What ever Happened to Annie Weasley? Did she and Neville Longbottom stay together? Well now you’ll know. There’s going to be a Delayed Hogwarts reunion, 2003. “We got a letter from Hogwarts.” Anita Weasley called to her Roommate. “I’ll be right there!” He called and Annie heard a loud bump on the floor. “What was that?” Annie asked. “Towel Rack.” Her roommate groaned. Annie put the dish she was washing back into the sink and dried her hands on the drying towel. She quickly went to help him. Neville was sitting on the ground, leg twisted in the metal contraption. Annie laughed and bent to untangle him. She quickly re-folded the towels and set them on their bed. She helped him up and gave him a quick peck on his cheek. Annie walked down the hall, Neville drying his hair as he trailed behind her. “We still have to go to your Grandmother’s house later to drop off the rent.” Annie said. “We just paid it last week.” Neville sighed. “Yes, but we forgot to the week before that.” Annie reminded him. He gave a half grin and sat by the table with the rest of the Owl Post. Two with the same writing on it, just different names. “Dear Mr. Neville Longbottom, Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry will be hosting a 5 year reunion. We know it has been 7 years, but due to the amount of activities going on, it was delayed. We hope to see you here on August 20th, at noon until the following day at 4:00 pm. You should be aboard the Hogwarts Express by 9:00 am. Bring your Family and an extra pairs of clothes for everyone. If you are with a Muggle, Please notify Minerva McGonagall immediately. Headmaster Dumbledore.” Neville read. “Hmm, this shall be fun.” “Oh, Good. I was hoping to see Hermione again. We haven’t kept in touch, have we? I’d also want to see Vang and Hagrid again. What about you?” “Same, and also Professor Sprout.” Neville pointed out as Annie set eggs and bacon on the table, as well as Orange Juice and sat down. “Oh. Yeah.” Annie sipped some coffee. “I won’t like to see Malfoy or Parvati, though. Do you know why she hated me?” “You made the team, even though they decided to not have it that year, you still got to play in our 7th year.” Neville said. “But still. I deserved it right? I made the team while she didn’t.” Annie sighed. “Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if she had tons of kids and no boyfriend.” “That isn’t nice…” Neville chuckled. “Though it is a bit true. She dated almost every guy there.” “Please tell me you didn’t.” Annie smiled. “Of course not.” Neville laughed. “Though she dated Ron for a week.” “She DID?” Annie’s eyes widened. “Ron is so thick.” Neville shrugged. He munched on his food and took a big gulp of juice. “So how’s Ginny doing?” Neville asked, changing the subject and knowing very well Annie could rant if something really got her angry. “She’s 7 months pregnant now. She’s already named me Godmother.” Annie beamed. “Little Jeremy will be born around October 17th.” “Who is godfather?” Neville asked. “Ron.” Annie sighed. “Don’t worry; you’ll be Godfather sooner or later. Weasley’s usually have big families.” Annie shrugged. Neville nodded and smiled. “What?” Annie asked. “You have egg yolk running down your face.” He sniggered. Annie smirked and wiped it off. Annie finished quickly and took the dishes and washed those. Later, Annie and Neville walked up to Ms. Longbottom’s home in Winchester. Annie knocked, but Neville just opened it, which earned a little glare. “You don’t live here, Neville!” Annie whispered. “But I did. You just enter when we visit your mother.” Neville smiled. Annie thought about it and went with it. “And it’s been 6 years.” They walked into the living room and Ms. Longbottom was sleeping on the couch." “Just leave it where she can see it.” Annie whispered. Neville set it on her chair and wrote ‘Rent’ on the cover. They got into their small red car and drove back to their ranch in Sallsbury. They lived more like muggles but in the Wizarding world. It was more of Annie’s Idea. They had an average-sized greenhouse to hold Neville’s plants. He works at Blankenship Herbs as a Herbologist, and Annie is a ministry worker in the Improper Use of Magic Department. She also volunteers to help make healing potions more appetizing. “Do I look much different than I did in Hogwarts?” Annie asked. “Your hair is much longer, I have to say. It’s down to