By Neurotica

Unfinished Business

Months had gone by since Harry’s kidnapping. Lucius Malfoy’s trial before the Wizengamot had past – he was sentenced to ten years in Azkaban for the kidnapping, but since they didn’t have proof that he’d cast any Unforgivable Curses, he escaped a life long sentence with the Dementors. Minister Millicent Bagnold had been voted out of office as well. Somehow, a story had appeared in the Daily Prophet about how the Minister of Magic had taken a false lead that could have caused an innocent man to be sent to Azkaban as well. Sirius denied all responsibility and involvement for the incident.

Any trauma Harry could have been caused during his kidnapping was, thankfully, very minimal. For a few nights after Harry had come home, James woke in the middle of the night to his son’s terrified screams. It took only minutes to calm him at the worst of times, but seeing his son in such terror scared James just as badly as the dreams did Harry.

While Wormtail was still at the back of his mind, James had made good on his promise to spend more time with his son. Rather than working overtime at the Ministry, James left work promptly at five o’clock and went to pick Harry up from Remus’ bookshop. The two Potter boys had gone to Quidditch matches, Muggle movies, and just spent time in their home, watching television or just sitting around and talking. Harry and James both enjoyed their time together.

James’ friends were pleased to see their best friend back to normal. After Harry had been rescued from Malfoy Manor, the change in James’ mood was almost immediate. He was laughing a lot more, telling jokes, and pulling pranks on his friends.

Remus and Emmeline had finally announced that they were an official couple. No one was surprised.

After four years of claiming they didn’t want to be married, that they were happy doing what they’ve been doing, Sirius proposed to Dorcas, and she tearfully accepted. Everyone was surprised at that. They’d both claimed marriage was no different than living together for a long period of time. But Sirius told his friends that his decision had been based on what happened with Malfoy and Harry. He’d said he’d realized they weren’t as safe as they’d believed; though Voldemort was gone, his followers were still around, and he wanted Dorcas to know how he felt about her in case something happened to either of them.

But things weren’t always happy. A month after Harry’s return to his father, Dumbledore called a meeting for those left of the Order of the Phoenix. The meeting wasn’t long, only about an hour or so, but the headmaster implored them to be prepared for anything that may come. The new Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, wasn’t the best choice Dumbledore would have chosen, but since he had no authority over the Ministry, there was nothing he could do about Fudge’s appointment to such an important position.

“If war is in the immediate future for the wizarding community,” Dumbledore told them, “I fear that Cornelius Fudge may be…” He seemed to struggle to find the right words.

“I know what you’re saying, sir,” Sirius had said, nodding grimly. “Fudge will end up cowering under his desk until it’s over.”

He got a few shaky laughs for his comment, and two slaps in the head – one from Remus, and one from Dorcas.

Dumbledore’s lips twitched. “That was not quite what I was attempting to say; though, I fear Sirius may be right.” The younger wizard looked shocked. “Cornelius is not what the Muggles call a ‘man of action'. If Lord Voldemort returns–”

“I’ll kill him myself,” James muttered under his breath, not looking at anyone.

Remus patted him on the back.

“I will end this meeting with one final word of warning,” Dumbledore said, pretending not to hear James’ comment, “Keep your eyes wide open for any signs that Voldemort may be returning. I am certain you all remember the events that led us into the last war.” Everyone nodded grimly. “For those with children,” his eyes rested on James; James held the look, “they are less able to protect themselves. If we do enter a war, children must be the primary concern.

“And with that, I will send all of you on your way,” Dumbledore said rather cheerfully considering what he’d just told them. “I will contact you in the usual way if I come across any additional information.”

Two months following the Order meeting, the Marauders, Emmeline, and Dorcas sat around a table in the Leaky Cauldron, having a nice night out. James had taken Harry to the Burrow – after what happened to him with Malfoy, he’d never let Harry walk alone to the Weasley home.

Somehow, their discussion about Quidditch had turned to a discussion about Malfoy. This led them to Voldemort and Wormtail.

“For all we know, Wormtail may have already found Voldemort and is attempting to bring him back,” Remus said darkly, sipping his Butterbeer. “There’s been no sign of him, even after Mad-Eye did that press conference and told the papers that Wormtail is still alive, and everyone should be on the lookout for him. He told them he was an Animagus…”

“Yeah, but how’s anyone going to pick him out from the billions of rats in England,” Sirius argued. “Apparently, Wormtail is a hell of a lot smarter than we ever knew; he lied to us and none of us realized it. He wasn’t exactly the world’s best liar in school; that’s why we told him to shut his mouth if we got caught by professors.”

