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!~ Hermione ~!

Walking out the door towards the luggage cart, she thinks to herself. She is well aware of the affect that she has left on Draco, seeing how she had slightly glanced back before making her way down the hall. She couldn’t help but laugh at the advantage she now had on the Slytherin Prince, unintentionally of course.

She had always kind of had a thing for him, even though he picked on her. She never really cared ‘if only he knew...’ she always thought. But now she DID have that advantage on him and she might just use it. Make him want her, need her. It would be so perfect. There is nothing more that Draco Malfoy wants than something he can’t have. And of course everyone knows how jealous he can get. Yes, she can defiantly use this to her advantage, seeing how she is no longer taken.

Once she arrived at the carriages, she was surprised to see a certain someone at the carriage waiting for her, she smirked.

“Well I couldn’t just leave you without a ride now could I?” he returned the smirk.

“If you did then I would have to get you” she said simply.

“Ladies first”

“Why thank you Malfoy” walking into the heads carriage. Since it was the heads carriage it was only her and Malfoy. ‘Accio Broom’ (sp?)

There was a dead silence for a little wile, Draco just keep glancing her way when he thought that she wasn’t looking, but she knew the whole time, making her smirk to herself at how hopeless he was acting.

Looking out behind them she spotted something coming their way, she smiled “Perfect” she said under her breath.

Looking over at Draco, she smiled and he smiled back [a real smile and not a smirk, it was quite nice, and it just made her know how much MORE of an advantage she had on this poor sap]

“Well I’d love to stay here with you in silence” she started “but my ride’s here” looking over her shoulder to see her broom close enough to jump on.

She turns back to him and he looked a little confused until he too saw the broom. She hopped on, turned to him, and winked, and then she went off in the distance, leaving him alone. Looking back, before she got too far to not see him, she looked over at him and then knew he was practically head-over-heals for her. She couldn’t help but smile at this, still looking over at him, until he was too far for her to see.


+_ Hogwarts Quidditch Pitch _+

Landing in the middle of the Quidditch pitch, with grace might I add, she sees what looks as if an old quaffle, off near the outside the Quidditch pitch. Going with temptation she goes over and picks it up, hops onto her broom and flies up to the middle of the pitch. Racing around the pitch with the quaffle under her arm she could just imagine being out on the field during game time. It was defiantly something she had always dreamed about.

During her summer after forth year, she was still going out with Victor Krum. For a couple of weeks, when he had a break from games and practices, she went over to his place by Floo. He taught her how to properly play the game. He noticed how good she actually was, and suggested that she try out for the team at school, she might even get invited to play for the big leagues after graduation. Though, she just liked playing the game just for the sake of playing. Plus, her ‘bookworm, afraid of flying’ image she had going on would be ruined.

Flying over to the middle of the pitch, Hermione started to fly towards the hoops and when she was half way there, she threw the quaffle towards the hoops making it in. Feeling very accomplished by this, she smiled and plunged down towards the quaffle, pulling up right before hitting ground, then lands.

Hermione then turns around at the sound of, clapping?

“Truly amazing performance Ms. Granger” came a voice from behind her.

Hermione turned around to see none other than Oliver Wood [I know he graduated already, but just keep reading] “Oliver? Oliver Wood?” she looked at him with disbelief “What are you doing back here?”

“Dumbledore hired me to be the new Quidditch coach for the Gryffindors, and I want you” pausing “to join the team… what do you say?”

She thought about this for a second, looking down at the quaffle. ‘I have always wanted to play Quidditch. Ever since I saw Harry played his first game. All those hours I spent practicing at home, and with Victor…but now, I don’t know’

“I’ll think about it” she finally said, now looking up at Oliver.

“Fair enough” looking just a bit disappointed “but if you do decide to join, come see me in my office”

He started walking off the pitch leaving Hermione standing there with her thoughts, now looking back down at the quaffle.


~ + ~ Back in the Great Hall …

People were gathering in the great hall by houses. When all the houses entered and were seated, waiting for the new first years, Draco turned towards the Gryffindor table, scanning it for Hermione, then he saw Boy wonder and Weasel-bee looking around too ‘where could she be?’. As if on cue, Hermione walked in and looked around, and eyes landed on Malfoy, then she smirked then winked. Whispers could be heard around the hall

“Who’s the new girl?”

“Is she a transfer?”

“I’ve never seen her around”

“Why is she walking towards the Gryffindors?”

“Aww such a waste!” came from a couple of Slytherins.

Blaise, trying to get Draco’s attention [and eyes] from the new girl nudged him in the ribs “Hey Draco, check out the hot new girl” motioning to Hermione, that had just sat on the end of the table by Seamus who’s eyes we popping out of his head when she sat beside him. “She might be a Gryffindor but that’s not going to stop me” he exclaimed, “10 gallons I could bed her by the end of the month”.

Draco knowing that there is NO way that Hermione would ever sleep with Blaise, even if he was attractive, his rep alone would make sure he wouldn’t even be able to talk to her. “I’ll take that bet” looking over at Hermione, who was seated on the other end of the table, far away from Ron [for obvious reasons].

“Welcome back to another year at Hogwarts” looking up, they saw Dumbledore at the podium, waiting for everyone to settle down before he continued. “I would like to remind everyone that the Forbidden forest is strictly out of bounds…”

He did the same speech every year; Hermione could practically recite it perfectly, so she didn’t really pay attention. As she looked around, she noticed a lot of boys from each table, including Slytherin, eyeing her, looking her up and down. Her eyes fell onto the end of the Slytherin table, to see Blaise looking at her, who then noticed she was looking back, and then winked. She couldn’t help but blush a little at this gesture ‘just cause he doesn’t know who I am, doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun’. Thinking this she licked her lips, hungrily, and then finished off with wink before turning back around.

