Chapter 5: Little Miss Kissed (Because I Love Him)


Hello! Did you ditch me because of Hermione’s kidnapping? I hope not! I’m thinking about writing a sequel to this once it’s done. It’s not even close! I’m thinking 30 chapters at least. And a Cadance One-Shot is coming too. But all this could not have been achieved if Joanne Kathleen Rowling had not written Harry Potter. Thanks, Jo! All this belongs to her.


Four teenage boys were quickly running down a corridor in their school. They rounded a corner, and ran down a flight of stairs.


****Harry’s POV****

                We were running down to the dungeons where we were looking for Hermione. A sudden tremor shattered the ground, and we fell down, flying across the floor. I felt the floor shake again, and I knew the battle had begun. Neville and Luna must have been nearby as back up, and that must have caused a problem.


                We came to the Slytherin entrance, and Ron mumbled, “Severus’ House” and we entered.


****Aly’s POV****

                It was a raw sight. There were tapestries, chairs, pillows, trinkets, thrown all around. I was supposed to be lookout, but Luna was able to fight, why not me? So I joined them in the Common Room, and we began to look around.


****Hermione’s POV****

                I heard bangs and crashes coming from the door where Fortune had left. I heard Luna talking; I could have sworn it was her. Then I heard Neville saying, “Eat dust!” And I heard another bang. I was flipping out, majorly. I could be helping to fight, but I had to get out of here first. Man, this sucks. Then I’m suddenly reminded of Professor Estochupars. A giggle escapes, then another, then another.


                Suddenly I’m filled with laughter, it’s uncontrollable, and I want to stop. But I’m beyond a stopping point. I shriek with laughter, I shake with laughter. Tears start pouring down my Winterberry-Blush-dabbed cheeks. It’s mindless, reckless laughter, yet it’s oh so important.


                I laugh so hard I don’t even hear Ron run into the room. I only notice him when I look up, and the laughter stops. “Ron! I missed you! How did you find me? I missed you!” I said, and then suddenly hugged him. I looked up at him, as he’s a slight bit taller then me, and then he leaned down and kissed me.


                His lips padded on top of me, and I felt a little faint, but I also felt something else. I felt this feeling swelling up inside of me, and I couldn’t hold it back. I put my arms around his neck, and kissed him back. The swelling didn’t go down, and I knew what it was. These must be the fireworks! I thought. This hadn’t happened with Victor, so why Ron? This hadn’t happened with Kory Lutz, my first boyfriend, so why Ron? Because I love him! I realized. Who comforted me when I found out my fish, Ramee, died in second year? Ron. Who came when they heard my laughter, just to see me? Ron.


                We broke apart, and Ron gave me a shy grin. Then I heard another bang, and a piece of the roof fell on us. “Let’s get back out there.” Ron said, and I nodded. It has to be love, I just knew it. But it’s obviously me who finds out she’s in love in the middle of a battle she should be helping out in. Figures.


****Luna’s POV****

                Harry Potter’s best friend, Ronald, came out with Hermione Granger. I thought Hermione was kidnapped, but I knew Ron must have found her. Ronald was that one redhead boy who called me Loony. It’s alright, though, everyone does.


****Ron’s POV****

                I kissed Hermione. I didn’t mean to, it just sort of happened. We were standing there, and it just felt like a good time to kiss her. Blimey, I’d been waiting awhile to do that, but I’d never had the tuck. It was magical, though, mate, I’ll tell you that much.


****Cassidy’s POV****

                Hermione’s OK. Calub was thoughtful enough to send us a voice message, “Hermione’s alright. Apparently, Ron found her and they’re now a couple. Fighting going on. I’ll send you an update when I can, but- GOD!” he said, then stopped abruptly. We assumed he had to resume combat.


                Davey just whined, and I think he misses David. Davey’s five months old now. He and Cadance can both sit up, eat little pieces of meat and scream. Before it was crying, now it’s crying and screaming. Loudly. It’s more Davey then Cadance, but she has her moments.


                “This. Is. Hermione on Ron’s communicator! We belong to. A group called. Kay Ne Hat. Consists of. Nine young and. Twelve teen-” she said, frequently cutting out. So, we are the Kay Ne Hat. Sounds like the Mafia or something.