James stared at the table pensively. “He’s coming back,” he said, not realizing he’d spoken aloud until his friends looked at him inquiringly. He looked at them. “Voldemort. He’s coming back… Dumbledore keeps saying it, and since when has Dumbledore been wrong about anything.”

“But how does Dumbledore know?” Dorcas asked. “He could be wrong.” She looked very hopeful that the headmaster was wrong.

“He knows because of the Prophecy,” Sirius said, his eyes widening. He looked at James apologetically.

Remus furrowed his brow, while the witches raised an eyebrow. “What Prophecy?” Remus asked slowly, looking between Sirius and James.

James leaned back in his chair, sighed heavily, and glared at Sirius. “Look, all I can say right now is that…” He tried to turn his thoughts into words. “I don’t want to say much in here; anyone could overhear me–”

Before he could go on, a pearly-white phoenix flew into the pub, unseen by the other patrons enjoying meals, and flew to James. He listened for a few minutes before his face paled and his jaw clenched in anger.

“What did it say?” Sirius asked, unsure if he really wanted to know.

“It seems there’s been a breakout from Azkaban,” James said evenly.

Dorcas and Emmeline gasped, Sirius’ jaw dropped, and Remus’ eyebrows shot up. “Who was it?” Emmeline asked quietly, seemingly noting the very angry look on James’ face.

“Lucius Malfoy,” James replied.

Less than ten minutes after receiving Dumbledore’s Patronus, Sirius and James took the Ministry lifts to the second level and stepped out, heading towards Auror headquarters.

“They can’t know that we know,” James told his best friend quietly. “Mad-Eye will probably know, but if the others ask us what we’re doing, we’re picking up some paperwork.”

Sirius nodded and pulled open the doors to headquarters, allowing James to enter first. Neither of them had ever seen the scene before them. About two dozen Aurors were there, looking prepared for battle, judging by the looks on their faces. A few looked at the new arrivals oddly before whispering to other Aurors. Sirius and James exchanged their own looks before heading to James’ cubicle which was just beside Kingsley Shacklebolt’s.

“What’s going on, Kings?” Sirius asked, pretending to look confused at all the Aurors that were here so late in the evening.

Kingsley looked at them for a moment, but before he could open his mouth, another voice called out, “Potter! Black! My office!” It was Mad-Eye.

“What’d you two do now?” Kingsley said, grinning in relief, James thought.

“You don’t want to know,” Sirius said with a wink as he followed his best friend to their boss’ office.

“Inside. Close the door and sit,” Mad-Eye said, looking over a long piece of parchment. The two younger wizards did as they were told. “You got Dumbledore’s Patronus, then?”

“Yes, sir,” they both said.

Mad-Eye put down the parchment and studied the two wizards, considering them for a few long moments. Finally, he said, “I want you both to go home.”Their eyebrows shot up. “What?” James said. “Why? We came to help, and that’s what we should be doing! Isn’t this why we became Aurors?”

“Potter, you’re too close to this,” Mad-Eye said gruffly. “I don’t really want to explain to the new Minister why one of my Aurors killed a prisoner. And I further don’t want to have to try and keep you out of Azkaban for killing a prisoner. Just stay out of it, both of you.”

“That seems to be your motto, doesn’t it, Moody?” James asked bitterly. “You told me to stay out of it when my son was missing, now you’re telling me to stay out if it while the bastard who took him is on the loose.”

“Sure, it’s my motto, if you want it to be, Potter,” Mad-Eye said as lightly as he could manage. “Speaking of your kid, I suggest you keep a close eye on him until Malfoy is caught again.”

Sirius and James returned angrily to the Potter home half an hour later to find their friends sitting in the kitchen. They turned when they heard the Aurors enter.

“We weren’t expecting you two so soon,” Remus said with his trademark raised eyebrow. “What happened?”

“Mad-Eye decided it was best that we weren’t involved in the search for Malfoy,” Sirius said, glancing at James’ face. “James isn’t happy.”

“Damn right James isn’t happy,” James said loudly. “Why would I be happy that Malfoy’s out of prison and I’m not allowed to do my job?”

The two Aurors sat at the table silently.