your thighs. You should really get that cut.” Neville said. “But other than that, you look the same, I think. Oh, and you are about 5 inches taller.” “I like my hair long.” Annie looked at it. “I cut it in our 7th year and it wasn’t funny. Some people couldn’t tell me from Ginny. We were pretty much the same height then.” “So, she is shorter isn’t she?” Neville asked. “Only by an Inch.” Annie sighed. “Well she is a year younger than us, she isn’t going, is she?” Neville said. “She is Harry’s wife remember, you take your family.” Annie mumbled. “What about me, have I changed?” Neville asked. “Yeah, you’re a tad bit more outgoing.” Annie smiled. “But other than that, not really.” “What are you going to wear tomorrow?” He asked. “I’ll just wear my black robes. I don’t expect it will be fancy.” “I’ll just wear a plain white summer dress.” Annie said. “But it isn’t summer, it’s almost fall.” Neville said. “You will get cold.” “I’ll bring a cloak.” Annie sighed. “Oh, I can’t wait to see Hermione! I bet she has her own company or something.” “With her intelligence, she can do anything.” Neville said. Annie and Neville went to Kings cross at 8:30 and found there were only two passengers there already, and they were Hannah Abbott and by the looks of it, her husband Justin Finch-Fletchley. Annie waved and Hannah smiled and waved back. They found an empty compartment and sat down. There was a ringing and all the lights came on. “We must have been early. Very early.” Annie looked up. Suddenly Annie looked out the window and saw a girl with long curly brown hair walk through the platform. Annie stifled and excited scream. “What’s wrong?” Neville asked. “Hermione’s here!” Annie smiled and dashed out. She quickly rushed out to the railway, and walked over. The girl faced her and smiled. “Hey, Ginny, have you seen Parvati? She said she would be early.” It wasn’t Hermione, but it was Lavender. Annie gave a weak smile. “Oh, Hey Lavender.” Annie said. “Ginny will be coming soon, I’m Annie.” “You ARE?” She gasped. “I just talked to Ginny the other day, you look just like her!” “Um, Thanks.” Annie shrugged. “I almost mistook you for Hermione.” “Sorry, I have my pride in Hair Care. No way would I let my hair get as bushy as Granger’s.” Lavender’s nose wrinkled. “I heard she moved to Mexico.” “From whom did you hear if from, may I ask?” Annie asked. “Parvati of course. She and I share everything.” Lavender beamed. “She tells all lies.” Annie put her hands on her hips. “You still hold a grudge against her?” “Of course I do. I never really did anything to HER.” Annie stated. “What does she do, anyway?” “She is a Journalist for Witch Weekly.” Lavender stuck her nose up. “Ok, I can see I am getting you mad.” Annie sighed. “So I’ll just leave.” “Well tell Parvati I’m looking for her if you see her.” Lavender waved her off. Annie was SOOO tempted to say, ‘Like I would talk to her,’ but thought better off. Annie spun around and walked back to her compartment. “So how’s Hermione?” Neville asked. “It was Lavender.” Annie sighed. “I wonder why Hermione never Owled me. Do you think she is alright?” “I bet she was just too busy.” Neville smiled and put his arm around her. “You are probably right.” Annie sighed. Soon, a whole crowd came through, Including Ginny and Harry. Annie could only pick out a few familiar faces. Draco and that girl, Pansy, with a young Boy about 5 behind them, with the same blonde hair. Annie grumbled and searched through the other people, seeing 7 people she didn’t know. Then it seemed everybody was coming. Seamus and a pregnant Parvati, with two twin toddler boys. Ginny and Harry entered, Harry beaming as he had a shoulder around Ginny. “Oh, how have you been?” Annie asked. “And how is Jeremy?” “Actually, we went to St. Mungo’s yesterday, and it’s a girl.” Ginny beamed. “Her name will be Elissabeth.” “Aw, that’s great! Cute name, too!” Annie hugged them right before Neville. They all sat down and began to talk. “Have you heard from Hermione?” Ginny asked. “No, I was just going to ask you.” Annie sighed. “Lavender heard from Parvati that she lives in Mexico.” “Where is Mexico?” Ginny asked. “Somewhere west, north or South America, I think.” Harry shrugged. “You’re probably right.” Annie shrugged. They neared Hogwarts, Luna and her husband Ernie McMillian, joined them. They all got of and ran to meet their old friends when the