_x ~~ During the Speech ~~x_

As the headmaster was giving the same boring speech, which he had heard since first year, Blaise was thinking up a plan to bed the ‘new girl’. Looking over at her, he notices her looking back. Starting out small he gave her a simple wink, that caught her a little off guard. She then catches him off guard by licking her lips hungrily, just begging for a snog fest; she was taunting him. Then she ended with a wink before turning her attention back to Dumbledore.

At this time he nudges Draco, who turns to his best mate “see, wile you’re listening to some boring old speech, I’m already making progress” turning his attention to the new girl, who now seeing the new girl turned back to them. Both Draco and Blaise look at her as she gives him a wink then turn her attention to the headmaster, making Blaise having a smirk on his face from his progress, he raises an eyebrow at Draco, who looked a bit unimpressed but really can’t believe she would even do anything towards Blaise.

“Now at this time I would like to introduce our two new heads this year” looking out into the crowd to the two heads, smiling to himself “From Slytherin, our head boy, Mr. Draco Malfoy” the Slytherin table erupted into cheers as Draco got up. “And from Gryffindor, our head girl, Ms. Hermione Granger” all the tables [except Slytherin of course] erupted into cheering and clapping even before she even got up, but when she did, there was a large amount of whispers and gasps being heard from every table.

“That’s Hermione!”

“Hermione’s the new girl?”

“Wow I can’t believe it!”

Whistling could be heard amongst the crowd, which made an angry Ron sink lower into his chair muttering to himself. That made her smile a bit, making both Ron and Draco furious with jealousy, though Draco would never admit it, or show it none the less.

Draco and Hermione sat back down; Draco turns towards Blaise, who was looking at Hermione, deep in thought. “Still think that you can bed her?” cocking an eyebrow

Blaise leaving his thoughts for a minute looks over at Draco. Then he turns back to Hermione who looks over at him, they look at each other for a little wile then smile and turn back away. This acts as a reassurance to Blaise and he looks back over at Draco who caught that display of theirs, though pretending that he didn’t.

“Yea, I still think I can” pausing for a second, and looking over at Hermione “it might be a little harder but come on, people don’t do that big of a change over night, and I don’t think she’s faking it” Catching her eye, [Draco also watching this] she does what is to believe a bit unbelievable; she nudges for the door, licking her lips hungrily. This makes Draco’s eyes feel like popping out at her openness, but he restrains himself. He looks over at his Slytherin buddy, somewhat fearing at the back of his mind that he’s going to lose this bet but she can’t give in so easily, its Hermione for bloody sakes! And with Blaise Zabini!

“So let the feast begin!” Dumbledore’s voice ran clear, echoing through the Great Hall, as the food for the feast appeared on the tables. When all the food appeared Hermione excused herself from the table. As she walked, more like strutted, out towards the doors gracefully she looked over at the Slytherin table, gave a wink and made her way out the doors.

"Well that's my cue, I will see you later" Blaise winked and moved out of the hall moments later to avoid any suspicious glares he might gain.

Draco couldn’t believe what was happening; there was a slight chance that he might not win this bet. What are you saying, there is no way that the stuck-up Mudblood would ever steep so low. Not only is she a Gryffindor Princess, know-it-all book worm, and stuck up priss, but I would even bet money that she's a virgin! Do you honestly think a girl like that would even make Blaise Man-Whore Zabini her first? Because I have a strong doubt that she got any with Weasel King. His inner voice sneered at the thought. And no matter how much she's changed she's still the same deep down. Yes, he just had to remember that important point, no matter how much she made over her outside; she was still the same on the inside. 

Distracted from his thoughts, Draco didn't even notice some other figure come slide on his left beside him, where Blaise was just sitting before he made his way out to do Merlin-Knows-What with Hermione Granger, and slid their arm through his.

"Drakyy" he physically winced at his nickname and cautionly looked over to his left to see his ex girlfriend Pansy Parkinson. Pansy was the leader of the Slytherin girls who would always sneer and tease about just about everyone. She was unbearable and had a one-track mind, who was also very opinioned. It was a much known fact that she hated the Golden Trio, and mostly Hermione Granger, and especially hated it when people would say she was pug-faced, even though she is.

Slipping his arm from under her grasp, she then pouted in a 'not so cute' way, but brushed it off very easily. 

"Did you see that little Mudblood walk in here like she owned everything Drakky?!" she said outraged "She thinks that just because she cut off her gross frizzy mess she called hair, that people wouldn't realize it was her, she isn't even all that pretty! Don't you agree?" She looked up at Draco only to see he wasn't paying her any attention, which got her upset. 

She was just about to say something again in her very annoying voice but someone pushed her aside so they could sit between me and her. Draco look to see who his savior was, only to see Blaise with a huge smirk plastered on his face, messed up hair, and... Is that a hicky!?

Draco gave a dumbfounded look, that he tried to hide, but failed a bit, making Blaise's smirk grow larger (if that was even possible). Draco looked over his shoulder to see Hermione have a bit of a strut in her walk, went to her seat, grabbed something and head back out of the Hall.

Once Draco got a better look at her leaving he noticed a couple things;

One- her hair was a bit messed up
Two- whatever lip stick was on her wasn't there anymore
Three- she had a smirk plastered on her face
Four- her tie was missing…

Looking over at Blaise he noticed that he had her tie hanging out of his pocket and that’s when it hit him 

I think I underestimated her.... I think I might actually loose... damm that Gryffindor!

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