Draco was sitting in the bakery, eating his breakfast, when a loud crack ringed through the shop.


He didn't bother to look up at the noise. After all, they lived in a wizard community and apparating was quite common.


Therefore, he was surprised when he felt three pairs of hands grab him; one pulling his arms behind his back, another with one hand on his shoulder the other pointing a wand at his throat, and the last one shoved him out of the chair and searched him for any weapons, taking away his wand.


Confused and surprised, Draco opened his mouth to speak, but the one holding a wand to his throat pressed it harder.


"Don’t move. We are Aurors. We know what you did and we are taking you to the Ministry of Magic. If you try to escape it will make you have extreme charges in addition to the ones you already are facing. Come with us." A familiar voice growled. The last remark was more of a demand then an invitation, and Draco had no choice but to go with them as they had a firm grip on him and they apparated to the Ministry.


What was going on? What did they want? What did he do? The questions flashed through Draco's mind over and over. Surely it hadn't had anything to do with her?


He felt nervous at the thought. He hoped they would understand why he did it. They would too if they were in his situation!


They landed in an unfamiliar office. Looking around Draco saw that Kingsley Shacklebolt was sitting at a desk. He also saw that his captors were none other than Potter, Weasley and Longbottom.




Kingsley spotted them and stood up, walking to them.


"Excellent, boys. I'm going to question him now," He said.


The three let go of Draco and walked into a room.


Kingsley surveyed Draco for a few moments before finally speaking. "Follow me."


Draco followed the man into a room near the one the other three had just went into.


The room that he was in now had a metal table and two metal chairs. There was a large mirror on one wall. They were in an interrogation room.


Draco had a feeling that Potter, Weasley and Longbottom were on the other side of the mirror, watching the whole thing.


Kingsley whispered a charm and the end of his wand glowed purple. He gestured for Draco to sit down, and he did. Then the Auror sat across from him, placing his wand down out of Draco's reach.


"Mr. Malfoy, am I correct in assuming that you know why you are here?"


"Nope," Draco replied.


The older man looked surprised for a second, but quickly covered it up.


"We are here because we believe to find you guilty of murder," Kingsley said.


Draco's eyebrows shot up. "Murder? I am not a murderer, I can assure you that."


"Well if you go through the questioning and prove innocent at a court trial then-"


"A court? We aren't talking about the War, right? Even then I'm pretty sure I didn't kill anyone."


"No, this is not for the war," Kingsley said softly.


"Then when did I 'murder' someone?" Draco asked.


"This morning."


"That's preposterous! I was at a, er, a business meeting."


Kingsley raised an eyebrow. "You don't sound so sure."


"Oh, I'm positive."


"Then why did you hesitate?"


"Because I wasn't sure what the right phrase for it was."


Kingsley looked unconvinced. "Alright, well let's assume you did kill this person. Why? Did you two have a fight or something?"


"Will you please just tell me who died?" Draco blurted out.


Kingsley looked surprised, then pitiful. "Your wife, Luna Lovegood-Malfoy."


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