I will not speak of your sin
There was a way out for Him
The mirror shows not

It's the last day of the year, Andromeda’s last day at Hogwarts. She goes over the plans in her head, the ones she and Ted have been working on for the past six months. Nothing can slip up. Nothing can go wrong. If it does, all is lost.

She watches the hustle and bustle people are creating at the platform in Hogsmeade. Carriages are depositing a constant stream of people all converging onto the same place where cats are running, owls are tweeting, trunks are dropping and people are shouting. Ted’s brown hair is noticeable amongst the blonde, red and black of his friends. The blue lining of their cloaks and robes stand out against the green of hers. Ted suddenly turns, blue eyes finding her, and gives her a small wave which she returns.

She can’t approach him. Her sisters still don’t know a thing about her and Ted by some sort of miracle, and she can't let the secret come out now. Bella left a year ago. What she’s currently doing is unknown to Andromeda; she can only hope it has nothing to do with the rumours Cissy once told her. Then again, she need only speak to Rookwood and Yaxley in her year to find out what Bella is up to.

As for Cissy, Andromeda can see her standing by Lucius now, his prefect badge sparkling in the sun as his chest is firmly pushed outwards to let everyone see it. Cissy’s arm brushes against his now and then and they both smile when it happens. All Andromeda can do is hope that Lucius will lead a different path from Bella. That he won’t let Cissy become like her. Whether that will still happen after today is questionable.

She will never know what will Cissy will become, now she thinks about it. She will never know what her sister really thinks of Lucius. She will never know if Bella will ever change. She will never know what her parents and sisters will say when they find out about this. She will never know a thing about them again. Once she’s gone, she’s gone.

The ends of her lips crease downwards in a frown at the thought. She will never see her family again.

‘Andromeda, Andromeda!’ she hears a voice say beside her.

Turning her neck to the left, she sees her cousin, Sirius, grinning at her. His robes are slipping off his shoulders, draped slightly over the scarlet and gold emblem. He’s accompanied by someone who looks remarkably similar to him. The only difference is that his hair is tufts, jaunting out everywhere, compared to Sirius’s sleek style.

‘Hello Sirius. Who’s this?’

‘This is James, James Potter. I bet him six Sickles that you would talk to me but he didn’t believe me. He said no one in my family would ever talk to me so it would be easy money.’

‘Sorry to make you lose your bet, James,’ Andromeda replies easily. ‘I am about the only person in our family who will talk to a Gryffindor openly, especially a Gryffindor who's meant to hate their own house.’

James gives her a smile before Sirius hits him on the arm. ‘Go and talk to Remus and Peter. I need to talk to Andromeda.’

The boy nods before giving Andromeda a small wave of his hand and is lost in the crowd. ‘What did you want to say, Sirius?’

Sirius’s hands fumble together; his eyes are kept on the ground. It’s a far cry from the boy she usually sees yelling down the corridor with his friends. Andromeda wonders whether the yelling is just an act of defiance to their family. An act she could never do until now.

‘Do you think my parents will be fine about me being a Gryffindor? They won’t take it out on me, will they?’

Andromeda sighs. How to tread carefully around this is a question indeed. ‘They might for a few days perhaps, but if it does get bad write to me and say so. I’ll help you get through it. Anyhow, I thought you didn’t care what your parents thought as you told Cissy so kindly.’

Sirius squirms before her, his muscles visibly rippling. The words Cissy cried at him for being sorted into Gryffindor certainly were spectacular. Perhaps even more so than Sirius’s retorts back at her. ‘I did tell her that and it’s still true – I don’t care. I just don’t want anything bad to happen. You know what they can be like.’

‘Yes, I suppose Aunt Walburga can be rather cruel at times,’ Andromeda concedes. ‘I will always be there for you, Sirius, no matter what you may think. Besides, your father, Uncle Orion, isn't as bad as her. He might be fine with it.’

He nods before shuffling away a little. ‘I had better go. James will wonder where I got to otherwise.’

‘Bye Sirius. Remember what I said though.’

His head bends up and down slowly before merging into the crowd.

Andromeda sighs before picking up her bag and heading towards the train. She hopes that no one will have to suffer for what she’s about to do. Sirius is already suffering enough, so she does not want to add to his troubles.


Andromeda’s hand is curled up in Ted’s. His in hers. She still hasn’t got used to the idea. The idea of them being out in the open, holding hands on the Hogwarts Express. Holding hands with a Muggleborn. If her mother sees her now, Andromeda won’t be surprised if she has a heart attack from the shock.

‘So your parents really don’t mind me staying there until everything is sorted?’ she asks him.

‘How many times do I need to tell you? Of course they don’t mind, they’re happy to help you get away.’

‘I know, I just don’t want to intrude on them or anything. If my mother taught me anything, it was to always have good manners and never abuse someone’s hospitality.’

‘Your mother did teach you something useful then.’

They both laugh, and Andromeda’s hand tightens around Ted’s. The other is firmly clasped around the handle of her trunk, ready to swiftly depart in the case of her mother or father noticing her in the company of a 'Mudblood'.

‘Andromeda,’ Ted says, and her head turns to face his. In that second, his lips crash onto hers, the trunks firmly dropped to the floor. The clang, clang of metal touching wood is left unheard by the two. He wraps his arms around hers and she mimics him. Those few seconds seem to change everything.

‘Let’s go, Ted, we don’t want to keep your parents waiting,’ she finally says, noting the carnage outside of their compartment has quelled.

Turning her head, she takes one final look at Ted while bending down to pick up her trunk. He grins at her, the tips of his mouth nearly reaching his nose.

'You know, I really do love you, Dromeda.'

'I really do love you too, Ted.'

Andromeda can remember each time he has said that too, every day, time, setting. She reckons this time has to be one of the best times out of them all though.

With one final glance of the compartment, she picks up her trunk and walks from the room. It’s as if she’s walking from her old life too, Andromeda notes, but if the old life is a Ted-free she shan’t miss it much. The end to that stupidity has long been needed.

Author's Note: Again, the lyrics are from Broken Crown by Mumford & Sons. I hoped you enjoyed the cameo from Sirius and James it was fun to write! If everything goes to plan, Lucius and Narcissa should feature in the next chapter though I may change it.

I would love to know what you thought of their escaping as it was fun to write! Thanks for reading :D

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