The Test

Part II

The next night everyone, with the exception of Luna, was hanging out in the Gryffindor common room. Hermione was on the couch studying with Harry sitting on the floor just beside her, Lee, Fred and George were halfheartedly playing a game of exploding snaps and Ron was reaming Neville at wizard’s chess. Also in a seat not to far away, Ginny busied herself by working (or doodling) on her Arithmacy homework and discreetly sneaking looks at the couple on the couch.

Looking over once more at Harry and Hermione, Ginny noticed that they were sitting extremely close to one another. Hermione’s leg was swaying left to right causing it to periodically brush up against Harry’s shoulder. Even though there was a perfectly good seat on the other side of the couch and in the empty armchair next to the coffee table, the dark haired boy remained exactly where he was. Harry seemingly ignored the movement, regardless of the amount of times that she bumped him and never uttered a single word in protest of her actions. When Hermione stretched her neck and scanned the room, Ginny quickly looked back down at her parchment to hide the small smile that was on her face.

Last night after the meeting the twins had gotten Ron (by threatening of course) to grudgingly agree to get a piece of Harry's hair. Early this morning he gave it to Ginny and she recast her spell, this time with Harry as the gauge. The only difference was instead of a knife, since Hermione was on a limited eating regimen due to the whole S.P.E.W. thing, Ginny had decided place it in the one thing she knew that the older girl couldn't resist... a book.

The book in question was one of many in a pile on the table in front of the dark haired witch that she was using for homework. Everyone waited anxiously for Hermione to finally pick up the text and end their suffering. After about an hour of reading the same book and unknowingly torturing her friends, Hermione finally nudged Harry who was in the process of grabbing his potions book.

"Harry could you grab 'Famous Wizards and Their Inventions' off the table for me?” she asked closing the text on ancient troll script that she had been reading.

Everyone froze and waited with baited breath, as they watched Harry reach for the book. Barely sparing the text a glance Harry took it off the top of the pile and handed it to Hermione, who then sat it on her lap opening it to find the proper chapter.

Ginny looked on; disappointment marring her features as nothing happened when Hermione picked up the text and began flipping through it. She turned and looked at the others, George gave her a sad smile and shrugged. Fred shook his head before going back to his game, while Lee and Neville seemed to be avoiding looking at either her or Hermione. She felt so guilty, she had announced Hermione's feelings about Harry to all of their friends and he didn't feel the same way. What had she done?

Everyone looked uncomfortable that they were all privy to Hermione’s feelings without her knowledge and sad that they couldn't help their friends make a love connection … well, almost everyone looked sad.

Ron, who had been sulking earlier, now looked to be in a great mood and had even begun to whistle as he considered his next chess move. Feeling her gaze upon him, Ron looked up and noticed Ginny's glare. He gave a shrug before mouthing the words 'Hey, it's not my fault,' before resuming his game. A moment later, completely oblivious to the pity that she was receiving from several of her closest friends and the happiness she had caused one Hermione spoke again.

"I cannot find anyth-" she sighed, rolling her eyes. "Harry, you handed me the wrong book, this is 'Famous Wizards and Their History', not their inventions."

Harry looked over his shoulder at her before taking the book back, reading the title he flushed.

"Sorry," he said with a sheepish smile "I guess I was a little preoccupied with this potions essay for Snape." He offered as he rummaged through the massive pile of books "Ah, here it is."

After a minute of searching he finally pulled the heavy text out of the middle of the pile and handed it over to Hermione. Both were completely oblivious to the fact that all activity and conversation in the room had stopped as every eye fixated on them and the book.

"That's ok," Hermione responded taking it from his hands, her fingers lightly brushing his. "Thanks for finding it for me," she offered a small smile.

A moment after she took it the book began to glow a soft gold, then getting brighter by the second, the book suddenly flew open; the pages ruffling as a strong wind came from nowhere, whipping Hermione's hair into her face.

"What the?!" she exclaimed, throwing the book away from her.

When the text hit the floor the wind quickly died down. As Hermione and Harry exchanged bewildered looks everyone else exchanged conspiratory smiles, well almost everyone.


Two nights later everyone gathered in the Room of Requirement, to implement Ginny's brand new (and as she saw it) foolproof plan. The plan was to trap Harry and Hermione in the room and keep them there until they admited their feelings for one another. The way Ginny figured it was that once they were inside of the room it didn't matter how much Hermione or Harry wanted to get out. As long as the six of them wanted the door to remain locked it would, after all, with their combined brain power the room would defiantly listen to what they required first.

Fred and George had gotten Harry to come to the room with them by saying they wanted him to check out some new joke products. Ginny and Luna had brought Hermione under the pretense of an urgent meeting about boy trouble. Lee and Neville were already in the room waiting, their job was to help with the “brain power”, while Ron (who had absolutely refused to help) had just come because he had nothing better to do and was silently hoping it would all blow up in their faces.

Because they were blissfully unaware of any of the goings on over the last two days, Harry and Hermione, who had a large amount of trust in their friends, unsuspectingly walked right into a trap.

Ginny, who had arrived with Luan and Hermione a few minutes after the boys, made a phony sound of disgust upon entering before quickly pulling the other girls over to a secluded area in the room to voice several complaints (some fictitious and some not) about Draco Malfoy to keep up pretenses. Though she wore a frown for the benefit of her friend inside Ginny was dancing with excitement. They had both Harry and Hermione in the room and it looked like things were going to go as planned. After about twenty minutes of “girl talk” the conversation about boys died off, as did the excitement of the twins new products and everyone slowly fell into their normal routine.

