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Dear Journal,
I don't get why I have to write in you. It doesn't Even make sense how I got you! Wait how did I get you. Ahh who cares I don't. All that matters is that I'm going to write in you. Anyway I'm going to start Hogwarts tomorrow, transferring you know, oh well. I went and bought my robes today and all the useless stuff they require. There were four there  (well two boys and two just seemed that they were thier friends) and they were pulling a lot of pranks. I hope they don't go to Hogwarts or anywhere near there for that matter. Oh and just for the record I will not I repeat NOT nor ever will call you my dairy.

- Zink
She set down the Journal and closed her blue eyes. When she woke up the next morning it was sunny or as sunny as you can see threw thick black hair. She brushed all of it out of her face with the tips of her fingers. She had no polish on them because she didn't find the need or the time to paint them. She got on her robes and ate her breakfast.


 She was not looking forward to school. It wasn't the learning. (That’s the only reason she went) No, it was the students. School was the only place she was forced to socialize. When the time came for any normal student to leave she dawdled, anything to make sure she left at the last moment possible. Then she wouldn't have to make friends. The clock ticked time away and she fairly found it necessary to leave or to miss the train. She arrived just to get onto the train before it rolled out of the station. She opened the third corridor as instructed. In the compartment there were a total of seven people. A girl with green eyes and vibrate red hair stood yelling at a boy with messy black hair with glasses and his three friends. Another girl sat there glaring at the boys. Of course Zink was the seventh in the small room. It seemed the red head had not released her until the very scared boy motioned in her direction. The girl turned around

" Hi I'm Lilly Evens and I'm one of the prefects here. You must be the new transfer student. Dumbledore told you about me I believe. I’m your tour and advisor. " She quickly turned around to face the boy as soon as Zink nodded. "See I told you there was a transfer student! Now leave!!" The boy sat down next to his three friends. "I mean it Potter!" She added glaring at them. One of the boy’s friends got up and walked over to Zink and shot her a 'don't you just love me?' Grin. Zink rolled her eyes trying to dismiss the boy’s look. His hand crept around her waist and that's when the Marauders lost her vote of generosity. She quickly wiped out her wand and pointed it at the boy who was now waving his hands in surrender.

"Watch it, boy I'm not just some ditz who will fall for you so keep your hands to yourself and maybe I'll spear you." They all backed out of the room. The Potter boy looked like he was going to say something but stopped as her wand shifted to slam the door shut in their faces

"That was awesome it was like flames shoot out from behind you! You have to teach me how to get rid of the Marauders like that." Lily and her friend (soon to be found out as a girl by the name of Molly), said in unison.

Maybe two friends wouldn't hurt anybody? (Or would it?)

~ Marauders
Sirius stood dumbfounded. A girl actually rejected him! Him Sirius Black the Great! How could this happen?!

"Now I know how you feel James." When his friend looked as blank as a piece of parchment so he spelled it out." I like her."  James surged his shoulders and they went off to find a new room.
- Zink gets on a train and chases the Marauders out of the cabin and now Lily and molly are her fiends. Sirius likes her.

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