Chapter 1





I ran my hands through the pieces of paper in the chart I was holding. Another Auror has been checked in. That would be 10 this week. And its only Wednesday.






Sighing, I, Rebecca Leaper, pulled my hair into a tight pony tail and walked into the room with all the aurors. I've seen some bad ones in my lifetime. At 24 I've had to do things some 40 year old healers haven't done before. Like rebuilding a man's bones back.






Once you walk into the long white hallway connecting to all the hospital room, You have to go through the pain of hearing people scream in, well, pain. St. Mungo's was still working on the sound proof rooms. You would think doctors that are wizards would be able to create a sound proof room... 






Doors were lined up beside each other filled with injured or sick patients.






I looked at the chart I was holding in my hand and saw the name of the Auror I was helping.






James Potter.






As in Harry Potter's son...








Oh dear lord.






Help me.










I think I'm going to die...







Anyway... I can't think that way about patients. But, maybe...



But my job was more important that some man. Unfortunately.






I walked into room 269. Hehe. Always loved that room.. The other healer, John Farris was looking at him during the night.






I take the day shifts while he takes the nightly ones.






I opened the door so see probably like ten red heads, and about three brunettes. But a whole lot of Red heads.






As I closed the door they all looked at me. I smiled and said "Hi, I'm Rebecca Leaper. If you didn't know Dr. Farris Is only on night shifts so I'm the doctor for his patients during the day." I smiled and some peopled smiled and let me walk towards the bed.






"Ok, I had to look at his cuts so some people will have to leave, The most if his close family, like parents and such." A lot of the members got up and left leaving four people. One was the only Harry potter and his wife. There was a young Boy probably about 22, most likely James brother and a younger red headed girl beside him, And probably 20 and most likely his sister.






"Hello, I'm Harry, James Father and this is my wife Ginny." Harry stuck his hand out for me to shake. I shook his hand as  the boy beside Harry spoke up, "I'm Albus and this is Lily" The young man said and pointing to the red head beside him.






I smiled and got down to work. I discussed what happened and how he was.






But , unfortunately, I had to ask them to leave so I could exanimate James' body. They all nodded and walked out, But before anything could happen Ginny came back in to room and whispered "Please take care of my baby, I don't know what I would do if he is gone" She whimpered at the though.






Omg, My hearts broke a little.






"Don't worry Mrs. Potter I'll do everything I can in my power to make sure he's ok." I smiled and she pulled me into a hug.






"Thank you" She whispered into my ear. And with that she walked out.






I started to work on him while some of the other doctors came into help. But in the middle of operating he woke up.






"Shit" The other doctor, Robert, mumbled.






"We can't put him under now. Were in the middle of operating." I whispered to him.






"Someone has to keep him calm while we work"












"You have to"






I sighed and walk toward his head. I wasn't used to doing this. Most of the time we had a woman called Sarah, One of my best friends do it, But she's off on maternity leave.






I grabbed his hand a lightly rubbed his forehead. He blinked a bit and looked up at me with wide eyes.






"Where am I" He whispered. I smiled down at him and he gripped my hand tighter because of the pain.






"Were at St. Mungo's. You got injured working so your here. Were taking care of you, don't worry." I said as he pulled me closer to his body.






He nodded and gripped onto my waist. I was lightly stroking his forehead and whispering works like "Were almost done" and "Don't worry, It's going to be ok." All he did was nod and pull me closer to his body.













"Ok, All done" Robert said. Smiling at James who nodded and let go of me, But not my hand.






"Were going to have to clean up, then your family can come in. Dr. Leaper," He said pointing to me, While still talking to James. "will, be there for you if you need her. But at night we have a different doctor for you. So I'll clean up now with Dr. Leaper and then we will get your parents." Dr. Davis (Robert) waved me to come with him. SO I let go of James hand, But he didn't want to let go.






"James" I said sweetly. "Sweetie you have to let go"









" No" He said stubbornly.












