................A few weeks later................ It was now march, and the snow around Hogwarts was beginning to melt. Harry\'s \"stare at mirrors phase\" had come to a end and he was now back to normal. Well if you could his life normal. He occasionally still had a flashback but they were occurring less and less often. His most recent one happened a few days ago when he and Ron had been talking. Ron was telling Harry about a letter he had gotten from his mother when it happened. \"Yep, it looks like they\'re sending him to America\" \"Charlie?\" \"No Bill.\" *~\"Good morning Lily.\" \"Elizabeth I just found...\" \"Lily I have a problem.\" \"You do? What?\" \"The ministry the wants to send me to America!\" \"What! You\'re leaving me?\" \"And Sirius!\" \"And you can\'t talk Fudge out of it?\" \"Lily I tried! I tried to get them to send someone from the international department, but they wouldn\'t!\" \"Elizabeth you can\'t leave! I need you! It\'s Quidditch season and with James not around as much as usual I\'m going to need your help with....\" \"Lily are you pregnant?\" \"Elizabeth sometimes I swear you can read minds.\" \"Oh my God! You\'re pregnant! Does James know?\" \"Elizabeth let\'s talk about this later, have you even told Sirius yet\" \"Oh this time next year there will be a little James, or a little Lily!\" \"Yeah I know. Have you told Sirius?\" \"About what?\" \"America!\" \"Oh my yes, I forgot about that for a second.\" \"Babies can do that to you. When did you find out about America?\" \"Last night, When\'s the baby due?\" \"Early August.\" \"Lily this is so wonderful!\"~* \"Harry? Harry? Snap out of it!\" \"Oh… er… um… sorry about that.\" \"Maybe you should see Madam Pomfrey about that thingy you do.\" \"No it\'s ok don\'t worry about it\" At that moment Hermione came bursting into the room. \"Oh my God! Harry you\'ve got to see this!\" She flung a copy of the Daily Prophet at him. Harry opened it up, and Ron stood up to leave. Ron and Hermione still weren\'t on good terms. \"No Ron. You need to see this too.\" Ron reluctantly turned around, and sat back down. Harry found the article and began to read. PETER PETTIGREW POSSIBLY ALIVE?!?!?!?!?!? The famous Peter Pettigrew who was supposedly murdered by Sirius Black 14 years ago has been spotted! Or, at least according to Jessica Pony. \"I would recognize him anywhere! I had a huge crush on him in my 6th year at Hogwarts. The only thing different about him is that his hand was made out of silver. I swear I saw him! He was walking right in the middle of the road in Knockturn Alley.\" Her responses to our questions were rambled but perfectly understandable. She was also sent for a short check up at St. Mungo\'s and they immediately released her. When I spoke to Dr. Bigbott he said \"Ms. Pony is perfectly sane. She is either confused or saw what she says she saw.\" Mr. Pettigrew if you\'re out there where are you and why haven\'t you shown yourself before this? ~Joann Tucci \"Ron do you know what this means?\" \"Yeah it means maybe you won\'t have to go back to the Dursley\'s this summer!\" \"Harry this is wonderful but you have to realize this is the first slip up Peter has made in 14 years? It\'s not likely he\'ll make another one for awhile.\" \"Hermione why do you always have to be a downer?\" \"Shut up Ron\" \"No I\'m serious! Every time something........\" \"I said shut up!\" \"But, come on! Every time.........\" But Ron didn\'t finish because just as he was speaking Hermione stood up and slapped in across the face. \"What the heck was that for?\" he said \"For talking about things you don\'t know about!\" \"What does that mean?\" Hermione slapped him once more and then marched out of the common room. \"What her problem?\" \"You honestly have no idea do you?\" \"No I don\'t please enlighten me.\" Ron said very sarcastically \"It\'s called grief!\" Harry stood up and went to find Hermione.

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