The first day of March 1991, Ron had been looking forward to that day for ages. It was the day he turned 11. Meaning that if all went well and he wasn’t somehow a squib, he would soon be getting his letter to Hogwarts as well as his very own magical wand, the latter hopefully coming sooner. He woke up early on his birthday, with thoughts of going to Ollivander’s that day to pick out his very own wand (or as he’s heard from others have the wand pick him out). Still it was a very exciting day regardless of what happened, because he was finally going to visit the History of Quidditch Museum.


Ron made his way down the creaky stairs to the kitchen, though it was still somewhat early he could already smell breakfast cooking. Perhaps that was what had caused him to awaken at such an unusual hour. His mother gave him a kind smile as he took his seat at the table, still in his pajamas. He sniffed the air, taking it in with a deep breath. His mother had enchanted the pots and pans to cook up food on their own as she did have a great deal to cook.


“Good morning, Ron dear. Happy birthday.” She said beaming, scooping up some eggs and putting them on a plate for him. “Eat up. It is a big day.”


Ron could feel his stomach grumble as she laid out the food on his plate for him, all of it scrumptious and delicious the perfect birthday breakfast, except for the apple she put on the table beside his plate. If there was one thing he didn’t want on his birthday it was to eat healthy. Perhaps when they went to Diagon Alley after the museum he would be allowed to go to Fortescue’s for ice cream.


Not thinking much of the fruit, Ron started at his breakfast not minding the look that his mother gave him as he used toast to shovel eggs into his mouth. He only shrugged and continued his chomping.


Not moments later did the smell of food seem to draw all of his brothers and sister down to the kitchen as well, their mouths watering. It was a normal morning in the burrow. 


“Happy Birthday, Ron.” Ginny said with a smile, and hugged him before taking the seat beside him.


“Big 11 Ronnie-kins!” Fred said with a smile.


“Big day for you, Ron. I’m proud.” Charlie said, he was there on a small vacation from Romania for his youngest brother’s birthday.


“Congratulations little man,” George said patting him on the back.


“Fank ou!” Ron replied happily through his food, spilling bits on to his plate.


“Ew, Ron!” Ginny squealed.


“Honestly, Ron you aren’t a child any longer.” Percy said with a disgusted look on his pointed face, as he picked up his own apple.


“Hardly, there is nothing wrong with enjoying your food.” Bill replied


The young red heads all began bickering amongst themselves as they loaded their plates. Already the small factions between the siblings were clearly evident, the two eldest spoke about their work, the twins of gags they could pull in the coming year, Percy was content minding his own business, and the two youngest mumbled about what presents that Ron might receive soon.


“Eat all of you. We’ve got a big day planned for Ron, I don’t want any of you moaning that you are hungry.” Molly said over them. “Arthur has set up a Ministry car for our trip to the museum today.”


Molly Weasley watched her brood happily, as they lit up at the mention of a day trip. The kids all going about their meal, occasionally something would be thrown across the table. Clearly it was a happy day, as all of their birthday’s were. What they lacked in wealth, they more than made up for in mirth when together. And today they would be spending it at the History of Quidditch Museum, (Ron’s choice of course).


When breakfast had concluded and all tummies full of good food, Molly had her brood move to the sitting room to wait for Arthur to return from work before having a birthday celebration, and then going on their day trip.


Ron could see as he made his way into the room a small stack of wrapped gifts waiting for him on the floor. His thoughts grew more enthusiastic, if at all possible, when he saw a long and slender shaped box in amongst the assorted shapes. He knew what that could quite possibly mean, remembering how they had given the twins empty wand boxes the day they went to get them wands. For once the joke had been on them. 


“I’m home! Where is my boy, Ron!” his father called, having just arrived home.


“Dad!” shouted the younger majority of the brood in unison.


Arthur glad at hearing his children’s excitement he scrambled quickly to the sitting room where they waited to meet him with happy embraces. They all grinned widely at his presence, Ron, happiest of all knowing that know he would get to begin to open his presents which were long awaited.


“How are you all fairing today? You Ron, how do you like 11?” Arthur asked his youngest son, with a twinkle in his eye.


“It doesn’t seem very different.” Ron shrugged, a smile still upon his face.


“Right, we know what you are waiting for.” Arthur said with a quick wink, before Molly could protest.


“Now, now everyone,” Molly said, batting a present from George’s curious hand. “We have to sing Happy Birthday first.”


At once all of the family began to sing the birthday song for Ron. Of course being in a wizarding family there were some variations from the common muggle version. When it ended Ron looked down at his presents anxiously fidgeting about on the floor beside his sister.


“Can I?” Ron asked motioning toward the gifts.


“Yes,” his mother nodded warmly.


“Open mine first!” one sibling shouted.


“No, mine. It’s way better than Fred’s” Ginny interrupted. Pushing her box into Ron’s hands.


“One at a time.” Arthur said over them, though his words were hardly heeded. As most of the gifts had been shoved in Ron's direction.


Ron took Ginny’s gift and began to unwrap it. It was small, but it was all she could really afford when she had six brothers. Beneath the wrappings was a small Quidditch themed writing set, a broom shaped quill, ink wells in the color and shape of the different balls, and bits of parchment with Quidditch headers.


