“What are we going to do?” George asked his identical twin brother Fred.

The Weasley Twins were sorting through their holiday party invitations; so far they had been invited to at least one party everyday of the holidays. They were the life of any party and everyone wanted them at their party. Fred looked at the stack of Christmas card and party invitations. He wore nice dress robes because he had a presentation to make in America later that afternoon. He and George lived above their shop in Diagon Alley and were currently on their lunch break.

“Okay,” Fred announced finally, “We will go through the invitations and select the parties that we must go to. Then we will put those on the calendar in red ink. The parties that we want to go to if there is time we will put in blue. And whatever is left over we shall put in the trash.”

George nodded in agreement, “An excellent idea Gred!”

“Why thank you Feorge!”

“Okay, Parvati and Padma Patil?” George asked taking the first card from the stack.

“We go every year,” Fred said writing down it down on December 1st on the calendar.

“Draco and Addison Malfoy?”

“What day? They are financial backers, and I feel that we really should attend.”

“December 8th”

“Let’s see, Harry and Jenna? No question there, that one is December 20th.”

The continued though the stack. In the end, the calendar was covered in red ink and there was no blue ink anywhere, “Umm, that didn’t work out to well,” Fred commented.

“Oh well,” George shrugged standing up and putting his Santa hat on, “This way we can party every night!”

An evil grin spread over Fred’s face, “Sweet!”

George returned to the shop and Fred left for his meeting.

~*~That night~*~

The guys pulled out all the stops for the Patil party. Fred magically added blond highlights to his spiked up hair. One of the twins did something to his hair so that people could tell them apart. However that didn’t mean that Fred would tell people which twin he was. They dressed the same, dark blue dress robes with a silver lining and black dragon-hide boots. Fred walked into the kitchen where George was waiting for him, “Ready?” Fred asked glancing in the mirror to admire his hair.

“Yup,” George replied picking up two red and green striped bags, “I’ve got the gifts for our kind hostesses.”

“What did you get?”

George opened one of the bags to show Fred his purchases, “Each of them will receive an assortment of bangles from Witch Weekly’s special collection line, not available to the public until next month.”

“Ohh,” Fred admired.

“Then for Padma, we have a lovely blue cloak from the House of Malfoy.”

“Edian has new stuff out?” Fred asked in amazement.

George nodded his head, “He wanted to leave school early so that he could have a full line out for this fall, but his loving brother refused to let him. Parvati’s is red.”

“Nicely done brother.”

“Why thank you!”

“Who helped you?” Fred asked suspiciously.

“I don’t know what you mean!” George replied nervously.

Fred just stood there waiting. “Fine, Cho,” George admitted.

Fred nodded, “That sounds about right, shall we?”


The two linked arms and Apperated to the Patil’s Manor.

“Fred! George!” Padma greeted them at the door.

“How lovely to see you again m’dear!” Fred exclaimed hugging Padma, “It has been ages!”

“Fred, quit hogging the hostess! I want a hug!” George said pushing his brother out of the way.

Padma laughed, “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you two only came to get hugs!”

“Of course not!” Fred laughed nervously, “You and your sister simply throw the most smashing Christmas parties!”

“Top of our list to attend!”

“We’ve brought presents!”

Padma just laughed at the two brothers and ushered them into the house. Fred and George wasted no time in seeking out Parvati and repeating the previous scene, “I think this is rehearsed!” she said laughing as the twins mock dueled over who she liked better.

After giving the hostesses their gifts, Fred and George mingled with the rest of the guests. The clock struck twelve and the girls produced their infamous eggnog. By this time both Fred and George had had several drinks.

“Hey Cho!” called a tipsy Fred.

The former Ravenclaw turned around at the sound of her name, “Yes?” she saw that it was Fred and a look of disgust came over her face, “Oh, it’s you. What do you want?”

Fred somehow managed to walk over to her, he didn’t hold his Patil Eggnog very well, “You m’dear are standing under the mistletoe!”

Cho groaned, knowing full well what was coming, “You are drunk!”

Fred looked shocked, “I am not!”

“Sure,” Cho said rolling her eyes, “It is a tradition though, so I guess I will let you kiss me. Better you than Roger Davies!”

Fred leaned down to kiss Cho, he was quite a bit taller that she was, “That wasn’t too bad was it?”

“Yes, and it will never happen again!”

Meanwhile George was rekindling his friendship with Alicia Johnson. “So how is business?” she asked.

“Never been better!” George explained that they were working on a deal that would let them sell their products at the next World Cup.

After a few glasses of eggnog apiece, the two were snogging like they were still going out. Finally Alicia realized that she had to be at the Ministry early the next morning to prepare a report for her department head. She bid George a good night and slipped him her number.

~*~Back at the Weasley Abode~*~

“That was great!” George exclaimed when he and Fred got back to their house.

“Easy for you to say,” Fred grumbled, “You got to kiss a girl, and she liked it!”

The two went to their respective rooms for some much needed sleep.

~*~The next morning~*~

Fred rolled over blinking at the bright sun that flooded his bedroom, “Why did I let George have the room that faces west?” he asked himself.

He stood up, “Damn!” he cursed under his breath stupid hangovers! He was not going to drink at the party tonight.

He walked into the dimly lit kitchen where a blood shot eyed George was drinking a glass of pumpkin juice, “No more eggnog,” he mumbled to Fred sliding him a glass of pumpkin juice.

“Most definitely!”


Harry and Adrian were up on the roof. Harry was replacing every light bulb on the strand of lights. Adrian was following him with a box of new bulbs and a bag for the old ones.

“Harry, why do we have to replace every light bulb?” Adrian wondered out loud.

Harry looked at his brother like he was insane, “Because we don’t want one light to look brighter than the others, now do we?”

Adrian rolled his eyes, “Whatever you say Harry.”

The town’s clock tower chimed seven o’clock and Harry’s Hogwarts staff came to life. Flitwick pulled out his wand to use it as a baton, “All right people Jingle Bells on three… One… Two… Three…”

The Hogwarts staff started to sign the merry song and Harry started to jump up and down singing “I did it! I did it! I did it!”

Adrian rolled his eyes and climbed down the ladder. I’ve gotta get my own place! he thought.


“DRACO!!! Come quick!!! I found it!” Addison yelled.

Draco ran to where Addison’s hysterical voice was coming from, dragging Orlando, the tree guy, with him. “We’ll take that one!” Draco yelled pointed to the tree that Addison had her heart set on.

Orlando got ready to cut down the tree, but suddenly stopped, “Sorry this tree is reserved for the Minister of Magic.”

Addison’s face fell, “I guess we’ll have to keep looking then.”

Draco’s eyes flashed dangerously, “The Minister of Magic for England?”

“The one and only!” Orlando confirmed.

“I’m going to kill Harry,” Draco muttered to himself taking Alex from Addison as she skipped off to find another tree.


Percy stepped back onto the stage. He was using a charm to repel the tomatoes and other things being thrown at him, “The third thing at Christmas that’s such a pain to me is… hangovers, putting up the lights, and finding a Christmas tree!”

A/N: I know that Christmas has come and gone, but I’m still going to finish this fic… JK owns Harry Potter and Bob Rivers sings the song, I own my computer and that is it. Sad day… Please leave a review, I love it when you do!!!

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