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Rose and Albus walked in silence on their way to the Great Hall. Rose felt a mix of relief, guilt and sorrow. She was relieved because it wasn’t actually Scorpius who did that whole ‘scene’ on Valentine’s Day. She was feeling guilty because of the way she treated him the past few weeks. But lastly she felt a tinge of sadness because she actually thought that Scorpius Malfoy would ask her out. He would never in a million years...even though it was just to meddle with her feelings.

 Albus, on the other hand, looked very angry and was red in the face. His hands were rolled into fists and he looked ready for murder.

“I swear I’m going to kill her, Rosie,” Albus suddenly spoke. His voice was filled with anger.

“Al, just leave it.” Rose muttered. She didn’t want her cousin to commit murder and end up in Azkaban.

“Leave it? Leave IT? Rose, are you out of your mind?” Albus half screamed.

Rose suddenly stopped and walked in front of Albus, causing him to bump into her. “Al, you sound just like James and Hugo. Actually, you sound like my dad. You’re just going to make things worse! Do you know that she’ll get you expelled if you try to harm her?”

Albus glared. “It’s her that will get expelled, Rose. She brewed an illegal potion and used a love potion! This was all done to hurt you!”

Rose just stood there staring at Albus’s half-worried, half-angry face. She knew that Albus had a point, but she wasn’t the type of person to harm someone else, even though that person completely hated her. She was Rose Weasley after all. She had her mother’s heart.

But she was also worried about something else. Scorpius will find out that I liked him!

“Albus, just please, don’t do anything to her,”

“Why?” Albus asked. “Rose I can’t believe you’d just let her go!”

“It’s...it’s not just that...” Rose told him. “Jones didn’t say I could mention this to anyone,” Albus was about to answer before Rose added, “And if you go scream at her face in front of the whole bloody school, everyone will find out and I will be teased as ‘Weasley, the girl who dreams about Scorpius Malfoy’.”

Albus didn’t say anything. He stood there looking at Rose for half a minute. “I understand, Rosie...but we can’t just leave her.”

“I don’t care about her, Al. Just leave it at this, OK?” asked Rose expectantly. “Oh and...please let’s not mention this to anyone. If Hugo ever finds out, he will owl Dad and who knows what he’ll do.”

After a few seconds of waiting, Albus nodded. But he didn’t look certain at all. Rose pulled his arm and dragged him along to the Great Hall without another word.

As they were about to enter, Rose spotted her cousins, Roxanne and Dominique, who were both deep in gossip and heading their way to the Hall.

“Roxie! Dom!” Rose called after them. They were both sixth years, in James’s class, so they hardly hanged out with Rose at Hogwarts. Rose completely missed them.

Roxanne and Dominque stopped talking and turned around to spot Rose and Albus. Roxanne grinned and walked towards them while Dominique rolled her eyes and followed her cousin.

“Hey there Rosie, Al!” Roxanne greeted, her dark brown eyes twinkling. Rose liked Roxanne the most out of the two. She was always fun to talk with. She looked a lot like her mother, Aunt Angelina, although a she had lighter skin tone. “Where were you two?”

“Hey Roxie! We were just...strolling around.” Rose replied, equally smiling.

“Strolling around?” Dominique asked, cocking an eyebrow. Dominique was never that nice to Rose, or any of her cousins for that matter, at Hogwarts. But for some reason outside Hogwarts she was more pleasant to talk with. Dominique excelled in the beauty department. With her strawberry blond hair and ocean blue eyes, she was one of the most beautiful girls at Hogwarts. Rose felt like a hideous monster around her. ‘She’s a third veela, what do I expect?’

“Oh come on Dom, we were having fun.” lied Albus, who still looked a bit angry.

Dominique looked sceptically at them. “Whatever.”

The four of them then head towards the Great Hall. Dominique went to sit at her Ravenclaw table and Rose realised half the boys eyeing her hopefully. Roxanne joined her friends at the far end of the Gryffindor table after waving at them.

“Where did you guys go?” asked the worried looking Jasmine once Albus sat next to her and put his arm around her waist.

Rose gave Albus a warning glare. “Well...we were,” Albus starts, “checking if Hagrid was alright.”

This convinced Jasmine, even though Hagrid was in the Great Hall eating dinner with everyone else. Rose was glad that both James and Hugo were not sitting near her. James was sitting with Melissa far away from their place and Hugo was with her other cousins Louis and Fred.

Rose tried her best not to look towards the Slytherin table. She wanted to avoid both Zabini and Scorpius. The feelings she had for Scorpius had never faded, but now she came to think that he would never like her.

