3 days later the Healers let Harry out. He was perfectly normal. Except for his voice.
Harry was extremely happy. He was out of Mungos, with his friends, and everyone would get to see Ana’s new look.

Harry smiled at the thought. As soon as he was, he found Ana. Harry had fun picking the style and how long she had to keep. Ana certainly regretted it...

But then he sighed. Those 3 days he was awake were pure torture. The healers ran test on him, people came to the hospital just to look at him, and journalists, photographers, and authors wouldn’t leave him alone.

Just then heavy laughter broke out. Ana stormed over with her arms crossed. "I hate you, Harry."

Ana’s long, beautiful black hair was extremely different. Instead of her layered with thick bangs that covered one eye sorta punk hair, it had been transformed into a short haircut that flared out just above her shoulders and was soft pink.... the worst kind.

And that was why everyone was laughing.

Basically everyone in the wizarding world knew that Ana despised pink and all things girly.

‘You don’t mean it.’ Harry thought smirking.

"Yes I do. Know shut up before I hurt you so bad that you’ll be in a coma for 4 months!"

Harry didn’t push it. He knew Ana wasn’t lying. Harry may be the most powerful wizard, but Ana was his magical equal. Maybe even better.

"Well look here. Little Anaxandra Vie Potter. Who tickled you pink??" Bill Weasly sat down next to the twins.

"Ha, ha, ha, I just wet myself laughing." Ana said sarcastically. "Why don’t you just go make out with your wife."

"She’s not here, oh smart one. Morning sickness." Fleur was now pregnant with her and Bill’s first kid and the baby was due in 3 months. "I’m going to go get some food."

‘Not a bad idea.’ Harry thought shrugging. His stomach grumbled, as if trying to prove his point.

"Yeah, you’re right for once. Let’s go get somethin’ to eat."

Ana and Harry made their way over to the long table weighed down with Mrs. Weasly’s great cooking.

"Hey Ana!" A tall red head said hugging her.

"Wuz up George?" ana said hugging him back.

That was just one more difference between Ana and Harry. Harry’s best friends were Ron, Hermione, and Ginny. And even though Ana was friends with them, they weren’t her best friends.

George was one of her 3 best friends. His twin Fred had been one two, before he had died. The three had been extremely close at Hogwarts, and it was very hard when Fred had died. They had been the Marauder legacy continued.

"Nothing much, the shop is doing great." a few years ago, Death Eaters set fire to the shop and George was reluctant to reopen another one without Fred. But luckily, Ana and her other best friend had convinced him to, and it was just as popular as the first.

"That’s awesome! Now that Voldemort’s gone, business will be even better!"

"Well, talk to you later. Alicia’s waiting." Ana laughed at his. George and Alicia had hooked up recently and were a great couple. Made for each other.

"Ana!" A force nearly knocked her over as she was engulfed in a giant bear hug.


This was Ana’s 3rd best friend. And Iris was her bestest best friend. They had grown up in America together, not knowing who their parents were. They had found out Iris was Sirius’s daughter. Guess it was genetics they were so close.

Iris was one of the only ones who could compete with Ana in the looks category. She had her father’s stormy grey eyes and was as tall as Ana. Her layered black hair reached the bottom of her shoulder blades. She was just as tan as Ana and a chaser.

And of course, the pranking factor. They were always getting into trouble, wether form the adults, police or even the ministry.

Put Ana, Iris, Fred, and George together and it was the Marauders. The adults (because of their behavior they weren’t adults ) often laughed at all the resemblance.

"What in the name of Ashton Kutcher did you do to your hair?!" Iris said fingering Ana’s pink hair with a disbelieving look on her face.

Ana laughed. "Just a little bet with Harry. So how are things going with Mikey - dear?"

Iris blushed slightly. "Good." Michael had been one of Iris and Ana’s only friends in America. Iris and Michael had been going out for a long time and had recently become engaged.

"How’s things goin’ with Scott? Drive him nuts yet?"