Remus summoned two Butterbeers for them. “We brought Harry home,” he said quietly. “We figured it’s best for the time being. He’s asleep upstairs.”

James nodded. “Thank you.” He thought for long minutes. When he spoke next, it was slowly and deliberately. “You three wanted to know about this Prophecy that Sirius let slip at the Leaky Cauldron.” The three who didn’t know of the Prophecy sat up straighter in their chairs. Sirius watched his best friend carefully. James swallowed. “Before Harry was born, there was a Prophecy made about him and Voldemort. I’ve been convinced for years that this Prophecy was why Voldemort attacked Harry and killed Lily.”

“What did it say?” Remus asked quietly and carefully.

Sighing, James remembered the night he and Lily were told of the Prophecy by Dumbledore. It was a rather stressful night, to say the very least. He remembered the exact words; how could he have ever forgotten them? It took him a few minutes to speak. His friends waited patiently. “The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches… Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies… And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not… And…” James stopped for a moment, suddenly choking up. Sirius put an arm around his shoulder. He got himself composed. “And either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives.”

Heavy silence filled the kitchen following what James had said. It was the same silence that filled Dumbledore’s office on the night James and Lily had heard the Prophecy. The Potters had stared at Dumbledore just as James’ friends were staring at him now: in complete disbelief.

Remus cleared his throat. “Does that mean what I think it means?” he asked very quietly. “That Harry has to kill Voldemort?”

James nodded, meeting his eyes. “When Lily and I first found out about this, after Harry was born, there was another boy it could have been. Voldemort had two choices in who could possibly end up killing him.”

“Who was the other boy?” Emmeline asked, her brow furrowing.

“Neville Longbottom,” Dorcas said quietly, looking at James like she’d never seen him before in her life. She’d always been rather close with the Longbottoms, particularly Alice. “Right?”

Again, James nodded. “Right. But on the night Voldemort came to our house, he’d made already made his decision. He had a choice between a pureblooded boy and a half-blood boy. Apparently, Voldemort is half-blood–” Eyebrows rose at this proclamation, but no one spoke. “–so he chose the boy who was most like him, the one he thought was most likely to be a threat. He decided to kill Harry when he was a baby, that way, he believed, he had a clear shot at taking total power.”

“Wait,” Remus said suddenly. “How did Voldemort find out?”

Sirius answered, “Because when Dumbledore heard the Prophecy, someone was listening outside the door. There was some sort of commotion, and Dumbledore opened it to find the Hog Head’s owner trying to get rid of the person. It was a Death Eater. The person only heard the first half of the Prophecy, and he ran back to Voldemort and told him what he’d heard.”

Emmeline’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped. “Oh my God…” she gasped, putting hand to her mouth. Everyone looked at her questioningly. “I think I know who overheard it…”

It was James’ turn to sit up straighter in his chair. “Who?” he asked quickly.

The witch looked a bit nervous. “Well, I shouldn’t know at all… But I overheard a conversation… I think it was Severus.”

James’ jaw clenched angrily. “Snape?” he said dangerously. “Snape was the reason Lily was killed and Harry will grow up and have to kill Voldemort?”

Emmeline gulped at the look on James’ face. “Well, I can’t really be certain about that… I may have heard wrong…”

“What did you hear?” Remus asked, taking her hand.

Emmeline took a deep breath, looking down at her hand intertwined with Remus’. “Well, it was a few weeks after I’d gotten together with Severus,” Sirius growled deeply in his throat; Dorcas elbowed him, “and I was at his house having dinner. Someone had Flooed him, and he left the table to check who it was. He was arguing with someone. All I really heard was that he couldn’t have heard the entire thing, because the senile, goat-loving coot interrupted him. He came back to the kitchen a few minutes later, and I pretended I hadn’t heard anything. I honestly had no idea what it meant at the time, James, I swear.”

James nodded. “I don’t blame you at all,” he said sincerely.

“Who made the Prophecy?” Dorcas asked James curiously.

He shrugged. “Some applicant Dumbledore was interviewing for the Divination post. Sibyll Trelawney.”

“I’ve met her,” Sirius said. “I’d gone to Hogwarts for some reason a few years ago, and she stopped me in the corridor and told me to beware of the black veil.”

This broke the tension in the kitchen. Everyone stared at Sirius for long moments before they burst out laughing. Just as their laughter was tapering off to sniggers and chuckles, Harry entered the room. “Dad?” he said, going straight to his father and climbing into his laugh.

