Chapter 4

She stares at the house in front of her, her face expressionless save for the frown that lines her forehead. Her hands are dug deep into her pockets, curled into fists. Minerva looked sideways at her ward, knowing exactly how hard this was for the young girl.

They are back at Ally’s house. After six years of hurt, anger and sadness they were back at the home of her parents. Taking a deep breath, and smoothing out her frown, the sixteen year old blonde, visibly steeling herself, marches up to the front door and rings the doorbell. Minerva hurriedly joins her, transforming her worried face into a mask of sternness and severity usually reserved for the likes of James Potter and Fred Weasley, of both generations.

A beautiful woman opens the door. Her long blonde hair is streaked with silver and is straightened to reach half way down her back, no longer in the same unruly curls that had been inherited by Ally. Her face is perfectly made up, with red lips and pink cheeks, making her look years younger than the forty odd years she truly is. She is dressed in a white blouse tucked into a black pencil skirt that reaches mid-thigh, not an appropriate length for a woman her age. Minerva seems to agree with this sentiment as she looks the woman up and down, her frown increasing as she noticed the high stilettos the woman was precariously balancing on.

“Who the hell are you?”

“Nice to see you too mother dear.”  


“No, it’s her long lost twin.”

“No need to be rude!” Comes the reply, accompanied by a haughty toss of the head.

Ally bites her lips, trying not to let her anger and frustration show.

“Well? Why are you here?”

Minerva quickly steps in, before any further conflict can ensue. “Mrs Gobba-“

“That’s no longer my name.”

“Excuse me?” Comes the headmistress’ startled question, accompanied by Ally’s less than polite “What?!”

“I no longer have any connection to that useless man, or his children. Goodbye.” And with a baleful glare through green eyes, she slams the door in their faces.

“Mother! Mama! Where’s Safia? I need Safia! And Sammy! Where’s Dad? Where are they?
After minutes of hopeless banging, they turned away from Ally's old front door and walked down the street.

“Well that was enlightening.” Aunt Minnie remarks,

“No it wasn’t! Where’s Dad? And my brother and sister? What did she mean?”

“There are two addresses under your sister’s name; we could try that one too. Calm down dear, we’ll sort this out”

“Aunt Minnie, this is a disaster. First I find out that Safia’s coming to Hogwarts, then I have to go back to my childhood home, meet my crazy bit- I mean, crazy evil mother, who slams the door in my face after basically telling me her and dad are divorced. I can’t calm down!”

“Well you’re going to have to, otherwise I’ll be forced to cast a silencing charm on you, which you hate, so be quiet.” Minerva’s voice is firm and welcomes no arguments.

“Is the address far?” Ally’s silence only lasts a moment.

“No, we’ll just apparate, give me your hand.”

And in a moment they are gone.




They apparated into a small square opposite a row of small houses somewhere close to central London. Minerva glances at the piece of parchment on her hand and marches up to house number 7, and bangs the knocker loudly.

In a trice, a young man of perhaps eighteen years opens the door. He stares at the two before him, blinking at them with brown eyes the exact same shade as Ally’s.

“Sis?” his voice is completely shocked.

“Hey Sammy, you going to let me in or what?” her voice shakes, but she manages a small, trembling smile.

“Uh, sure.” He’s wary, as if he's not quite expecting this to be real, and he runs his fingers through his brown locks nervously.

He sends a small fleeting smile at Minerva and turns back into the house, indicating they follow him with a beckoning gesture.

“Dad! Safia! C’mere!”

“Sammy? Why are you shouting, we’re right here, there’s absolutely no nee-” Safia’s voice fades away as she catches sight of the girl and much older woman standing in the middle of their kitchen.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

“Nice to see you too, little sister.”

“I didn’t mean-“

“Whatever, It’s okay. I understand it’s a shock for you to see me.”


“Is there somewhere we can talk?”

“Uh... yeah.” All three of her family members looked a bit shocked, as if they don’t quite know what to make of this, but she supposes that that is to be expected.

“Care to introduce us Ally?” Aunt Minnie’s voice breaks the awkward silence, and Ally remembers her manners and makes the introductions.

“Well this is much better circumstances than the last time we met. Or at least I hope so anyway.” The aged woman comments, a slight smile playing on her usually stern face.

“Now is not the time.” Ally snaps, her mean, impatient side shows whenever she feels vulnerable, and now was one of those times.

Aunt Minnie arches one grey eyebrow in warning, leading Ally to sigh in resignation before flopping down on a chair.

“Six years ago, I came to your previous home where you and your mother, ex-wife in your case Mr Gobbart, presided. I told you what she was, a witch, and Mrs Gobbart did not seem to take it very well and kicked Allia out of your house, and out of your lives, with nothing but the clothes on her back and a red cheek from the blow delivered by her mother. Now I’ve come to tell you that Safia is currently in the same situation, I hope you will take the news better than you did previously.”

