All Harry Potter characters and trademarks belong to J.K. Rowling. I am just a fan. However, Belle belongs to Lora, Ari belongs to Kelsey and Aki belongs to Grace, all of which are good friends of mine. Im am So sorry if I portray the characters wrong *bows* I have changed and revised it to make it better. When I started this fic, book 5, Harry Potter and The Order of the Pheniox wasn\'t published and now that it has my plans for my fic have slightly messed up, but Im still going to carry out my plans as if the book hadn\'t been published yet. Please keep in mind that this is my first HP fic. I hope you enjoy the fic. Star* Chapter One~ The Calling Just like the many nights before the darkness covered the land and hid in the dark corners and creavasses of the castle. The soft wind blew through the trees whispering unknown secrets to the creatures of the forest. The only comfort was the soft glow of the moon and the sparkle of the stars. He sat by the moonlite window and stared out into the vast and lonely land thinking about his parents. He could never figure out why he cared so much, he didn\'t really know them, or was it the fact that he never got the chance. Each night the same feeling, the same pain would return to him, growing with each nightfall. He broke his concentration when he noticed a black shadow roaming across the grounds. He leaned against the icy cold glass of the window to get a better look. The figure was that simular to that of a dog. At first glance he thought it was Fang, Hagrid\'s cowardly blood hound, but as he looked closer it looked nothing like him. This creature looked strong and swift, a creature to the night. It reared back his head and let out a howl, breaking the silence of the night and looked back at him with bright yellow eyes. His own eyes widened, hearing the howl and felt as if it was calling him. He continued to stare down at the creature and noticed that there was somthing very familuar about those eyes. \"Harry?\" Ron\'s sleepy voice sounded from behind him, \"what are you doing?\" Harry turned around.\" Nothing just getting some fresh air,\" he lied,\" go back to sleep.\" \"Oh, okay whatever,\" Ron mumbled while climbing back into bed. Shaking his head, Harry turned back to the window and looked for the creature, but it was gone. Confused he abandoned the window and walked over to his own bed wondering if he had really seen the creature or imagined it. Harry awoke and opened his eyes to a sunlite room that had chased away the darkness of the night. Yawning, he put on his glasses and looked at the big lump in the bed next to his. Laughing he got up and walked over to it \"Ron.....Ron wake up.\" \"Harry, it\'s winter break,\" Ron moaned pulling the covers over his head,\" some people like to sleep late.\" \"Well some people are going to miss breakfast if they sleep late,\" Harry replyed sarcastically. Ron threw back the covers, \"Breakfast! why didn\'t you say so!\" and ran out of the dorm, while putting on his gryffindor robe at the same time. Harry turned his attention to the window and walked over to it. He stood there staring out onto the grounds, thinking about the mysterious creature in the shadows that called to him last night. \"Harry?\" Ron spoke, reappearing in the doorway, \" you coming?\" Not looking away from the window Harry answered, \"No, you go ahead im not very hungry.\" Worried Ron walked up behind him,\" What\'s wrong and don\'t say nothing, cause I know their is. Every night I see you sitting by the window, staring out as if looking for something.\" \" I just have trouble falling asleep, so I sit by the window untill I get board enough and get tired,\" he said half-way smiling hoping Ron would believe his white lie. It really wasn\'t a total lie, he did have trouble falling asleep at night, but he wouldn\'t say why. Ron raised a brow,\" Uh huh, okay ,but even if your not going to eat at least come to the Great Hall, instead of staying here by your self.\" After changing into his own robe, Harry followed Ron out of the Gryffindor Common Room and together they walked down the corridors heading for the Great Hall. Ron glanced at Harry, unconviced that he was okay. Harry caught his glanced and returned it, \"Seriously, Ron im fine.\" \"Hey, what ever you say ,\" Ron said giving up and throwing his hands in the air. \"I can\'t believe we are already in our 7th year.\" Ron said looking at the great wooden oak doors that opened the entrance to the Great Hall. \"I can\'t belive that we havn\'t been expelled by now.\" Harry said with a hint of laughter in his voice. Ron punched Harry in the arm, \"Harry don\'t jinx it!\" Harry laughed along with Ron as they opened the doors to the Great Hall. His eyes widened as he caught sight of the Great Hall. ( Please read, review and rate and tell me what you think. I need your comments and oppinions)

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