****Hayley Brown’s POV****

                My mommy and daddy gone. They fight big mean man who tooked Aunty Herm.  Aunty Avery is watching me, and me playing with dollies. One is Diana, one is Alyson, just like mommy. There’s also a boy dolly named Calub, and two twin babies, just like me and sissy.


****Avery’s POV****

                I was watching Calub and Aly’s twins, Hayley and Lesley. Lesley was playing, but for a moment Hayley just sat there. She looked almost contemplative. Then I shook my head. Babies do not think like us!

Anyway, if they did, why couldn’t they talk at this age? It must have just been my tiredness talking. I had Ginny watch them, along with Sa5m/Mary Ann, and feel in to a deep sleep.


****Harry’s POV****

                I blasted Fortune into the wall, and then David hit him with the Batboogy Hex. David and I laughed for a moment at our results, then went on again, firing curses at Fortune’s friends he had called in as back up. Just like we had called in back up.


****Selena’s POV****

                I was walking from my potions class when I heard some ruckus. I ran down the corridor to see what it was, and saw the opening to the Slytherin common room was ajar. I stepped gracefully inside, then looked around. Yellow, blue, red, green, purple, black lines of air where streaking at opposing people.


                Was this some sort of duel? “Go team!” I yelled with satisfaction. An ugly man, stared at me with a gape on his face, then I noticed Harry Potter in the room. It was then I realized that the ugly old guy must be evil, so I shot a curse at him while he was gaping. He flew back, and then a red haired boy summoned a cabinet and thrust the man inside, and he disappeared.


                “I’ve got it rigged to go to the ministry.” Said a brown haired, pudgy boy I know as Neville. So, Mr. Ugglers is going to the Ministry. Good!


****Ron’s POV****

This blond haired girl comes in, and yells, “Go team!” We’re wondering what the bloody she’s talking about, and then she shoots a curse at one of the death eaters. Good.


                But then something awful happened. We were dueling and a shot hit David straight in the chest. He fell to the ground, and we didn’t know what happened to him. We all freaked out, especially Hermione. Then one of the D.E.’s shot a curse at her while she was examining David’s body, and she collapsed upon him.


                 Selena helped us fight the rest of the rubbish D.E.’s and then we disapparated to tell the Headmaster. Selena was bloody brilliant, but we were nervous for David and Hermione (I was driven to tears). They went on separate stretchers to Madame Pomfrey, and she then sent them to the hospital. It was a wizarding hospital, of course, St. Mungo’s.



****Harry’s POV***

                We arrived at St. Mungo’s an hour later, after explaining to Dumbledore exactly what happened. He moved us all inside, into the room of requirement to live until the D.E.’s were captured. We got the people from our regular houses, including the kids, and we traveled to the hospital.



****Cassidy’s POV****

                Inside, everything was white. They got us an extra large room, with nine cradles (for overnight stay), ten armchairs, and two beds. But Mr. and Mrs. Granger visited, along with Yorkton and Herald Fromstreet, David’s parents, and his sister Myrna. They, of course, got prime seats, nearest to their kids.


                But Mrs. Granger started having nervous attacks and they wheeled her in a bed to sleep in, and started feeding her large amounts of medicine from a tube. “I feel like an angel!” she muttered in her sleep. We all looked at each other. Alright, then. “Please excuse Jane.” said Mr. Granger. “She worries Hermione won’t get her teeth brushed while she’s in the hospital.” He looked uncomfortable, so we all nodded like Jane Granger wasn’t some mental hygienic lady.


                But anyway, David was getting worse. We, including the healers, had no idea what was wrong with him. With Hermione, at least we knew what was ailing her. She had, what the healers called, “Sleeping Beauty.” Yeah, I’m stuck being mummy and she gets to be a fairytale princess. And this is while she’s unconscious.


                We were all waiting for Hermione and David to wake up, holding our breath anxiously. If you’d ever been in a situation like this, you’d know what I meant. And why did this happen to David? He’s the father of two kids, has eleven best friends, and a girlfriend. If you’d consider me that, his girlfriend, anyway. So he has a good life! “Please wake up, David!” I murmured. “Please.”


Ten sullen teenagers, four parents, a little sister and nine babies sat in a hospital, waiting for news on two of their best friends.


So the good becomes the bad. We got Hermione, then lost her.And anyway, which one dies, Hermione or David? Or will they both die? Or will it be someone else? Tune in! And please review.

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