"No!" Ana said defensively.

Ana and Scott had been friends in Hogwarts and Scott had had a crush on Ana for a long time. He had only gotten the courage to ask her out in 7th year. They had dated all year but ana broke it off during the war to try to keep him out of danger. They were now back together.

After a while of eating at the large table, Ana sighed.

‘What’s wrong?’ Harry asked. He was sitting on her right side.

"It’s just... It’s great that Voldemort’s gone.... he was really bad and scary... but.... I’m gonna miss messing with Voldy!!"

Iris, Hermione, Harry, Ron, Ginny, Scott, Michael, George, and others close by burst out laughing. "I’m Serious!!"

Everyone knew she was. Even if it meant danger, Ana liked to make fun of Voldemort and get him mad. Especially if they were dueling.

There was one very extremely eventful duel where Ana had called Voldemort ‘Tomikins’ getting him really steamed up. He rapidly shot spells at her and each time she dodged one, Ana would yell ‘Olay!’ like a matador. She had been hurt pretty bad, but Ana said it was worth it.

After hours of laughing, joking, and , of course, eating, the speeches were made. Everyone cried together for the loss of all those who were killed and the families and homes who were destroyed.

Harry, Ana, and their friends were particularly choked up at the mention of James, Lily, Fred, Sirius, Dumbledore, Remus, and Tanks.

Finally at 3 in the morning, everyone left the last official Order meeting.

Harry was awoken the next morning by a loud tapping coming from his apartment window. He opened the window and an official looking owl flew in.

As soon as Harry took the letter, the owl flew away. The letter read


Dear Mr. Potter

There is something I wish to discuss with you. It is of the utmost importance. Please come to hogwarts for a meeting. Be there by 11 o’ clock.

Minerva McGonagall

Harry looked at the time. It was already 10:00. He took a quick shower, got dressed, brushed his teeth, and ate breakfast.

He apparated as close to Hogwarts as possible. McGonagall had told him the enchantment to get in.

After a few minutes the gates opened and Harry walked in. Since it was September 12th, there were kids milling around.

As he entered the school, Harry realized there was a lot more kids here. Not as many as there should have been, but more than have been there the past few years. They’d probably all come back now that it was safe again.

"Milky way." Harry said to the griffins. They immediately moved and Harry made his way up to McGonagall’s office. He knocked then entered.

"Sit down." Mcgonagall gestured to the seat in front of her chair. The room looked almost exactly the way it had for Dumbledore.

Harry sat and looked around. His eyes rested at Dumbledore’s portrait. Albus was sitting raptly and looked as important as ever.

"I’m sure you are wondering why I called you here, Mr. Potter." Harry nodded.

"I was recently having a discussion with Albus’s portrait. He told me of plan he had formed a long time ago."

Harry looked confused. What did any of this have to do with him?

"You see Mr. Potter, we have a mission for you." Harry bit back a smile. Did they know how corny that sounded?

"Your mission will be to go back in time and help your parents fall in love." harry’s eyes almost popped out of his head.

"I know it is going to be difficult, but we have complete faith in you. You must not let anyone in that time know anything about the real you. If you do, the results could be fatal."

Harry looked at her in disbelief. There was no way he could manage all that!!!

"Mr. Potter," McGonagall spoke in a softer tone and her face softened. "You must do this. Otherwise, you and Anaxandra will never be born."

‘Oh great. If I fail, I’m dead. Can you die of you’ve never been born? Hmmmmmmm......... Oh no!! I’m starting to sound like Ana!’

"Now, you may tell the others where you are going, but not why. We can not have any interference."

"Meet me here tomorrow for further details. Be here by 12:00, you won’t need anything but your wand. It will all be provided. Goodbye."

Harry was left to go and think about everything on his way to explain something that utterly confused him.

‘Oh how a love the simple, relaxing life I live.... at least Ana has pink hair. That makes things a little better.’

It was Friday evening, and all of the Order was at the Burrow.

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