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Now that she thought about it, Ginny saw parallels between what happened between her mother and Hermione. She remembered being so angry when they had to move, and every time they moved she had blamed her mum. She looked at Hermione’s situation. How many sacrifices would Draco make for her? How many opportunities would he give up? She knew this much for sure, Draco would never give up. Just like her father would never give up.




She stared at the door before her. The plastic numbers read 492. She raised her fist and knocked lightly upon the door. The nine slipped free from the door and went tumbling to the floor. She heard scuffling from inside and then the door squeaked open. Fred’s face changed from wary concern to overwhelming shock. Then he hissed out the safety question. Ginny answered without hesitation and the door was flung open and arms found their way around Ginny. Lifting her up and spinning her around.


 “George George! It’s Ginny! It’s Ginny!” The reunion that followed was bitter sweet. Mr. Weasley was silent, and Mrs. Weasley was away in her bedroom.


 “What happened?” George asked after he had gotten his share of the hugs.


 “I apparated.” Ginny stated. “I joined the fight.” She looked over at her family, her arms shaking. “Ron’s dead.” She couldn’t stop it from coming out. It had been itching since she entered the run down room. Every ticking second was killing her and it just spilled over. Mr. Weasley gasped. George and Fred cast their eyes downward, solemn.


 “How?” It was uncertain to Ginny who had actually asked, it didn’t matter.


 “Murdered. He betrayed Voldemort…big shocker.” She let out a harsh chuckle that morphed into a sob.


 “Why are you here Ginny?” Mr. Weasley stared at his daughter as he asked the question.


 “I need Mum.” With those words she stood and walked into the room. They all tried to stop her, but her wand was out. “I love you guys, but I NEED her.” They backed off, letting her pass, worried expressions painted on the pale and red faces.




The room was dirty, reeked, and even the air was heavy. Her mother lay in the bed, curled under layers of sweaty blankets. A chilly breeze blew through the room as Ginny’s steps echoed. A rat crawled through the room and scuttled to the other side. Ginny shook her head. When had the Weasley family fallen into this. She swallowed and rested her body against the filthy bedspread. The women in the blankets stirred just slightly. Looking at her, Ginny didn’t see the resemblance between this woman and her mother. She couldn’t see it anymore. It was as if the life had been drained from the woman. Ginny was almost tempted to run away screaming but she simply swallowed and rest her arm on her mother’s shoulder, shaking her awake. The woman grunted and blinked staring back at Ginny.


 “Ginny?” The voice was weak and sad, the voice was that of the dying.


 “Yes Mum. It’s me. Mum we need to talk.” Mrs. Weasley pulled the covers over her head in a childish manner.


 “In the morning dear. It’s late as it is.” Ginny shook her head pulling the blankets away and pointing toward the window.


 “Mum, its noon.” Mrs. Weasley noticed and sighed as she scooted her body into a sitting situation. Lazily and only half alert she turned to Ginny.


 “What do you want dear?” Ginny smiled warmly at her mother. She was glad this was going so well, she was worried with what she had left behind, but this was a good sign.


 “Mum, you have to fight. You have to help me. We’re losing but you can help. If we beat him, everything will go back to normal. Mum, I need you.” Even with Ginny’s desperate words, Mrs. Weasley shook her head, whispering out one hoarse word.


 “Ron…” Ginny swallowed hard and stared at her mother.


 “Mum, if we don’t get help we will all die. Harry, Hermione, me, Tonks, Lupin, and Moody. He has us in his grasp and we need you and dad and Fred and George. Please mom.” Her mother rolled over slowly. Ginny stopped her. “Mum I’m dying!” Mrs. Weasley shook her head and smiled.


 “No you’re not silly. You’re perfectly healthy.” Ginny sighed in frustration and then swallowed. She took her sleeve and pushed it upward, revealing the Dark Mark. Mrs. Weasley screamed.


 “Do you see this mum? It’s a death sentence. It’s my timeline. He’s marking us off for the slaughter. Slowly, one by one. We need help!” Mr. Weasley, Fred, and George had rushed in. The scream had alerted them. Fred gasped. George pulled out his wand. Mr. Weasley was the only to stay calm.


 “Molly.” He said facing his wife. Molly whimpered. “It’s time. You made a promise that day. It’s time.” The woman groaned but sat up.