There is a stunned silence, before Safia smiles excitedly, “You mean I’m magic?”

“Yes dear, that’s exactly what I mean; I suppose you have further enquiries.”

She relaxes and listens to her family ask Aunt Minnie questions about Hogwarts and how things would get done.

“Do you guys have a fireplace?”

Safia nods, looking a little confused, Ally turns to Aunt Minnie, “We can get the floo network joined up here right?”

“Of course, it could be done in a few hours if I send the owl as soon as we get home.”

“Where is home?” Ally’s father inquires, hoping this question will finally be answered.

An uncomfortable silence follows, until Ally replies with “A cottage in Scotland in the middle of a forest quite close to Hogwarts. I could show you it after we get both mine and Saf’s school supplies at Diagon Alley.”

“Diagonal what?” asks Sammy, looking confused.

Diagon Alley. It’s a wizarding street where there are lots of super amazing shops. I’m sure we can even find some stuff you and Dad might like too.”

The two men of the family eyes light up; glad that they will get to take part in something at least.

“So when do we meet?” asks Safia, who has been rather quiet the whole time, processing the fact that she was like her sister.

“Erm, well, I’m not busy tomorrow morning, so we could get everything done by then unless you’re busy or want time to process things or something.”

“No I think tomorrows fine.”

She smiles, “Brilliant, the Leaky Cauldron isn’t far from here so I’ll just pop by at around eleven and we can get started. I’m afraid I need to be somewhere at three o’clock.”



Having obtained all the necessary purchases needed for Safia’s school year, as well as her own, Ally lead her two siblings and father towards Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes. As soon as they step in, all three let out audible gasps of amazements, louder than any that had been uttered the entire morning.

She tells them to wander around on their own, not before warning them not to touch anything and look for a shop assistant to help them. She heads toward the front desk, hoping that Fred Weasley would be there, son of George Weasley. She smiles when she sees him, flirting with a pretty girl she recognises from school. His dark eyes light up when he catches sight of her, and waves at her frantically.

“Hey Ally! Haven’t seen you in a while, how’re doing love?”

“I’m alright; my little sister’s coming to Hogwarts so I’m here with her, Dad and my brother Sammy. Been up to any mischief lately?”

“Nah, but James and I have something planned for Saturday. The whole family’s gonna be there, so it’s we’ll have to do something huge! Rose and Al said something about you may be coming. Are you finally going to venture into the Weasley and co. madhouse? I don’t think you’ve been in our presence all at once have you?”

“I’m scared to think about it to be honest, going to Dom’s is enough for me, I have no idea why I agreed to this when Al mentioned it to me.”

“You finally met him then?”

“Yeah, he came over with Teddy and Rose a few days ago, now I have one Wotter left to meet, and that’s Lucy since she hasn’t come to Hogwarts yet. Oh and your parents, who I hope are saner than the lot of you.”

He laughs, his handsome, dark face spreading out into a wide grin, making a girl that stands by to sigh dreamily. Ally rolls her eyes, but understands where the girl is coming from. Fred’s light caramel skin, inherited from his mother’s side of the family, Angelina Weasley nee Johnson, kind brown eyes and ready smile would leave any girl swooning. His muscular build and relatively tall stature don’t hurt either.

“You need anything love, or did you just come to say hi? I would love to stay and chat but...” He nods his head behind her and she turns to see a bunch of girls looking impatient behind her. She laughs and sticks her tongue out at him.

“I just came to say hi and see if Dom is here. Since she isn’t I guess she’s either at her house or at Vic’s boutique. Never mind. See you later handsome.” She winks teasingly and waves goodbye before turning to find her family.

She finds them some time later; the shop is popular especially just before the school year starts and Hogwarts students are faced with a year of school work and strict teachers. Her father is eyeing a box of fireworks suspiciously whilst Sammy seems to be in his element; Safia was holding a pink Pygmy Puff and chatting animatedly to a small blonde girl covered in freckles. She asks them whether or not they want anything, but before they can reply she feels a tap on her shoulder. She spins round to see James Potter grinning at her.

“Hi James, you working today?”

“Yeah, Fred’s making me and it’s better than sitting at home with mum nagging me to clean my room, plus Malfoy’s roaming around and I don’t want to see his ugly mug any more than I have to.”

“Oh shut up, Scorp’s is pretty good-looking, and no one understands this stupid hate you have for him so you might as well stop.” She cuts him off before he can protest, “How much does the Puff cost? Here I’ll give you the money now, I’m not in the mood to fight my way through Fred’s fangirls, I’m surprised you haven’t been mobbed yet. I’ll see you Saturday. Don’t blow anything up!”

Leaving him looking confused with a two knuts and a sickle clutched in his hand, she shepherds her family out of the shop before she bumps into anyone else, she is already running late and doesn’t fancy facing the wrath of the Delacour/Weasley females any more than she has to.

She leads her family through the wall to muggle London at the back The Leaky Cauldron, promising to visit before the end of the week. 

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