“You and Mr. Malfoy seem to be close,” Snape said suddenly, standing behind Nicole.
She had jumped nearly a foot in the air in response. “It’s not at all what it looks like Uncle Severus. I mean he is proud, immature, cunning, rude, determined, and sweet and handsome-” Nicole stopped abruptly, noticing what she had started to say.
“No, no. Keep talking. Surely you’re getting to the part that will help your case,” Snape said smirking. Nicole gave him a sour look she wouldn’t dare give any other teacher as he continued. “Look, your mother and father are worried about you being too interested in the social aspect and not enough in school. Just because you’re a potioneer protégé doesn’t mean the rest of your classes will be simple. I suggest you stay clear of Mr. Malfoy if you don’t want to deal with your parents’ wrath.”
“Don’t worry, I won’t be around him any more after today,” Nicole said turning and heading to the door.
“Nicole, I will have to take ten points from Gryffindor you know.”
Nicole stomped her foot turning around furiously “BUT WHY?”
“Because for one you were late to my class and I have a zero tardiness policy. And for two you were also involved with the off topic chat in my class today!” Snape said ignoring her anger.
“But that’s not fair! It wasn’t my fault! Malfoy came to me! And it’s his and Harry’s fault I was late,” she huffed, clearly upset with herself more than her godfather.
“I’m sorry, but I cannot show favouritism in my classroom. You may go now,” he said, cringing as the classroom door slammed shut.
Snape walked slowly into his office, making sure to lock his door, before sitting down behind his desk. He sombrely pulled out an ink well, a quill, and a clean sheet of parchment. Slowly dipping his quill in the ink, he began to scribble away.
Lily, James,
Today was my first class with Harry and Nicole. I’m sure by now you know they have both been sorted into Gryffindor and I’m sure you’re both very proud. All in all from what I see they are adjusting very well to Hogwarts life.

Harry and Ronald Weasley have become even closer than before. They also seem to be realising that it is not all fun and games (I think Nicole got them into that conclusion). Harry completed his potion in class today, and although it is not consumable, it will get a passing grade. I really wish you two had not told Harry about the family prejudice towards Lucius Malfoy. He has personally taken it upon himself to “protect” Nicole from him. Draco is nothing like his aunt and father; I wish there was some way to convince the world that he is more and more like Daphne and Narcissa every day.

Nicole however is another story. She has made a new friend, she reminds me of you, Lily, a very smart, young, muggle born witch. I honestly couldn’t be happier Nicole befriending her. However, her temper and stubbornness are definitely showing through. I hope she learns that bickering will get her nowhere before too long. I noticed she and Draco were getting really close, but after Harry’s fight with him today, I’m not so sure. My main concern is she is going to get too caught up in boys, and not care enough about school. I still have the transfer papers for Beauxbatons School for Girls! Think about it.
Sincerely, Severus Snape

Snape finished his letter and ran a distraught hand through his hair. Folding and sealing the letter, he made a mental note to visit the owlery after dinner. This is going to be one eventful year, he thought to himself.

Nicole stomped up through the halls all the way to the Great Hall for lunch. Finally sitting down she threw Harry a threatening look and began dishing food on her plate.
“Niki, what happened?” Hermione asked nervously as Nicole dug into the disgusting looking mixture of food placed before her.
“My MORON brother just cost me 10 points for Gryffindor,” Nicole shouted loud enough for Harry to hear halfway down the table.
“Nicole, be quiet!” Hermione hissed. “What happened?”
“I got five points taken off for tardiness that only happened because Harry wouldn’t let me be my own person, and five points for a Slytherin prat who thinks he owns the place!” Nicole growled throwing her silverware on the table.
“So, no more Draco?” Hermione asked a little too excited, glancing at the Slytherin table.
Nicole too looked that direction and noticed Draco sitting next to Blaise looking angry. Most people looking his direction would probably feel intimidated or slightly frightened, however Nicole knew Draco a little better than that. She found his eyes and saw not only the hatred he felt for her brother, but the pleading for another chance.
She wanted to give it to him, but not with everything that was going on. Harry was her brother. Ron was her best friend. Hermione was worried, and George. He meant everything to her. She looked down at her plate knowing that he got the message when he stalked out of the hall.
“No more Draco,” Nicole said, smiling as Fred and George walked over grinning dopey-like.
“You two are going to watch our Quidditch tryouts, right?” George asked, shoving a sandwich in his mouth.
Both Hermione and Nicole giggled at the twins. “Of course we are!”
“Great!” Fred answered, leaning in really close. “Oliver reckons we’ll be the house’s next best beaters!”
“That’s fantastic,” Hermione said attempting to pretend she knew what a beater was.
“Beaters are the ones with bats Hermione, they beat the bludgers away,” Nicole said simply trying not to laugh at her friend’s feeble attempts at learning the game.
“Oh right, I knew that!” Hermione whispered into her pumpkin juice, trying to hide her blush.
“Sure ya did Granger,” George said taking Nicole’s hand in his as the four headed out to the Quidditch pitch.







Just a quick authors note here to thank all my lovely readers for the reviews so far! You are the ones keeping me motivated in the story. And a HUGE special thanks to orderofthepheonix (sophia) For being my new beta!! :) She is amazing and is helping my writing improve!! :) <3 <3 xx thank you all and i hope you continue to enjoy my story!! :)


xx <3 Jess

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