"'Cause I don't wanna"






"Well I wanna make you feel better and with that you have to let go" As I was talking to James, Robert was silently.






I looked at him and whispered "Did you put him on something?" He just nodded and continued to laugh.






"Ok, Sweetie time to let go" I said as James sighed and let go of me.






I walked over to his stomach and began to clean. 






Once we were done I walked out to find his family sitting in the waiting room.









"All done, You can see him now" All smiled came around the room and walked to thank me.










It was 8 Pm on a Monday. James convinced his parent to leave, saying I could take care of him. Not that they don't think I can't they just didn't want to leave. I smiled and wished I could have someone like that. 




Well, I do. But not parents. My mom died when my sister was born, and my dad's a muggle and left when he figured out my siblings and I were wizards.






I never heard from my dad after that. I know it was hard on my sister, Rachel. Not having a mom, and then having your dad leave you. I have 2 older brothers to look after us.






You probably know them if your into quidditch. My oldest brother Jack is the Bulgarian seeker, replacing Viktor Krum, Then Dan who was one of their beaters. I'm not a quidditch player. I'm terrified of heights. Neither was my younger sister. Rachel was 18 and ending her final year at Beauxbatons. And if you need to ask, yes I am part Veela. I, unlike my sister, don't use my 'powers'. I could give a damn less if I were a veela or not. But back when I was at Beauxbatons I would have said differently. Back then I would use my 'Power' All the time... So I had many of boyfriends. Don't call me a slut, because I'm not. I've haven't had lots of boyfriends, just about four a year at school.






I was walking around James room with him watching. I've sort of gotten close with him. Yeah, I know, I know. I'm not support to. But he's so amazing. He complements me practically every hour. Now, He knows how to make a girl feel special.












I looked up at him to see he was going to say something. 





"Ummm, Do you wanna go on a date with me?" He asked smiling and looking down.






Oh my God. I thought.














I can't date patients. Craap!












I sighed and looked at him.






"I can't" Please don't question me, Please don't question me, Please don't question me, Please don't question me, Please don't ques-






"Why?" He said with a little depression in his voice. I was totally scared to look in his eyes. But I had to.






"I'm not allowed to date patients. I could get fired." I began. "I wish I could. Your really amazing, James. I really want to, But I can't get fired. I really need this job" I really felt like crying. 






 He nodded and mumbled "It's ok. I understand. Don't worry."






I sighed and looked at his chart to find out he was leaving tonight. 






"Do you know you're leaving tonight?" I said not really wanting to look in his eyes, because I might start crying.





"Yeah, Dr. Farris told me last night" He said.






"Ok, You can leave a 9 PM, I'll tell your parents."






I looked at him to see he was nodding. I walking out into the hallway as tear leaked on my cheeks.






Why am I crying? Gosh, what's wrong with me?










 I looked down the hall as I saw James was walking out of the hospital. And out of my life.






Great waterworks. Huh. I bet I will cry myself to sleep tonight. I saw his dad and mom walk out with him. I sighed and walked into another patients room, trying to calm myself.










I grabbed my bag and walked out of the hospital. I stay to 10:30 every Monday and Thursday. I hated to walk home alone but I had to. 






 I opened the door and walked out to the big city. St. Mungo's is down the street from Hogsmade. But as I walked out of the hospital something caught my attention. There was no one around. Usually its crowded. I looked around to see a white car come by and stop in front of St. Mungo's. Of Course like anyone else, I got scared and froze in my spot in front of the hospital.






But the person who walked out of the car wasn't anyone who looked like he was going to hurt me.






It was James Potter.





"I know you said that you can't date patients, But technically I'm not your patient anymore!" He yelled with a huge grin on his face. I could see his parents in the car along with his brother and sister, and a few other family members.





I smiled and walked down a few steps. There was like a billion. So in the end we were a few steps away.     





"Rebecca Leaper, Will you go out with me?"





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