Draco\'s POV I cracked my knuckles. Crabbe and Goyle should know NEVER to mess with me. I smirked to myself, remembering how frightened they were when I told them they gave me a punch. Mwahahaha. How pathetic. \"You gonna stop smiling to yourself like a goon?\" a voice came from behind. I whipped around. Hermione. \"Uh, hi,\" I said stupidly. She extended her hand and before I can say \"what the...?\", she slapped me across my face. \"Jerk!\" she spat. My palm touched the spot on my cheek which hurt. Ouch. \"Huh?\" \"How dare you take advantage of me!\" she whispered furiously, looking around to see if anyone was eavesdropping. \"What did I do?!\" \"You pretended to be Ron and you...\" she sputtered. \"Kissed you?\" I finished. Another smack across my face. I wrenched her hand away from me. \"Quit. That.\" I said, narrowing my eyes. \"Let go of me!\" She clawed at my hand with her damn nails. I dropped her hand and almost immediately her hand raised to give me yet another slap. This time I blocked and caught her hand. I leaned it and our faces became a few inches apart. \"Never touch a Malfoy that way.\" \"I\'m not scared,\" she said, sounding very much like she was trying to convince herself instead of me. I pretend to nod seriously. \"But of course. You are the brave one.\" At this moment, Weasley, with his perfect timing, walked in on us. Hermione\'s POV \"What are you two doing here?\" he asked, alarmed. \"Nothing,\" I mumbled. \"Making mad love,\" Draco said lazily, smirking at Ron. Ron rolled his eyes, like he knew Draco was lying and held my hand and pulled me away. \"Stay away from her, you evil ferret!\" he said jokingly. Draco\'s eyes widened dramatically as he put one hand over his heart. \"Never!\" Both of them joked around while I watched with ridicule. Enemies since Year One and now they are acting like old pals. What is the world coming to? I cleared my throat noisily, waking them up from their \'trance\'. \"People would think you guys are queer,\" I muttered loud enough for them to hear. Ron and Draco looked at each other in shock and jumped apart. Ron put his hand around my shoulders. \"Who\'s queer?\" Ron looked around, pretending to find the person. \"Oh my god, Malfoy, is it you!?\" Draco rolled his eyes. \"How did you ever guess? I thought I kept that secret well!\" he said sarcastically. Ron chuckled. Even I smiled, as small as it was. Draco looked at us, smiling. His eyes lingered at me a little longer. Good luck, his voice said wistfully in my mind. My heart pained. I tore my eyes away from him and concentrated on my shoes instead. \"Weasley, you are one lucky fellow,\" Draco joked, hitting Ron hard. He grinned in return. \"Excuse me,\" I interrupted, leaving them to talk to themselves hastily. Racing to the prefects\' common room, I sank onto the couch as my eyes watered. Gazing into the fire at the fireplace, my mind flashed back memories. It was getting too, too dizzy. I felt as if my eyes were spinning. My head throbbing, I made my way to my bedroom, staggering slightly. Then everything blacked out. Draco\'s POV I mused to myself about how adorable Hermione and Ron ((he\'s calling him Ron!)) looked together. Although jealous, I wanted Hermione to have the best, and according to her, Ron was the best. Even better than me. I bit my lip, sighing inwardly and entered the common room. My eyes widened and I rushed forward to Hermione\'s aid. \"Hermione? Hermione?\" I shook her gently. She wasn\'t responding! Panicking, I could hardly think straight. Must. Bring. Her. To. Infirmary. Carefully placing her into my arms, I stood up and carried her out of the common\'s room towards the infirmary. Along the way, people tried to stop me as they wanted to know what happened. I didn\'t care. I continued to walk briskly, oblivious to the surroundings. \"Nobody can stop me,\" I muttered under my breath. Hurriedly, I turned the corner and yelled for Madam Pomfrey. She came and gasped and ordered me to carry her to one of the beds. Worried sick, I placed her carefully and gently down, praying that nothing out of the ordinary would happen to her. Hermione\'s POV I heard someone mutter something about stopping him. I tried to opened my eyes, but I couldn\'t. I felt so tired.

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