“Hey, kiddo, what’re you doing up?” James asked.

Harry shrugged. “Couldn’t sleep,” he said. “You didn’t tuck me in and read me a story.”

Remus smiled. “We should go,” he said. “See you tomorrow, James?”

James nodded. “I’ll drop Harry off before I head to work.” His friends said various goodbyes and headed to the fireplace to use the Floo. James stood and took Harry upstairs. “Did you have fun at the Burrow?”

“Yeah,” Harry said, his head resting on his dad’s shoulder. “Me and Ron helped Fred and George play a prank on Percy. It was funny.”

“Ron and I,” James corrected him automatically. “What kind of prank?”

“Well, Ron and I put wet-start fireworks under his bed and put a little bit of water next to them, and Fred and George kept him downstairs while we did it. Then when Percy went back to his room, they exploded and scared him.”

James laughed loudly. “We did that in school to someone once,” he said thoughtfully, trying not to realize the person he and his friends pranked turned out to be the one responsible for sending Voldemort to their house. He did very well, he thought. “Bet Mrs. Weasley wasn’t happy.”

“No,” Harry said as his father put him in bed. “She yelled at Fred and George for a long time, because the fireworks set Percy’s bed on fire.”
"Did Fred and George tell on you?” James asked.

“No, but they didn’t talk to us for the rest of the night.” Harry shrugged. “It’s okay, though. Ron said they’re going to try to get payback, but I know we can take them.”

James laughed again. “Well, if you need any help, let Sirius and me know.”

Harry grinned. “Fred and George won’t know what hit them if the Marauders get them.”

James winked, matching his son’s grin. “We’ll get them good for you. Now, which story are we reading tonight?”

Three days after Malfoy’s mysterious escape from Azkaban, there was still absolutely no sign of him. Newly appointed Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge decided the Aurors weren’t enough during the search; he consented to sending Dementors to assist. No one in the Auror squads was pleased with this sudden, rash decision. Most of them had been to Azkaban at one point or another, and none of them were very keen on the dark creatures.

“They send shivers straight down my spine,” Kingsley Shacklebolt said to James and Sirius during lunch one day. “There aren’t many things that scare me, but they’re near the top of the list.”

Sirius nodded in agreement. “When I was taking Malfoy to Azkaban, they came into the room just as I was throwing him into a cell. I think they thought I was a prisoner. Needless to say, I got straight out of there quicker than I’ve ever gotten out of anywhere. And it took hours for those feelings to go away, the feelings of doom, like nothing will ever be right with the world again.”

“When I first came to the Ministry, during my training,” James said quietly, “I had to go out there to help question a supposed Death Eater. Dementors were all over the place – this was before Bagnold put wizard guards there as well as the Dementors and ordered for the Dementors to stay on the far side of the prison that the guards were… It took about two pounds of chocolate for me to be happy again. I wasn’t even happy when I went home to Lily…”

“I heard they’re stationing Dementors around Hogwarts,” Ralph Proudfoot said.

Sirius raised an eyebrow. “Why?”

Proudfoot shrugged. “Dunno,” he replied taking a bite of his lunch. “All I know is Dumbledore isn’t very pleased about it.”

“Why would he be?” James asked. “Hundreds of kids are in that school, now they’re putting the most evil creatures in existence near them. Wonder what the parents think of that.”

“Well, how would you feel if Harry was a student there right now?” Kingsley asked.

“I don’t know,” James replied, his brow furrowing. “I mean, on one side, Malfoy may be after Harry again. If the Dementors keep him from getting my son…” He shrugged. “I can’t say I’d be all that upset by it. But on the other hand, if Harry turns out to be anything like my friends and me,” he inclined his head at Sirius. Sirius snorted, “he’s bound to try and sneak out of school at some point, Dementors or not. And Dementors aren’t exactly known to be kind – they’re not going to look at Harry and go ‘Well, this is just a kid, not the bloke we’re looking for. Let’s let him go.’ They’d probably catch him and Kiss him on the spot.”

“Once again, you four have proved that Aurors can never talk of anything pleasant,” said a voice behind James. He turned to find Remus and Emmeline with their own lunches. “Mind if we sit?”

“Of course not, dear Moonykins,” Sirius said, grinning. “What’re you doing here?”

