Ginny stood there watching Harry as he walked into the forest.

He’s really leaving. I can’t believe he’s really going to die.


Ginny could feel the tears streaming down her face. In one day she was going to loose two of her brothers and her love.

In the same day, he tells me he loves me and heads to his death. My life sucks beyond belief.


She was still staring at the spot Harry had disappeared. She looked down. How could she live without Harry? She let out a sorrowful sigh and waved her wand.


Colin’s body began to hover a few feet off the ground. Ginny slowly walked the body to the Great Hall.


Ginny lowered Colin’s body down beside Ron’s empty shell. She kneeled down beside Ron. She looked at his face.


They fought. They were siblings. Of course, they fought, but she loved him. He was her brother and her friend.


Ginny touched Ron’s stone, cold, empty face. I miss you Ron, she thought to herself.


“I’m going to miss him too. I can’t believe he’s gone. I loved him so much.” Hermione’s voice came from behind.


Ginny stood up and turned around. She looked at Hermione, “I need to tell you something. Will you go for a walk with me?”


“We ate in the middle of a war, and you ask me to go for a walk?!”


“Um yea.”


“Okay just checking.”


Ginny walked towards the doors of the Great Hall with Hermione following her. Ginny turned to her left and walked through the entrance doors.


Ginny walked at a fast pace away from the castle. Hermione was still somewhere behind Ginny. She knew not where though.


Ginny felt someone grab her hand. She jumped out of surprise. In one quick motion, Ginny turned around and pulled out her wand.


“Oh.” Ginny said as she stared back to the eyes of her best friend.


“Gin, what’s wrong?” Hermione asked concerned.


“Nothing.” Ginny lied.

 “Uh-huh…” Ginny knew Hermione didn’t believe her, but Hermione seemed let it go.


“What did you need to tell me?”


Ginny started to walk, and Hermione followed her lead. They walked side-by-side. Hand-in-Hand. Why didn’t they drop each other’s hand?


Maybe it was the comfort of knowing someone else was there. Maybe it was a precaution so Ginny didn’t blow Hermione’s head off next time Ginny lost sight of her. Who knows though. All I know is they didn’t.

Ginny walked up to the Black Lake. She stood there for a moment with Hermione standing beside her. She turned to look at Hermione. She felt the tears threatening to fall.


I can’t show my sadness. I need to stay strong.


Ginny took a deep breath and said, “Harry say s you need to kill Voldemort. He’s going…um… going to be out of sight for a while; he’s doing something Dumbledore left for him to do.”


Hermione looked straight into Ginny’s eyes. Ginny knew she was betrayed once she felt the tears running down her face.


“What’s wrong Ginny!? Why do you keep lying?! What’s going on?”




“Liar! Tell me! Now!”


“Nothing is wrong!”


“Ginny, Just tell me the truth!”


“I can’t Hermione! I CAN’T!”


Ginny was breathing hard now. The tears were blurring her vision and falling more than ever.


Hermione walked up to Ginny and pulled her into a hug. Ginny’s tears were absorbed into Hermione’s robes.

“Ginny…I’m sorry. I ju-.”


Ginny cut her off and said, “He’s…He’s gone to die. He said he didn’t have a choice. He told me I need to kill the snake if I get the chance. He told me to tell you: You have to kill Voldemort when the time comes. He then told me I love you and kissed me. Then He-He disappeared into the forest. He’s gone…I can’t believe he’s gone.”


Ginny’s voice trailed off as she said the last word. Hermione held her tighter.


She said, “Thanks for telling me. I will kill Voldemort when I get the chance.”


Ginny smiled at Hermione, which she returned. The plan was formed. They just had to put it in action…

A/N: Okay, So yea I just kept writing with this one so it is a 3 part story and i am currently working on part 3. So please drop me a review and tell me what you think thanx. :D

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