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Hermione and Fred stood awkwardly in the door way not sure what to say or do.

"so..." Fred began

"what are we gonna do about this!?" Hermione bluntly stated as usual she wasnt one to beat around the bush.

"i mean the  lengthening charm was good but I dont really think that will help with this!" Hermione said motioning to the bathroom contents and clothes. they were stuck at a dead end they hadnt really given the thought of clothes and hygenic care until now, well rather they hadnt or refused to is beyond the point. now they were face to face with the situation and neither one could do anything.

"well...we could...uh..." Fred stuttered

"ah! got it!" Hermione said snapping her fingers then walking back toward the bed with her bag on it.

"what are you looking for?" Fred asked coming up behind her.

"Here!" Hermione pulled out her wand.

"what are you gonna do?" Fred asked skeptically.

"back when Harry and Ron and I were out in the  wilderness and all we had a few problems with keeping our clothes in one piece." Hermione said. Fred blushed at the double meaning in her words. Hermione smacked him

"ow! what was that for!" he complained.

"dont think dirty thoughts!" she said annoyed.

"during that time i used the spell reparo to fix torn clothes." she said Fred was a little confused.

"i could see that being useful but Hermione our clothes arent torn infact thats probably what we need to do... oh!" he said realizing where she was going with this.

"exactly all we have to do is perform the severing charm on our clothes and reparo to fix it!" she smiled with satisfaction another problem solved by her.

"yes but what about the other things like a shower and toilet?" Fred pushed.

"well we'll just have to get over or shyness and work with what we got i suppose well but up something to block the toilet and theres a curtain around the shower so we'll just have to turn away." Hermione said even though she herself was a little nervous she trusted fred but lets face it he was a man and a mischievious one at that but she could hardly imagine him trying anything.

"well  I guess its settled then so whose first me or you?" Fred asked smiling.

"you can go first" Hermione said quickly. fred looked at her a little confused at her urgency for him to shower first.

"ok but no peeking Hermione!" he said easing the tension and smirking.

"in your dreams" she laughed.

after a few minutes Fred asked Hermione to hand him his pajama pants. Hermione was a little dumbfounded at the speed of his shower and the fact that there was no shirt.  Fred soon retreated from the shower. hermione just stared at him.

"what?" Fred asked. he was only a few years older than her so that must be why he lookes so young. he was tall and well built but slender his red hair stickling to his face and a towel hanging off his shoulders. Hermione couldnt understand why she was feeling this strange looking at him.'Snap out of it Hermione! what the hell are you blushing for!?'

"nothing" she said turning away and getting in the shower she quickly worked her magic on her clothes and disregarded them. it took Hermione a great deal longer in her shower.

"Fred could you hand me a towel?" she asked trying to get the soap out of her eyes.

"Here." he said Hermione felt around but couldnt find the towel.

"Fred!.." she said turning toward the curtain but her foot miscalculated its placement and found itself on the soap.

"AH!" Hermione said slipping

"Hermione!" she heard Fred gasp as she grabbed the closes thing to balance her out..which happened to be his arm. a loud thud erupted from the bathroom then silence. Hermione held her eyes shut for a moment in pain then slowly opened them. she saw a dark figure but couldnt make much out of it. 'ow my head why does this keep happening!?'  she thought she felt something warm on her face. as her eyes began to clear her heart began to pound.

the scene was one from a movie or a book. Hermione laying on the floor the shower curtain sprawled across her and Fred. their lips meeting.

Hermione put the pieces together. dark figure, Fred, warm feeling on her lips, his lips. somehow in the mists of chaos Hermione had grabbed Fred and pulled him down ontop of her when they fell their heads met and their lips connected. Fred was kissing Hermione. Fred slowly pulled away although it was sudden he didnt want to stop kissing her, give him a break he is male after all.

"ah..." Hermione opened her mouth.

"Hermione?..." Fred said slowly

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" the ear-piercing scream echoed throught the house maybe the whole wizarding world.

'i just kissed Fred!!!'

'I just kissed Hermione!'

what a long night this was going to be.





a/n ah there it is their first kiss! another chapter i realize ive put this two through the whole tripping falling act one to many times but it seemed the perfect accident to make things interesting i apologize if you didnt like the way it worked but thats me for ya thanks for reading

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