Remus sat with a raised eyebrow at his best friend. “If you ever call me that again, dear Padfoot, you will regret it,” he said conversationally. “And I came to have lunch with Emmeline. What were you talking about?” he asked the others.

“Dementors at Hogwarts,” Kingsley said.

The werewolf nodded thoughtfully. “I heard rumors about that,” he said mysteriously, causing his friends and girlfriend to raise their own eyebrows. “Apparently, Fudge is getting a bit too paranoid. He thinks Malfoy might try to attack students.”

“First of all,” Sirius said thickly through his turkey sandwich, “how do you know about the Dementors? Second of all, how do you know Fudge is paranoid?”

“Because he spoke with Dumbledore this morning,” Emmeline said, smirking at her boyfriend’s look.

“You took all the fun out of it, Emmeline,” Remus said, shaking his head in mock-disappointment. “But yes, I spoke with Dumbledore this morning; he came into the shop to purchase some Muggle magazines on knitting patterns.” Sirius choked on his Butterbeer in laughter. James thumped his back a little harder than necessary “He told me Fudge has contacted him numerous times about the Dementors over the last few days. Dumbledore agreed on two Dementors – Fudge wanted at least a dozen – because he doesn’t believe Malfoy is a threat to any student at Hogwarts.”

“No,” James said, “he’s just a threat to my son.”

Remus nodded. “Dumbledore seemed a bit worried about Harry, but you know Dumbledore; he doesn’t let his worry show on the outside.  He thinks Fudge is only worried about making certain Malfoy is caught; he doesn’t want his job to be in danger so soon after becoming Minister.”

“Never liked Fudge, myself,” Kingsley said. “Always thought he was a bit too preoccupied with gaining power. Not that he’s much different than any other Minister we’ve had over the ten years.”

“And even when Voldemort was on the loose and at the height of his power, when we were in school, there were never any Dementors around the school,” Sirius pointed out. “No one seemed to think we were in any danger while Dumbledore was around.”

“We weren’t,” James said. “Voldemort wasn’t going to attack Hogwarts with Dumbledore as headmaster; everyone knows Dumbledore was the only wizard Voldemort was every afraid of.”

“Well, yeah, but still,” Sirius said. “Why weren’t we good enough?”

James raised an eyebrow. “Would you really have wanted to sneak into Hogsmeade with Dementors floating around every corner?” he asked dully.

Sirius’ only response was a shiver.

A month after that conversation, the Dementors were still continuing their search for Malfoy. James had begun to form other worries about this: The Dementors had sided with Voldemort during the first war; what’s to say the Dementors wouldn’t take one look at Malfoy, realize he was one of Voldemort’s top Death Eaters, and let him go on his way? But as James and Sirius weren’t allowed on the case, they couldn’t do anything about the search for him.

Unless it was an unauthorized search, James thought, packing Harry’s overnight bag. Tonight was the full moon, and Harry would once again spend the night at the Weasleys’. But I promised Sirius and Remus I wouldn’t obsess over Malfoy. It would only take away from time with Harry…

“Alright, buddy, you ready to go?” James asked his son.

Harry grinned, shouldering his broomstick, which was longer than his entire body. “Yeah,” he said happily.

“Let’s go, then.” James led Harry down the stairs and out the backdoor to the path that led to the Burrow.

“Can you change into Prongs and let me ride on your back?” Harry asked. “We’ll get there quicker…”

James raised an eyebrow and snorted. “I suppose,” he said. He transformed into his Animagus form, and kneeled on his skinny legs so Harry could climb on. Once his son was holding on securely, James took off at a trot, then a run, with Harry, laughing happily, holding on around his neck.

As they reached the Burrow, James caught an odd scent. He stopped running and sniffed the air, then huffed, throwing his head back slightly to signal that Harry needed to hop off. James transformed again and looked around carefully.

“Dad?” Harry said curiously, hoisting his backpack further up on the shoulder that the broomstick wasn’t resting on. “What’s wrong?”

“Harry,” James said seriously. “Stay close to me. If I tell you to hide, do it. Understand?”

Harry nodded a little fearfully, but took his father’s hand as they slowly approached the Burrow. James kept his wand out. They headed for the kitchen windows and ducked under. James very cautiously peaked over the window ledge, saw what he needed to see, and ducked back down, cursing. He’d just seen Molly Weasley being held by her neck by Peter Pettigrew. Dear Peter had his wand pointed at the other Weasley children as they watched helplessly.

