) and Sirius is up in the boys’ dormitory where Antoinette (hopefully) won’t try to follow him.

You sigh, inhaling deeply. “What I do for the sake of my friends,” You open up the book Remus left for you again, praying that you won’t be interrupted.

“Cat?” a female voice with a heavy French accent says.


“Yes?” you ask through gritted teeth.

“What are you reading?”

‘Look at the bloody cover,’ you think silently. “An Advanced Guide to Defense Against the Dark Arts.” you mutter, hoping she‘ll go away.

“I love Defense Against ze Dark Arts!” she squeals, delighted, and perches on your armrest.

Doesn’t she know when she’s not wanted?

“`Oo gave you ze book?”

Gr. Did she have to know everything?

“You haven’t met him yet.” You regret your choice of words instantly. Damn again.

“A him, Cat? A boy gave this to you?”

‘Yes, a boy.’ you think dryly.

“You must tell me all about him!”

“I’d rather not.” you reply, your tone clipped.

“Oh…all right.” Antoinette gets up and walks away. You shiver involuntarily. There’s a certain edge to her voice that spooks you, but it‘s probably nothing. You shake it off and continue reading.

(( () ))

“Remus!” Without waiting for a response, you run up to him in the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom and hug him, completely on impulse.

“Er…Hi, Cat.” he says awkwardly, going a brilliant shade of pink.

“Hi.” You feel breathless, strangely enough. It’s been days since you’ve seen Remus, in class and out.

“Where’ve you been all this time?” you ask, stepping back.

“Sick,” he responds quickly.

You raise an eyebrow. “For that long?”

Remus nods. “`Fraid so.”

“I’m sorry. How’re you feeling now?”

“I’ve been better.” he grins. “So, how’ve you been getting along in Defense Against the Dark Arts without me?”

You shrug. “We haven’t done much.”

“I guess that’s a good thing…Ready for tutoring tomorrow?”

You nod. “Very much so.” You remember something. “And thanks for the book…it’s helped loads.”

“No problem.” He smiles, and your heart skips a beat.

“Hello, Cat.”

Why does she have to follow you around everywhere?

“Hi.” you respond stiffly.

Remus shoots you a questioning look.

You sigh inwardly. “Antoinette, this is Remus. Remus, Antoinette.”

“Nice to meet you.”

Antoinette just smiles and mutters something in your ear before walking off. “You like heem, no?”

Thanks everyone for being SO patient with me, after I've kept you waiting for such a long time!

One final thing: Please don't be so degrading as to copy my work. I've worked very hard on every single chapter, and it's insulting to see that someone's taken my ideas.

I'm working on the next chapter and it should be up soon!

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