train stopped. When they went to get off, most of the younger kids pushed to get off first. One, that kid with blonde hair, tripped on the stones. Annie stuck her hand in her purse and took out one of her specialty healing potions and bent down to help. He held his knee and glared. “It doesn’t hurt.” Annie said. “That’s what I do, make healing potions that don’t have side-effects like Pomfrey’s.” “Who’s that?” He said, glaring. “School nurse.” Annie sighed. “I promise, if this hurts, you can make me drink it.” She smiled. He let her dab a little on. “Who are you?” he asked as he saw the cut fad. “Anita Weasley, and you?” She smiled. “You’re Auntie V.” He glared. “My father told me about you.” “Naturally.” Annie sighed. “Come along, Dylan.” A woman said from behind her. “You don’t want to be messing with her; she has no respect for people.” “But that’s Auntie V, isn’t she?” Dylan got up fast and over to her. Annie turned around and put her hands on her hips. “Isn’t she, Mama?” “No, that’s her sister.” Pansy wrinkled her pudgy nose and glared at her as if she were the dirt on the ground. “Pansy, I am NOT Ginny.” Annie glared. “Really? How wonderful.” She rolled her eyes, showing she couldn’t care less. Annie sighed. “And you said I didn’t have respect for people.” Annie said in a calm dreamy-like voice. Annie tossed the vial with the rest of the potions to Dylan, she caught it. Pansy took it from his hand and threw it back to her, and pulled him away. Annie sighed and Neville took her inside the Great Hall. She met up with Ginny who was eating at one of the small round tables, as Neville went to talk to a Ravenclaw. Annie looked up at the head table and gasped. “Hermione’s a Professor!” Annie squealed. “Huh?” Ginny asked and looked to where Hermione was talking to one of the kids. “Oh, I can’t believe it, oh wait, I can! She should have said something!” “C’mon!” Annie helped her from her seat and they bustled through the crowd and over to Hermione, who wasn’t facing them but a little girl with pig-tails. The girl smiled and ran off with another young girl. She faced them and gasped. “Great Bloody Merlin! I haven’t seen you two for so long!” Hermione smiled and got up from her seat. “And Ginny, you’re Pregnant!” “It’s a Girl, Elissabeth.” Ginny smiled. “Who’d you marry, then?” Hermione asked. “Harry.” Ginny smiled. “Really? I haven’t seen him either! My boyfriend couldn’t come; he had to go play some game.” Hermione sighed. “Annie, who’d you marry?” “I’m not married.” Annie gave a half-hearted grin. Hermione’s smiled faltered. “Really? Parvati said you were…” “That’s Parvati, Alright.” Annie rolled her eyes. “But I’m with Neville, actually. We live down in Sallsbury.” Annie smiled. “So what position do you have here?” “I’m the librarian, they had asked me to be Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, but it’s cursed, really. Last year the professor, Professor Whitman, went mad right in the middle of teaching the first years.” “Isn’t Vang teaching that?” Annie asked. “No, he is taking over Potions, and Snape went to this years’ Defense class.” Hermione bit her lip. “I really don’t think the students will be able to concentrate. Potions might be easier for the students, though. What do you both do?” “I work with my dad in Muggle Protection.” Ginny smiled. “I volunteer to improve the taste and feel of Healing potions and I work in the Improper Use of Magic Department.” Annie shrugged. “Madame Pomfrey always buys your things from St. Mungo’s.” Hermione giggled. “But on the package, It always says AW, but I didn’t know it was you until now!” Annie smiled. “Have you seen Hagrid, though?” Hermione said. “He got his arm bit by a dragon hatchling and had to go to St. Mungo’s.” “He isn’t here, then?” Ginny frowned. “He’ll be back tomorrow.” Hermione said. “It’s not serious.” “Well that’s good.” Annie smiled. “Oh, I missed you so much.” Ginny jumped a bit. “So have you been here the whole time?” “Actually, I worked in Mexico for a year, but the pay was horrible and the people I worked with, I just couldn’t stand them.” Hermione shrugged. “So I quit and came back here, and met up with Dumbledore.” “So Parvati actually told part truth, then…” Annie huffed. _____________________________________________________________________ Yay, HAPPY NEW YEAR, YA'LL!!!!!!!!!

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