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Sometimes in life you have to expect the unexpected, no matter if that unexpected thing slapped you in the face or pushed you head first into an ice cold river. You have to suck it in, hold your head high and keep on going.

That was my motto, I always emphasized it to my children. In a time of despair in their lives, losing something valuable, or having a fight with a friend. I always taught them to take it and stay strong. When it comes to following my own advice, is where I falter.

Usually I’m good at taking other peoples advice. Usually I stick with my sayings and sometimes my advice as well, to prove to my children that it works. But following my own advice at a time like this. How could I?

I can hear the soft beeping every few seconds, in a consecutive pattern. How am I meant to do this without her? How am I meant to raise two girls? How am I meant to leave her side, when anything could happen? Why do I feel so alone? She picked me up, put me right, and set me on a road to live normally.

Her hand is cold in mine and her breathing is steady. I made circles with my thumb on the back of her hand, not that she could feel them, it soothed me though. The machine continued to beep. I can’t unplug it, I couldn’t. If only she wasn’t muggle, I could have taken her to St Mungo’s.

‘Mr Boot?’

I turned around as the door opened and Doctor Brady walked in with his clip board.

‘Yes?’ I asked, dragging my eyes from studying the gashes and cuts on her pale face.

‘I’m afraid after running the tests that your wife is in a deep coma. And I’m sorry but there is a very, very unlikely chance that she will wake.’ He explained solemnly, looking me in the eye.

My breath caught, my eyes dried up, speechlessly I shook my head.

‘I’m very sorry. I’ll give you and the rest of your family time to say good bye,’ with that he left me. I didn’t know what to do. This was a slap in the face and a push into ice cold water.

‘I’m so so so sorry my dear,’ I croaked, my eyes filling with tears. ‘I promised to protect you forever, never let anything happen, and yet I was so stupid, I- I-‘ I clasped her hand with both of mine and bowed my head to her, I had to be strong when the children came.

‘Daddy?’ I heard a soft voice at the door. I don’t know how long I stayed in that position, wishing she would somehow come back, but after what felt like eternity, I heard the door open.

I lifted my head and looked over, to see little Jasmine standing there, my eldest, only 9 years of age and she had to go through something as horrible and scarring as this. She gave me a grave smile and walked over. She had her mother’s looks, her amber eyes and her blonde hair, her lips and her hands.

‘Yeah niffler,’ I whispered, she didn’t look up. Her eyes were focused on her mum. She held her hand and did the same thing with her thumb, I’m not sure if it was soothing her or her trying to sooth the recipient. She leaned down and kissed her mother on the head.

‘It’s okay,’ she said after a while, looking back at me, her eyes shining with tears, ‘we know she loves us and we love her. She’ll forever be in our hearts.’ I swept her into my arms, she was a strong one.

After she left, Katie came in. She already had tears in her eyes and I took her in my arms. She sobbed quietly into my shoulder.

‘Why daddy? Why?’ she asked, finally looking up and wiping her fringe out of her eyes. She was only 5, this is just wrong. It’s horrible, I thought I suffered enough in my past. But this happening to my family crosses the limit. After a kiss and another cry Katie left.

I didn’t know how I would do when I left the room for the last time. Leaving my only true love, venturing the world alone with two beautiful girls in one hand and work in the other. Jasmine and Katie will never forget that night, nor will I.


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