The burrow was as noisy as usual; the twins were racing around picking up merchandise for Weasleys Wizard Weases, Percy was shoveling down a piece of toast before setting off to the ministry of Magic, Arthur Weasley was in his shed testing muggle artifacts, Molly Weasley was busying herself in the kitchen and Ronald Weasley was preparing to go and see his wife Hermione and the wizards bank: Gringotts.

Ginny Weasley was sitting underneath the willow tree that was planted in the Weasleys garden when their first child was born. The sun was warm and Ginny started to drift off into a light sleep. She was awoken by a sudden rustle in the bushes behind her. Ginny didn't worry too much about this a she thought it was one of their garden gnomes. Drifting back to sleep, Ginny felt the warm sun on her skin when the rustling had started again. Opening her eyes, Ginny peered round the corner of the trunk to see if she could see the gnome. Then the rustling became more violent and was coming from the top of the tree. Knowing that gnomes couldn't climb, Ginny pulled out her wand and pointed it up at the tree.
Without warning something jumped from the tree onto Ginny and she fell flat on her back.
"Hello mummy" said a beaming boy, who had untidy black hair and bright green eyes.
"Oh James you frightened me to death, i thought you were a monster or something."
The boy looked at Ginny still smiling and said "Sorry mummy but i wanted to surprise you “James looked at his mother with an expression of curiosity.
"You certainly surprised me, come on get off and I'll take you inside... we might even sneak a couple of grandma's pumpkin pasties from her sweetie jar if we're lucky." James shouted "Yay" and ran off into the house.
Ginny giggled at her son' reaction and started to follow. He reminded her so much of his father and the man she loved. She stopped and watched the birds fly over the hill expecting to see someone coming over it but was distracted by the sound of her son's voice.
"Come on mummy, I got us a pumpkin pasty each." smiling back at her son Ginny called after him "Yes I'm coming little snitch" and with that she started to walk back to the house.


Harry stopped for a moment, at the top of the hill to catch his breath. The sun was about to set and he could just make out the Burrow from where he was standing.
He was looking forward to seeing the family he never had as he had been away for five years; he had been catching remaining death eaters that had fled when had conquered over Lord Voldermort.
He supposed that the Weasley family would be shocked at seeing him on their front porch but he hoped that they would welcome him back after they had gotten over the shock.
He especially hoped that Ginny would welcome him back as they had been an item before he had left.
He knew that he hadn't left on good terms with her, as she had not wanted him to leave.
Harry couldn't tell the Weasleys where he was staying or where he had gone encase a death eater intercepted the letter and came after his Auror team. Aurors were dark wizard catchers and Harry had joined a little while after killing Lord Voldermort. At first he had to stay in the office and go over papers but five years ago he was moved to the Auror squad and had to leave his friends behind.
Harry had not realized that he had reached the gate of the burrow and was now feeling very nervous.
He didn't know how Ginny would react to him returning but he hoped it would be a calm and pleasant one.
Knocking on the door of the burrow, Harry heard footsteps coming.
He got ready to say "Taa Daar" but was taken aback when he saw a small pair of bright green eyes and untidy black hair staring up at him.
If Harry hadn't noticed that they boy was a child he would have thought he was looking into a mirror.
"Hello, who are you?" said the little boy, who looked up at Harry with a questioning look about him.
"Errr... Harry, Harry Potter" said Harry who was still getting over the shock.
"Hello Harry Potter I'm James Weasley nice to meet you."
The boy held out his hand and Harry shook it.
"You’re a very polite boy, James" Harry said looking at the boy with the mildest interest.
"Thanks, my mummy says it’s better to be polite to people if you want to get stuff." James answered still looking at Harry with a questioning look.
"I'm sorry Harry Potter but i got to go and do the dishes or my grandma will tell me off, I'll get mummy to talk to you." James ran into the house without a backwards glance and Harry Heard him tell his family that he was hear and then the sound of smashing china.
There were some more running footsteps and Ginny appeared.
"Harry what are you doing here?" Ginny sounded strained as if she was holding back something else.
"Well hello to you to."
"Harry you can't just come here and expect me to welcome you in when i haven't heard from you in five years, I mean you expect me to answer the door and not be surprised at all and let in the house, its self centered of you thought that was going to happen." Ginny's breathing was suddenly heavier and her deep brown eyes were stern.
"Sorry Ginn didn't mean to upset ya" Harry knew from the moment that he had finished the sentence that he had said the wrong thing.
Ginny looked like she was about to burst but before Harry could say anything she started to talk again.
"Look, if you want to talk meet me at that favorite restaurant we loved at seven and we'll talk there." She had quietened down and was looking at Harry with an expressionless face, waiting for an answer.
"Err... ok what day, tomorrow?" Harry was trying to not say anything that would upset Ginny and it looked like it had worked.
"Yeah tomorrow would be great seen as though I'm not working, so tomorrow and seven meet me at our favorite restaurant.
Without another word Ginny walked into the burrow and closed the door behind her.
It was lucky that Harry couldn't see throw walls, as Ginny had slid down the door, her heart beating fast and a smile on her face; He had come home.

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