 “I’ll meet you all in the living room.” She stated. They left.






 An awkward silence filled the living room. Ginny had yet to roll down her sleeve. She pulled the bottle and glass from her bag and poured a goblet full. She placed to her lips when George coughed.


 “What is that… Ginny?” Ginny set the glass down and stared at her brother. Her eyes were blank, but serious.


 “Poison.” She stated simply before downing the glass, and returning her supplies to her bag. “His bargaining chip. The lure, the damned trick.” She forced a smile and looked at her father who was staring at the mark at her arm. “Dad…” She swallowed and he met her eyes.


 “Did it hurt?” She nodded slowly. “Has he…touched you?” Ginny stared confused.


 “Who Dad?” Mr. Weasley looked at his sons then back at Ginny. He shrugged and stared at the mark. “The Dark Lord has made his intentions clear but his deal with Harry has prevented him from acting. Harry… Harry has been very….He’s been a gentleman, Dad.” A flick of her wrist showed the ring. George whistled. Then silence resumed as they awkwardly exchanged glances.




In the distance water could be heard running. They all looked that way and then back at each other. The silence was so thick, they could literally see it. Though that might have been dust in the air. Ginny looked around at the place, and grimaced at the dirt.


 “It looks like I’m the only one who ever does the cleaning.” She looked at them.


 “I’m not letting him give me the mark!” George said suddenly. “I don’t care if the whole world has one!” Ginny smiled. George glared at her.


 “No, I hope you don’t get one. Tonks doesn’t have one. She normally communicates through Lupin. Those of us with marks…we won’t last long. We’re herded cattle, marked for slaughter. He has us just where he wants. No, you won’t need a mark to fight. You just need a wand George. Maybe a brain too.” She smiled hoping her sisterly comment would produce a laugh. It did. From Mrs. Weasley in the doorway.


 “Ginny, dear,” Mrs. Weasley whispered, “can you roll down your sleeve please, and tell me where Ronald is.” A glance was exchanged as Ginny rolled down her sleeve.


 “Well, mum…”







Hermione smiled out at the water front that flowed out into the horizon. A chilled arm wrapped around her waist and kissed her neck. The air traced her skin and threw her hair. The faint scent of fish drifted around them. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath savoring this moment of peace. Between Harry, Ron, and everything else, she was glad she had Draco. Draco and these few moments where nothing else mattered. Nothing but the feel of the wind and the smell of the sea.


 Draco’s arms left her waist but his breath stayed fresh on her skin. A faint shiver snuck its way across her body as he ghosted his lips to her ear. A smirk played against the sensitive skin there.


“Let’s go for a swim, Hermione.”  She laughed and turned her head to the source of the voice. Day one of the week she said she would live with him, and already she was having such a good time.


 “I don’t have a suit, Draco. Silly.” She said and another shiver spiraled down her spine at the smirk she received.


 “I know. You don’t need one.” Draco slipped off his shirt revealing the toned chest below. Hermione was shaking her head laughing, but slightly memorized by the image in front of her. His eyes locked with hers and he winked. Then a hand slid down that well toned chest sliding slowly second by second, inch by inch, down until it reached the buttons on his jeans. Hermione watched surprised. She’d seen Harry or Ron without their shirts before, even just in their boxers. Waking those two sleepy heads up during the summers at the Burrow had always been fun. She just had never seen this. A man showing himself to her like this. She felt a little light headed as she watched nimble fingers slide the button out of place and pull down the zipper. Then her eyes snapped up to Draco’s. He was smirking.


 “Uhh…” Hermione breathed embarrassed. She could feel the heat rushing to her cheeks. ‘Damn it Draco’ She thought. “Maybe… we could hike…” She helplessly pointed up the hill and away from the water. Draco simply chuckled and shed his jeans, revealing the slick black swim trunks underneath. Should she have expected anything less from the perfect Malfoy? Of course, he had planned this. Draco snaked his hand up her arm and up to her shoulder.


“I took off mine.” He hissed softly. Hermione shook her head fervently. She took a heavy step backward.


“Sorry, Draco. It’s a little too early for me to be removing clothes…I’ll go swimming like this thanks.” With that she flicked her wand and her clothes melted into the most conservative yet sexy swim suit possible. She laughed and ran off in the direction of the water.