‘Why would he even glance at someone like me, anyway? I should just stop dreaming.’ She thought.

Rose finished eating pretty early, she then excused herself that she needs to go back to the Common room and finish of the rest of the homework she had.

As she headed out of the Hall, she unexpectedly has another encounter with Derik Jones. Rose had to admit that she never realised how good-looking he was, with his brown hair and hazel eyes.

“Er, hey Weasley,” he calls as he walks towards her. “Did you do what I told you the other day?” he half whispers as he stood in front of her.

Rose blushed and smiled at the same time. “Erm...yeah. Thanks so much for telling me. I had no idea.”

He grins. “So you’re convinced?”

Rose nodded. “Yeah, I guess so...but does...does he know?” Rose tried to keep the nervousness out of her voice.

“No, he has no idea. That’s what I wanted to tell you now. Have you told anyone about this...you know... the whole issue?”

“Oh erm...only Al, Lily and my close friends know. No one else. And only Al knows the truth because he came with me to the bathroom.”

“Oh,” said Jones, looking more relaxed. “Listen, I should have told you this yesterday but the only reason I know about this whole thing is because Jonquil’s friend, Ingrid, told me. She said I can’t tell anyone. So please, pretend that it never happened. Ignore Jonquil and her crazy ideas. It’s her nature to do these things.”

Rose nodded solemnly. “Don’t worry; I wasn’t planning on doing anything to her anyway. But...are you going to tell Sco-Malfoy?”

“Well I would rather not. He will go crazy if I do.”

Rose nodded in relief. ‘He’ll go crazy at the thought of asked me out!’

Jones grins. “So, anyway, thanks,” he says. “Oh, and just ‘cause I said you can’t tell anyone, it doesn’t mean you can’t pull a prank on Jonquil.” He added before flashing a wink and heading back to the Great Hall.

Rose couldn’t help but giggle.


Rose woke up on Saturday morning to see every one of her dorm-mates awake. Violet was sitting on her bed wearing her shoes, Emily Averill was combing her hair and Suzan Conway was applying makeup in front of the mirror.

“Where’s Jasmine and Melissa?” Rose asked Emily, the only nice girl in the room. She found Emily to be the most polite one. Rose didn’t like Suzan because she was one of those good-looking girls that didn’t like her.

Emily’s petite face looked up and she smiled. “Oh, good morning Rose. Jasmine’s in the bathroom and Melissa’s down at breakfast getting ready for the match.” She answered.

It took Rose a few seconds to get what Emily is saying. ‘The match? Oh my god! The Match! Rose had forgotten that it was the final match of the year, Gryffindor versus Slytherin, today. She quickly jumped up from her bed and stormed to the bathroom which Jasmine had just come out from. Jasmine was wearing her Gryffindor scarf and gloves.

“Finally, you woke up,” Jasmine said once she saw Rose. “I thought you’re going to sleep in like you usually do.”

“Yeah, that’s because some people don’t bother waking me up,” Rose muttered under her breath. Jasmine laughed and Rose stumbled in the bathroom and closed the door.

“I’ll wait for you, so hurry up!” Jasmine told her from behind the door.

Rose quickly went to wash her face up. Her hair was a mess, it was frizzier than ever. She got a comb and tried to brush it but the comb got stuck in her hair. It took her about five minutes of suffering to get the comb out. Sighing angrily, she tied her hair without brushing it any further.

She dressed into her blue jeans and red and gold t-shirt to represent Gryffindor. With a flick of her wand, a golden lion appeared on her shirt and made roaring noises. She smiled at that. At least she could achieve something.

She heard knocking on the door. “Oie Weasley! Would you hurry up! I need the bathroom too you know!” called the annoying voice of Suzan Conway.

Rolling her eyes, she opened the door. Suzan stopped knocking and a frown appeared on her pretty face. She eyed Rose’s hair with disgust before she went inside and closed the door with a bang.

Rose then headed out of the Girls’ Dorms and entered to the Common Room. She saw Jasmine, Lily and her Uncle Percy’s youngest daughter, Lucy, already there waiting for her.

“There she is!” Lucy said pointing at Rose excitedly. Both Lily and Jasmine turned and smiled.

“What took you so long?” asked Jasmine.

“Er, sorry, I just had a hair problem.” Rose muttered.

Lily started giggling. Rose glared at her, feeling jealousy from Lily’s silky auburn hair compared to her out-of-place curly tomato red hair.

“Come on, let’s go,” Lucy suggested. “We only have a few minutes till the match starts.”

