Standing in the back corner of the room, I watched as everyone filed into the room and pass the front, where Hermione stood with Rose. Though she stood tall and straight, it was not hard to see the bags under her eyes and her red rimmed eyes, with the occasional tears leaking out. I tried to keep track of who else was coming by, but all I could do was focus on Hermione and Rose. Occasionally, one of my other family members would catch my attention, but I always found myself drawn back to Hermione.

I saw movement from the corner of my eye and whipped my head around, before realizing that it was Fred. It was a weird sensation still, being able to talk and see him. In the hospital room that day….it had been so draining. Even when I let it go black, I found myself coming back and trying to comfort Hermione. It was nightfall before she pressed the red button, the button that decided our futures. I wanted her to do it. I needed her to do it, so that everything would…..get better, in time.

When she pushed that button…everything became a little hazy, is the easiest way to explain it. I could still see Hermione and what used to be me, see Harry and Ginny running into the room to hold her as she cried. But I couldn’t reach her. No matter what I did, I could never reach her. It was during all of this that I had noticed Fred was standing off to the side. But it didn’t stop there. Tonks and Professor Lupin showed up, Sirius showed up, Cedric, and so many more that had been lost. Fred held me and there were two sides of morning that night in the hospital.

Both of us had finally calmed down to a point, but I still followed Hermione. Even if I couldn’t touch her, I would lay by her at night. I wanted to pretend that my life was normal. Even if it wasn’t, even if I knew to my bones that it wasn’t, it was easier than admitting the truth. During all of this, Fred would just follow me around, a silent shadow.

Which led us here. To my funeral. Everyone was moving around now and I watched blankly as the ceremony took place. On this side of it, it all seemed so…frivolous. Half the people here were only here because of my claim to fame. But I stood there all the same. Listening to everyone speak about their favorite memories, ranging from when I loaned them a quill in school to when I used one of the prank items that had been mailed to me.

After Harry gave his, talking about how I was the brother he never had and how he would have done anything to save me, Hermione stood up. She passed Rose on to my mum and made her way to the podium. As she passed Harry, I watched as he squeezed her hand briefly and I felt a pang in my heart, knowing that I would never be able to lend Hermione strength like that again.

The room quieted as Hermione stood there, twirling her ring around her finger. When she finally looked out at the crowd, I saw the tears running down her face. “I have thought about this moment for the last few days….and I always imagined myself giving an elaborate and elegant speech that would bring everyone to tears.” A few people chuckled at this from the front rows and Hermione smiled at them. “But that’s not who I am, that’s not what Ron would want.” Hermione paused for a moment, composing herself once again. “I loved Ron with all my heart. I always will. He will always be the first man I loved, the father of my daughter, my best friend. He may have been a bloody idiot at times, but he was my bloody idiot. Life isn’t going to be easy, but we will make it. For Ron.” Hermione stood for a moment more before nodding, making her way back to her seat.

People continued to talk, though no one talked as much as they had been. As the ceremony ended, everyone left, leaving Hermione and Rose sitting there. I stood there and watched them, distracted as I heard sobbing coming from my right. Turning sharply, I saw Tonks and Lupin standing there, staring at little Teddy as he trailed behind Harry and Ginny, keeping a steady grip on Harry’s hand.

I reached out and squeezed Lupins’ shoulder, who nodded at me before wrapping his arms tightly around his wife. I looked over at Fred who was staring at George, whose fingers were wrapped around Angelina’s tightly. I turned away quickly as I watched tears roll down Fred’s face, unsure of how to react to the situation.

Looking back at Hermione, I saw that she was crying again and my heart ached for her. I wish I could be there to hold her, to comfort her, to tell her that I loved her one last time. But all I could do was watch her shoulders shake in grief as she tried to quiet Rose.

Six months later, I found myself staring at Hermione as she bustled around the room. Rose had just had her first birthday the week before and it had been a quiet affair with family and close friends. Per usual, I stuck beside Hermione during the night, occasionally seeing Tonks and Lupin out of the corner of my eye as they watched after Teddy. After a time, Fred had begun to leave me alone, realizing I was not going to do anything foolish.

But now. Now it was a different matter altogether. I found myself glaring at her, wishing I could shake her shoulders. Fred had warned me about this. But I refused to accept it. Not that I had not wanted Hermione to be happy again – because I did. But this was not what I had imagined as Hermione zipped up the black dress, humming a song.

I followed Hermione into the bathroom as she did her hair, put on her make up, and slipped into her shoes. I followed her as she went into the kitchen, double checking on Rose’s bottle supply. I followed her into the living room as she smiled at Luna who was bouncing Rose on her knee. “Thank you so much for agreeing to watch her tonight.”

Luna smiled dreamily up at Hermione. “It’s no problem at all. Neville’s having to work tonight so I would not be doing anything.” I rolled my eyes at Luna’s typical voice, still staring angrily at Hermione. She bustled around the living room a few more times, talking to herself under her breath. She finally grabbed a jacket and was slipping it on right as the doorbell rang. Hermione flushed a little and grabbed her clutch from the table by the door.

She stared down at her hand for a few minutes, twirling her wedding ring around her finger. After a time, with me wanting to scream at her, Hermione took her ring off and set it on the table. With that, she walked out the door and away with whomever was behind the door.

Fred had been right. Watching your loved ones move on was the hardest part about dying.

Author's Note: So there's the final chapter. I hope you guys have and will enjoy this story. I'm going to update chapter four with it's beta'd version shortly and as soon as Lindsey gets this one back to me, I will have to edited as well. Again, please R&R - I would love to know what you guys think!

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