James sent a Patronus to find either Sirius or Remus, whoever was closest, for help. “Harry, stay very close behind me, okay, no matter what you see.”

Harry gulped and nodded.

James nodded back. “All right, come on. Slowly.”

The Potters entered through the backdoor as silently as they could manage. It worked to the point that neither the Weasleys nor Wormtail realized they were there until they entered the living room. James put his wand in his robes.

“Hello, Peter,” James said as calmly as possible. “How are you?”

Wormtail’s eyes had widened and he nearly dropped his wand, but somehow kept it steady. “J-J-James…” he said. “I… wasn’t expecting you…”

“No more than I was expecting you, I suppose,” James replied. “Why are you here, Peter?”

“Er… Well, I was…”

“He wants Harry!” Ron shouted. Wormtail pointed his wand at the boy and seemed to begin speaking a spell.

“Don’t do it, Pete,” James said sternly.

“Always telling me what to do, aren’t you, James?” Wormtail said, looking at his former friend. “You and Sirius and Remus… Well, I’m not as weak as you think, James.”James nodded calmly, putting a hand down to keep Harry behind him. “I know that, Peter,” he said calmly. He was trying to stall until one of his friends arrived. “I’ve known that for a long time. But please, don’t hurt anyone. If you want to hurt someone, hurt me.” He felt Harry stiffen behind him.

“I-I just want the boy…” Wormtail said quietly.

James shook his head. “I can’t let you have him, Pete,” he said. “You of all people know he’s all I have left.”

Wormtail gulped. “H-he made me do it, James,” he said in a tone James believed to be regret. “He wanted me to spy on you… Then he told me tell him where you and Lily were…”

“I know, Peter,” James said, trying to keep everything calm, and to keep Wormtail’s mind on him rather than the Weasleys. Wormtail was loosening his grip around Molly’s neck just slightly.

“I never wanted this…” Peter said. “I-I wish I never became a Death Eater… I was afraid.”

“I know, Pete,” James said again. “We were all afraid…” He glanced quickly around Wormtail’s left arm at the window and felt relief. Remus was staring through the window with his jaw dropped in disbelief. James had sent instructions in the Patronus that told Remus how to handle the situation. “Pete, please just let her go,” he said, nodding at Molly. “She’s done nothing, nor have the children.” Remus was slowly approaching the door. “Please, let them go…” Remus was putting a silencing charm on the door to make sure it wouldn’t creak. “Lower your wand, and we can discuss this calmly without anyone being hurt.” Remus was pushing open the door. “I know you’re not a killer, Pete…”

Remus moved right behind Wormtail, pointed his wand at the other wizard, and said, “STUPEFY!

Wormtail’s eyes widened a touch, he dropped his wand, released his hold on Molly, and fell to the ground, unconscious.

“Nice one, Moony,” James said, smiling.

Remus grinned. “All right, Prongs?”

“All right. You?”

Molly stood up, rubbing her neck. “Who was that?” she asked James sharply.

James sighed. “Well, that’s a bit of a long story, Molly. Perhaps Remus and I can explain it a bit later. At the moment, we need to take Peter here to Azkaban. But I will tell you that this is Peter Pettigrew…”

It was Molly’s turn for eye widening.

“Molly, would you mind watching Harry?” James asked the witch.

“No, not at all,” Molly said faintly, staring at the unconscious man behind her.

James turned to his son, who was holding onto his leg tightly. “Harry, I’ll be back soon, all right? I need you to stay with Mrs. Weasley and the kids for a bit though…”

Tentatively, Harry nodded. “Kay,” he said in a small voice, also looking at Wormtail.

“Shall we, Mister Moony?” James said lightly.

“But of course, Mister Prongs,” Remus said with an incline of his head.

James floated Wormtail’s body a few feet into the air, grabbed his arm, and Disapparated to the seacoast nearest to Azkaban. Remus was only seconds behind him. Just as James used a complicated spell only known by Aurors and top Ministry officials to summon the wooden boat that would take them to the prison, Sirius appeared beside Remus.

“What in the bloody hell is going on?” he asked. “Molly Weasley said something about Peter and you two going to Azkaban…” Sirius trailed off as he saw the body floating beside James. “No way…” he whispered. “What happened?”

“We’ll explain later,” James said. “You can help us talk to Molly about what just happened. Right now, I want Wormtail in a cell…”

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