Together, they went down to the Great Hall and sat to eat their breakfast. None of the Gryffindor team were there; they all were getting ready in the changing rooms.

Molly (Lucy’s elder sister) and Maria (Melissa’s younger sister) came from the Hufflepuff table to join them. Roxanne left her friends and Dominique and Louis along with the Scamanders’ (Lora, Lysander and Lorcan) left the Ravenclaw table to come and join them too. Rose immediately felt the amount of Gryffindor supporters, even though Dominique, Louis and the Scamanders’ were Ravenclaws and Molly and Maria were Hufflepuffs.

“Where’s Fred?” Roxanne asked. She had just realised her brother wasn’t there.

“Well, he’s going to be the commentator,” Lorcan Scamander answered with is dreamy attitude. “Didn’t you know?”

Roxanne shook her head. “I had no idea, he never even told me.”

“Louis, would you eat like a human!” snapped Dominique.

Louis stopped eating and stuck his tongue at Dominique, who in return glared at him.

The whole school started to head their way outside to the Quidditch pitch. The Weasleys’, Scamanders’, a Potter, Jasmine and Maria walked together to the Gryffindor stands. Rose sat in between Jasmine and Lily.

“Look, there’s Fred!” Molly said, pointing at Fred, who was standing on the pitch next to Couch Davies.

“I told you he was the commentator.” Lorcan said proudly.

After a few minutes of waiting, Fred’s voice filled the stadium.

“Now. Now. I can see that you all have been waiting for this very day. This match will decide who will win the Quidditch Cup! And to not keep you all waiting, let the one and only Gryffindor Team please make their way out!”

A break of cheering and applause from the Gryffindor’s and boo’s from the Slytherin’s filled the stands as the Gryffindor team flew their way out into the pitch. Rose saw James, Albus, Hugo, Melissa, Jamie, Amanda and Rachel all having confident smiles plastered on their faces. Rose couldn’t help but cheer as well.

“Yes, yes. We know how excited you all are!” Fred’s voice called again. “And now I would like to call the Slytherin Team to come out!”

For some odd reason, Rose’s heart started to beat faster than ordinary as she saw the Slytherin team fly out.Rose couldn’t help but stare and Scorpius, the seeker of the team, as he flew out, his blonde hair swishing with the wind. She immediately felt guilt once again.

James and Vincent Flint, the captains, flew their way to the middle of the pitch to shake hands. James looked like he was going to murder Flint and Flint gave James an evil grin. They then went to their respective positions.

“Now that the captains have shaken hands, Couch Davies releases the quaffle and-- the match begins! James Potter catches the quaffle and passes it to Amanda Wood. Wood ducks away from two Slytherins and passes it to Rachel Snowdust who in turn flies towards the goalposts. Snowdust passes the quaffle back to Potter. Potter zooms towards the goalposts and he-HE SCORES! 10 points to Gryffindor!”

A break of applause came from the Gryffindors and they started screaming ‘Go! Go! Gryffindor!’ and Rose cheered along with them. Her eyes caught a golden flash zooming across her. It was the golden snitch. Her eyes drifted to Albus and Scorpius, who had both starting flying after the snitch.

“And now Flint has the quaffle. He passes it to Mark Robinson, who dodges two bludgers coming from Melissa Rivers and Hugo Weasley, and passes the quaffle to Samantha Benson. Benson soars towards the goalposts and sends the quaffle flying towards the hoops and-AND MCLAGGAN SAVES IT!” Another break of applause comes from the Gryffindors and the Slytherins started booing.

Rose realised that Albus and Scorpius had both lost sight of the snitch. The match resumes and Gryffindor score another 10 points. The snitch was still nowhere to be found.

“I wonder where the snitch is...” Louis said, looking around to see if he could spot it.

“It’s over there!” screamed Lysander pointing at the middle of the pitch. Just as he said this, both Albus and Scorpius had spotted it and started diving towards it.

“-and it seems that our seekers have spotted the golden snitch! Potter and Malfoy both zoom towards it at the same speed! Who will catch it!? Slytherin Captain, Vincent Flint, snatches a bat from one of his beaters and aims the bludger at Al Potter! Watch out Al! The bludger gets dodged by Potter and instead it—it hits Slytherin seeker, Scorpius Malfoy! The bludger hits Malfoy’s leg and causes him falling of his broom!”

Rose immediately stood up a gave out a loud gasp and she saw Scorpius falling down. Everyone was horrified at this scene and many girls were screaming out ‘Scorpius!’.

Coach Davies immediately screamed out an incantation to slow down the fall...



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