Hermione blinked her eyes a little. She found herself in Draco’s bedroom, again. Strange how that seemed to be the place Virginia ended up. Draco’s presence was missing from the room yet again. She tried to recollect her thoughts, when had she fallen into memories? When had Virginia taken over? She remembered Harry, and headquarters. They’d come back…back to the mansion and then…


 Geez! If you’re gonna forget so much of your life every time I send you down memory lane, little sis, well then I might just not take over…. As often.


Hermione groaned at the sound of the voice. She glanced around the room, empty.


“Why don’t you just shut your mouth, you whore.” She hissed, then sighed. So Harry, Draco, and She had talked. Virginia had come up…and then Virginia had taken over. Hermione tried to rack her brain for the memories but they seemed to all slip away. One by one…gone. She heard Virginia’s soft chuckle from some deep recess of her mind. Standing up a little too fast, Hermione crossed the hallway swaying a little and found the book. It was on the floor, that’s right Virginia had thrown it at Harry in anger. Harry had mentioned destroying Virginia, that’s right. They’d talked about possible cures.


  Hermione was not ready for a cure. Virginia was not ready for a cure. Even if they hated the current situation, they weren’t ready for another sudden change. That would come later, after the control phase. After the Dark Lord was finished…

 Or Harry Potter… The boy the Dark Lord killed!    


After that mess was over, then they could sort through this. Until then, Harry needed the last horocrux….


Our Master needs it too


Hermione swallowed trying to remember what else was important from the conversation of last night…oh that was right.




     “Hermione, listen a second. I know you’re still reading that book but…” Harry stops and flips to the last chapter. When things go wrong…. He pointed to a passage. “You need help with this. I know it’s rough but she could take over… She could kill you.” Hermione read the passage and tried not to shudder at Virginia’s laugh.


It sounds like a plan to me.


Hermione sighed and stared at the passage again. Was Virginia messing with her or actually trying to take over the body that they shared? She needed some breakfast to think this all through.


Mmmm… Can we have Draco for breakfast? I didn’t get enough dessert last night.


With that thought Hermione trudged down the stairs and into the kitchen, she just wanted bread. Virginia’s constant chatter was making her feel sick. But then it might not have been the only thing making her sick… She swallowed and went searching through the drawers.


“’Mione?” Harry’s voice echoed from the other room and then he appeared in a door way. He frowned at her. “You’re up early.” Hermione let out a humorless laugh and turned to face Harry. She couldn’t help but smirk at him.


“Let’s see you try sleeping with voices in your head.” He sighed and shook his head but grabbed the kitchen stool and sat on it.  


“Did you forget? I did for a long time… Still do. You-know-who’s thoughts, feelings, blah-blah-blah. Guess we have something in common?” He chuckled and Hermione smiled at him. She pulled the bread out and grabbed two pieces sitting next to her friend. She chewed the piece of bread a moment while staring at Harry.

  “What are you doing at Malfoy Manor?” She finally asked. Even the bread was disagreeing with her stomach, but she didn’t dare throw up in front of Harry. She didn’t need more questions about possible being pregnant again. 


You’re going to have to tell them the truth eventually Hermione.


Sorry to say it, but Virginia’s right. Truth the best option with this one.


“I can’t wait to see how well it will go over.”

 Harry crossed his arms and looked over the kitchen. A frown crossed his lips. For a moment he had let the troubles melt away and now they were all back. Everything flooded back, as harshly as the echo’s of Draco’s footsteps as he entered the kitchen.


“We have a week. You said so last night Hermione. One week, and then it’s over. You passed out last night before we talked out our plans.” That’s right Virginia went and started shooting spells. She turned to Draco. Well that explained the messed up memories. It wasn’t Virginia but Draco. During the duel, Draco had tried to erase Virginia with a memory charm.


“Looks like no one likes you sis.” Hermione whispered.


“What was that?” Draco asked.


“I said, what are we going to do with that week?” Hermione lied looking up at the two males before her. They were stuck in the mess together and one way or another they were going to get through it. 


You’ll get through it or Die. I like the latter personally. Then I can take over. 


“Over my dead body.” 


That can be arranged, little sis, that can be arranged.¨


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