“Wow, Ginny. This is amazing! I will use it to write you letters from Hogwarts.” Ron exclaimed, setting the box aside and hugging his sister as their other siblings commented on her uncanny ability to find great gifts.


“Thank you! I can’t wait.” Ginny replied in her small voice.


“Us next!” Fred and George insisted, handing him a very large but light gift.


Ron took it happily, unwrapping it ruthlessly as most young kids do. It was a large picture frame, in the place of where a painting would be was tens of jellybeans. But not just any jelly beans, they were each and every one of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavored Beans pinned to it with the beans specific flavor listed below. It was meant to save him from the misfortune of eating the really nauseating ones.


“We spent a lot of time on that one.” Fred said proudly.


“And lost appetites more than once. Here.” George said, tossing Ron a box of Bertie Bott’s.


Fred leaned down to whisper in Ron’s ear, “We also got you a box of fireworks, but it’s best to save that for when Mum isn’t around.” Causing Ron to grin widely.


“What is that, Fred? You better not be starting any trouble.” Molly told her twins.


“Of course not, Mum.” Fred smiled innocently. Both George and Ron grinned wildly. 


“Here you are Ron.” Bill said, passing him a well wrapped gift.


Ron could tell what it was just from holding it. A book. When he unwrapped it he found his thoughts confirmed, but since it was from Bill he knew that it wouldn’t be disappointing. Champions of the Cannons by Kennilworthy Whisp, a book about the heyday of the Chudley Cannons team.


“That is so cool! Thank you Bill!” Ron exclaimed, already trying to get a good look at the book.


“Here you are,” Percy said placing an odd box a top Ron’s new book.


This box smelled of dirt and had several holes in the top lid. Ron looked at it questioningly, wondering whether he really wanted to open it. It was from Percy after all, and for all he knew it could be payback for all the times he had joined in the twins tormenting of him. Carefully, he lifted the lid of the box to reveal Percy’s old rat Scabbers. Ron was much less than impressed to say the least, looking down at the scruffy rat with indifference.


“Thanks, Percy.” Ron replied setting the box aside, Percy shrugged happy to be rid of the rat.


Now there was only one present left sitting on the floor in front of then. He knew what it was, and suddenly it hit him, he wouldn’t be going to Diagon Alley to get his very own wand, he wouldn’t feel the excitement that his brothers and parents had when they picked out their own wands. First, he got his brother's pointless pet, now he would get another brother's well used wand. Ron found it hard to show the enthusiasm deserved when Charlie handed him the gift.


Lacking luster, Ron undid the ribbon holding the box together and opened the box. There lay in his hand Charlie’s old wand. He smiled sadly at it as he picked it up. Of course, they wouldn’t let the wand go to waste when Charlie got a new one for his work. That was the worst part of being the youngest of six brothers in a poor family, the inevitable hand-me-downs even for birthdays, first an old rat, now an old wand.


“Wow!” Ginny exclaimed, Ron could see the envy in her eyes. Only being ten she wouldn’t have the opportunity for a real wand for another year. But being the youngest and only girl she wouldn’t have to worry about hand-me-downs.


“Congratulations, mate.” Charlie said clapping him on the back. Followed by other remarks of congratulations.


“Good show, everyone!” Arthur announced, “Who is ready to go to the museum? I’ll bet you are Ron.”


“Yay!” a chorus of Weasley’s replied.


The brood began to gather themselves and move toward the front door where outside a Ministry car waited. Ron got up from his spot on the floor slowly. He knew it would be rude of him to throw a tantrum, or to try and get rid of the wand that he didn’t want, but he couldn’t help to think like that would be his best option.


He followed his sibling back through the kitchen, shoving the wand into his trousers pocket. Charlie noticed Ron’s sullen mood, and pulled him aside before he could leave the Burrow.


“It really is a great present Charlie, thank you.” Ron said, not wanting to show how upset he was.


“I know you wanted to get your own wand, you don’t need to lie to me. But Mum and Dad are trying to live within their means. Another wand right now is more then they could afford.” Charlie stated.


“But you got a new wand, it’s not fair!” Ron muttered.


“Still, it doesn’t mean you can’t make the best of using this one while you have it.” Charlie suggested, his face concealing a smile.


“What do you mean?” Ron asked confused.


“It is still a really good wand. I found it was particularly good at Charms and fire magic.”


“Really?” Ron asked pulling the wand from his pocket to inspect.


“Yup. You know what?”


“What?” Ron asked becoming more accepting of the fact that he now had his big brothers wand.


“I think you could do some big things with this wand. It has got more than enough magic enough left in it for you. Do you think you could manage it Ron?” Charlie asked him, a smile appearing on his face. “You could be a hero with this wand, do even better with it then I did.”


“A hero.” Ron repeated, liking the sound.


“Do you think you are up for the task?” Charlie asked, opening the door for them.


“Yes.” Ron replied now proudly holding his wand, imagining all of the adventures he could have with the wand. 

A/N: Hi! :D I hoped you liked it! I've had this idea for a bit, and finally got around to writing it... mostly because the deadline for one of the challenges I wrote it for is coming up presently. Anywho, please review I'd love to hear what you think about it, whatever that may be. 

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