So it’s been five years and a couple of thousand review since I started out, and this is how I began. It truly is the most horrific thing and I’m horrified by its existence (the chapter name is rather apt, I think), but I think it gives an impression of how things once were. It’s horrible. Anyway, feel free to laugh – it’s the whole reason why it’s being posted. And because Naida asked me too.




Chapter1-Its Not Going To Go Away


Trouble, Harry had realised would never leave him alone, no matter how many dark wizards he got rid off. His life would be rather empty without it, but that didn’t mean he had ever wanted it. What he wanted was his life to move on, a life with Ginny perhaps. But right now he could barely look at anyone. Flashes of the battle flashed through his mind. Terrible scenes of people dying, dying because he was too slow at getting to voldermort. He had thought that once he had killed voldermort it would all be over. He realised now that was stupid. He still had to deal with Ginny, would she be able to forgive him, for just leaving her for her protection. He guessed that was kind of stupid too. She could protect herself just as well as Ron and Hermione had.


When he had imagined the last battle he had imagined after voldermort was gone, he would be genuinely happy, delighted at what he had achieved, he would find Ginny first and hold her close, then they would be inseparable. He hadn’t had the heart to look for Ginny yet. He had just wanted to go to bed. He was confused, snape had loved his mother, Loved! He had loved her so much that he changed just to keep the part of him that was like Lilly safe, even though he had hated the other half of him. He tried to imagine himself in a similar situation, what if Ginny married Draco malfoy, Harry shuddered, snape had been brave to do that, it must have been horrible. That was another thing that confused him, narsissa malfoy, how could she be full so of hate to be married knowingly to a death eater, and support their cause, but be so full of love for her son that she would save his life even though the cause she followed main aim was to kill him .


He always had the path set out for him, he was going to destroy the horcruxs, and then he was going to kill voldermort. He has absolutely not a clue he was going to do now, he could become an auro but then there was the whole avoiding trouble thing. And then there was all the publicity. Now that was going to be hard all those people congratulating him, he really didn’t do anything he just yelled expliarimus at the right Voldermort’s stupidity had seen to the rest of it. Harry was so confused, he just wanted to sleep, drift into endless waves of dreamless sleep. Dreamless? He’d be lucky if that ever happened again, but he could try for a good dream, he cleared all thoughts he could from his mind and just thought about Ginny until he fell asleep.


He almost managed a good dream, he walked hand in hand with a beautiful red head, but people were fighting and screaming his name in the background, he tried to ignore them but he couldn’t.








He opened his eyes and smiled.


He was lying in one of the hospital wing beds, he was in less pain than the previous night. But for a moment he could not work out why he was smiling, Voldermort was gone, he had hated him, but so many others that he loved were gone too, and his love for them was stronger then his hate for Voldermort. But for some reason the corners of his mouth wouldn’t point anywhere but up. He sat up and looked around his bed, unrecognisable blurs were around him. He felt someone push something into his hands, his glasses. Know he knew where he was smiling


Maybe the trouble and pain never went away, but maybe that meant he’d always have the people he loved, but he didn’t, some people were missing from the group, and he had seen most of their dead bodies, pictures ran through his mind, Sirius falling through the veil, Dumbledore falling backwards, Fred’s body, and then two other dead bodies lying next to each other peacefully.

But that meant…


OH THERES A CLIFFHANGER. And it's a real subtle one too. Bet you all can't wait to see what happened next? Lol, jk, no more is to ever be posted.

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