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 He was walking around the Quidditch Pitch wondering where it had all gone wrong. Earlier that day, he had been laughing and joking with his friends when suddenly people started whispering and looking his way. It continued on like that all day long and it started to get on his nerves. Finally, after a long day of classes, whispers, and stares he was relaxing in he Gryffindor common room. A group of third years were giggling and whispering so loudly that he finally snapped. 

"What the hell is wrong with all of you? Care to inform me why you all have been whispering, staring, and pointing all day long?!" He screamed at the shocked common room. A bold second year muttered something under her breath and gasped when he swung around to look at her. He slowly walked over to where she was sitting with her friends.

"Do you know? Care to share what you know?" He asked in a deadly, calm whisper. She looked like she was trying to work up her nerve before she opened her mouth to speak. At first, it only came out as a squeak, but then she collected herself and began.

"Well, um, everyone knows how your father was a werewolf, and recently everyone has been noticing scratches and scars on your arms and neck. People have started to wonder if you are a werewolf, but mostly if that is why Anna refuses to go out with you. I'm so sorry, Teddy!" The second year told him quietly, but loud enough for the whole (silent) common room to hear. He sighed quietly and looked down at her. He gave her a weak, sad sort of smile, and she looked surprised.

"Thank you for having enough kindness or bravery to tell me the truth. After today, I really appreciate it," He told her. Then the whispers started again, quiet at first, but they grew louder. Teddy rounded on the common room, and it grew silent.

"As for you! Aren't Gryffindors supposed to be brave and loyal?! None of you, other than this second year, had enough guts to tell me what was going on or to stand up for me! I don't know what this house has come to if you are all wondering whether or not I'm a bloody werewolf because of a few scars and cuts! I know I'm not the only one who goes into the Forest! And for your information, you can't be a werewolf just because a parent was one!" Teddy screamed at the frightened and ashamed Gryffindors. He shook his head and stormed out of the common room. He didn't even know where he was going until he reached the Quidditch Pitch. He had been here for about twenty minutes when he heard a noise. He spun around looking for the source of the noise. Exhaling, Teddy looked at the person standing across from him. His best friend. Victoire Weasly. She looked at him sadly for a moment before walking over and giving him a hug. 

"Don't listen to them. They are all a bunch of idiots," Victoire stated quietly. Teddy ignored her.

"Why are you out here, Tori? Shouldn't you be at dinner?" Teddy asked her. Victoire sighed and pulled away from hugging Teddy. She looked at him sadly. She started to walk, and Teddy looked up startled. She never just walked away. She was his best friend and she always stayed with him no matter what he had done wrong or no matter what he was upset about. Guess he really had lost it all. 

He sat down on the ground and put his head on his knees. A second later, he heard footsteps and looked up confused. Victoire was walking towards him with a broomstick in her hand. 

"Tori? What's going on?"

"Come on. We're going flying,"Victoire answered firmly. The confusion was evident on Teddy's face.

"You don't fly, Tori. There is only one broom anyway. How are we both supposed to go flying? Take turns?" Teddy asked her sarcastically. Victoire just shook her head allowing Teddy to be rude. He had a rough day. She sighed again and got ready to get on the broomstick.

"Come one, Teddy! You are going to fly with me on the broomstick. You know I don't like flying, so why would I fly on my own? Silly boy," Victoire stated firmly climbing onto the broom and pulling Teddy over towards it. He was reluctant at first, but he gave in and got on the broom. They flew for awhile with Victoire clinging tightly to Teddy's waist. Teddy slowed the broom down and soon they were just floating over the Black Lake.

"Victoire? Why did you do this? I know you hate to fly. Why did you come up here?" Teddy asks quietly turning to look at her. She looked up at him still clinging on as tightly as before. She gave him a light smile.

"You were upset. Obviously you don't want to tell how you got the scars, but people have been hard on you by saying all of this stuff about you. No matter what they say always remember this: You're beautiful. Every little piece, love. Don't you ever, ever forgot that!" Victoire told hi quietly, but firmly. She meant every word of it, and he knew it. He looked down at the lake for a minute. When he looked back up, Victoire was still looking at him. She slowly leaned forward and caught his lips with hers. Teddy sat frozen for a second. This was his first kiss. Did she know? She knew everything about him. Did she know she was becoming his first kiss? After a second, Teddy forgot all the thoughts rushing through his head and leaned into the kiss. And even though they were only drifting about twenty feet above the lake, he felt like he was flying high. 


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