This fic is for a great friend of mine. I wanted to show him how important he is to me. I'd reck a quidditch game, even if it meant my team would lose, for him. <3 For my Sevi.


“Lumos” The silent word filled the night air that would otherwise have been undisturbed. Severus Snape sat curled against a tree on the far side of the Lake. He held his potions book and was scribbling in the margins. This is where he spent most of his Saturday nights. While his classmates partied and got into more trouble then he liked, he sat under this tree and wait for her. He had the perfect view of the Gryffindor common room. They were partying. Perfect Potter had caught the snitch again. Big surprise. Hardly cause for more frivolous revelry. She would not be able to slip away tonight. He had a feeling. Potter would rope her into another scheme. Trap her into another date she didn’t want. The pig.

“The half-blood Prince?” The voice floating to his ears on the cold night air. He turned surprised. In his staring she had snuck up on him and stolen his book. Her hair was pulled into a tight pony tail, a rare sight. Normally, she let the gorgeous locks flow from her head like the waves crashing against the nearby shore. He was normally captured by their endless twists and turns as they slide down her check and landed just before her… He swallowed and met her gaze.

It was her smile that always capture his attention. Tonight, however, she was not smiling. There was a cut on her lip. A scratch on her cheek. A bruise on her temple. He frowned. He would kill Potter if this was his fault. As if seeing his reaction she sat down across from him, her lips breaking out into a smile.

“I’m fine Severus. Just the whomping willow.” Her skirt fluttered around her gracing her ankles and landing lightly on his leg as she handed back his book. He sneered.

“Not because of the wolf I hope.” He spit the word wolf; angry that anyone would cause his…no, not his, never his….but none the less cause her pain. She sighed and rolled her eyes.

“Remus is my friend.” Severus simply opened his book searching for his spot. Not even a second really, he was glancing over the spine watching her. She was looking at the Gryffindor common room. Her gaze allowed him to look at her eyes. Pits of emerald, beautiful even in the dim light that his wand provided. He wanted to never look away, he would get lost in that sea of green if he could. He would drown in it and not care a moment at the loss of air.

She was frowning again as she looked at the window. It was bright with red and gold colors. The party had erupted in even more noise. At any moment, the Gryffindor house head would come in and send them all to bed. Then her absence might be noticed. Then Potter would sneak out of bed with his invisibility cloak and look for her. Not because he was concerned, no never because he care. No he would think her absence was a call for him to go and find her. Find her because he thought she wanted his affections. This was hardly the case.

“Lily…” Severus voice was soft. He’d closed his book. “If you want to be celebrating… you can go.”

Her eyes widened as look at the greasy-haired boy. Then she laughed. It was a beautiful noise. Her eyes lit up with its notes and they glowed in the wand light.

“I promise you… I’m exactly where I want to be… Sevi.” Her voice dropped dangerously low with her nickname for him. It made his breath hitch. It made him shift uncomfortable. They stared at each other a moment.

“Lily…” He repeated his voice faltering a moment. Suddenly, the atmosphere changed, as it always did with Lily. She was carefree and joking again.

“I got you something!” She went rummaging in her bag. To his surprise she pulled out a stick. It was a nice thing wavy stick. Only a few inches long. Nothing special. He stared at it with a blank dead stare.

“Oh Lily Evans!” He exclaimed sarcastically. “A stick! How did you ever know? Now my life has been fulfilled. I can die happy.” She did not seem amused with his sarcastic banter. Instead, she rolled her eyes, stood, and plopped down next to him.

“It isn’t any old stick Severus.” She held it up in the moon. Severus Snape waited a moment, then two… The stick did nothing but stare at him and remain a boring old stick.

“Oh?” He asked humoring her. She gave him a pointed look from those bright green eyes.

“This is the middle stick in James Potter’s broom. Without this particular twig, the broom will fly off-balanced and unpredictably. Without this stick, Potter’s going to have trouble catching the snitch, let alone staying in the air.” She held it out to him. “I got it for you.”

Severus stared at the twig a little befuddled. Lily never ceased to surprise and confound him. One minute she was defending the boy and yelling at him for his harsh statements, and the next she was sabotaging the next quidditch match. He blinked then look at the woman who had present it to him.

“Why?” She rolled her eyes again.

“Because I hated that smug grin of his just as much as you Severus.”

A perfectly acceptable answer.

She raised her wand and tapped the stick. Slowly it rose in the air and began to melt into glass. That glass then formed into a vial. It plopped into his hand shining brightly. The words, “For my Sevi” were engraved into the glass.

“Our little secret, okay?” she whispered as she carefully place a hand on his cheek and turned his face. Then after a wink, she kissed him soft and slow.

The next Saturday night Severus Snape watched a dark common room window. Gryffindor had lost to Slytherin that day. Two brooms had collided knock the Keeper and Seeker for the Gryffindor team unconscious. Lily did not come today. He had angered her the other day. He looked at the window and smiled anyways. A little potion vial clasped in his hand.

“Our little secret, Lily Evans, our little secret.” He whispered into the cold night air.

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