"I'm bored," Ginny said after several minutes, in a staged repeat of last time they were in the room together. She then looked expectantly over at Luna who was busy flipping through an issue of the Quibbler.

"Uumm, uumm," she said clearing her throat. Still not receiving the other girls’ attention, Ginny gave a quick look at Hermione and noticed that the older girl was completely wrapped in her book.

"I said, I'm bored," she tried again giving Luna a discreet but hard kick in the shin and looking the blond girl pointedly in the eye when her head snapped up.

Luna grabbed her injured leg, a confused and offended expression of her face before her mouth formed a small 'o'. She then looked at the still oblivious Hermione and mouthed ‘sorry’ to Ginny before saying her line.

"Well, gee Ginny- what do you- supposed we- could do?" Ginny rolled her eyes at how horribly rehearsed the other girl sounded; giving Luna a glare she said her line.

"I don't know, I'm out of ideas..." trailing off and tapping her finger against her chin she turned to face the boys who were sitting on the floor, playing a game of fantasy Quidditch.

"Fred, George you guys are always up for a good time; we're bored, do you know what we can do to liven things up in here?"

The twins looked at her and gave extremely indiscreet winks before looking at each other.

"Well," said George, "we know a game we can try."

"Yeah," said Fred "everyone can play too."

Ron rolled his eyes.

"I don't want to play," he said, and then looking at Harry he continued "what about you mate, are you up for another game of wizard’s chess instead of what ever possibly deadly game my brothers have cooked up?"

Before Harry could answer, Ginny threw her shoe across the room, hitting Ron soundly on the side of the head.

"No, he's not, geez Ron do you ever do anything besides wizard's chess," she interrupted glaring daggers at him. "You know if you spent half as much time working on your charm as you do on those stupid bloody chess pieces, you might have a girlfriend by now."

Ron glared back at her "Yeah, well if you spent half as much time on your studding as you do on your matc-"

He was cut off when George gave him a hard slap on the back of the head.

"Hey, little brother why don't you leave our darling sister alone," he said through gritted teeth.

"Yeah," added Fred with a menacing smile. "Unless you would like to become the new test dummy for Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes."

Harry gave the siblings with a suspicious look; they were up to something and when the Weasley's were up to something, it usually wasn't good. With that in mind he decided that maybe it was safer to go with Ron’s suggestion.

"I don't know, a game of wizards' chess does sound fun," he said giving his best friend a small smile.

Ron smiled back, but it slowly disappeared from his face as Ginny, Fred, George, Lee, Neville and Luna glowered at him the looks on their faces promising retribution. Feeling more than a bit intimidated he did something that he really hadn’t wanted to do.

Releasing a sigh he gave Harry a sympathetic look. "Sorry mate, but I've decided to try Fred and George's stupid game," he grumbled unenthusiastically.

Harry gave a puzzled look at Ron’s abrupt about-face, sighing he decided to go along for the ride (what ever it was). After all usually what the twins came up with wasn’t too bad and it was almost always fun.

Giving a shrug he turned to Fred, "Well I guess I'm in too, since everyone seems to be done with the fantasy Quidditch league."

"Great," Fred said giving Harry a clap on the back "trust me it'll be fun."

"All right everyone, gather around we're going to play a really fun game," George yelled. "Come on, get into a circle."

They all vacated their previous positions around the room forming a circle in the area Fred, George, Harry and Ron were in. Just as she was about to take her seat in the ring Ginny stopped; rolling her eyes she went back over to the oversized arm chair.

"Hermione, come on," she said grabbing the older girl's arm.

"I'm busy," she responded without looking up from her text. "This is the most startling chapter on magical ointments and ancient healing techniques."

"Good," replied Ginny snatching the book away and putting it on the table. "Now you know where to find it if one of us needing healing, now come on."

She grabbed Hermione's wrist giving it a long tug in an attempt to pull her away from the chair; Hermione in turn, grabbed the arm in a death grip.

"No," she said frowning "I'm not playing."

"Are too."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"This is ridiculous," Hermione said snatching her wrist away from the younger girl. "I should know weather or not I'm playing."

"Come on, stop being such a spoil sport and join us, everyone else is playing."

Hermione gave her a disapproving look. "Well, if everyone else were jumping off their broomstick would you jump too?"

"If they were jumping into a lake, sure," Ginny replied cheekily.

"Figures," was the sarcastic response.

"Just give it up!" Ron yelled from his spot in the circle. "Hermione doesn't have fun, she just reads about it."

Ginny turned her head and glared at her brother for interrupting, however before she could retort she saw a flash of brown. Hermione had stood and walked away from the chair, past Ginny and straight to the circle; not breaking eye contact with Ron once.

Taking a seat she looked at Fred. "Well, what are we playing?" she asked in her normal business like tone, Ginny noticed Harry give a small smile.

Fred waited until Ginny had taken her seat next to the other girl before responding.

"Oh that's easy, we're playing magical truth or dare," he grinned.


A.N. Ok that’s it for the second part, the third part should be up soon then that’s all she wrote. Hey I said it was a short story. I know truth or dare is cliché but I couldn’t help myself *grin*. I hope you like the story and I think it’s going to be a pretty fun (and funny) game, so please come back and check it out. Let me know what you think, k? Ja ne!



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