I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING (POOPIE SACKS!!!!) Chappie 2: Draco (I can't think of a better title Sorry!) Draco Malfoy walked onto the platform lost in thought. Why can't my father take an F-in hint, I don't want to be a Goddamn DeathEater he thought furious. Last night I thought father was going to kill me he said to himself under his breath. DRACO I ORDER YOU TO JOIN US his father screamed. NO I DON'T WANT TO. YOU SOUND LIKE A TEN-YEAR-OLD. NO I DON'T!!! His father reached for his wand. CRUCIO!!!! ARGGGGG!!!!!!! Now will you join us? NO!!! CRUCIO!!!! ARGGGGG!!!! Draco shivered; it went like that for hours. His father stopped only when he was an inch from death. I am never going back there he thought, even if I am so poor that I will have to beg money from MUDBLOODS. Just then Draco noticed he had been standing there for almost half an hour and the train was going to leave in 5 minutes. He started towards the train when the hottest thing on 2 legs passed in front of him. She had dark black hair and a killer outfit on a killer body. I have never seen her he thought, she must be new. He sped up trying to see what compartment she got in. Damn he thought when he stepped on the train there was no sign of her. Better start looking he thought with a grin, she will never be able to resist me no girl can, well, except for the bushy headed mudblood Granger. He went to the front of the train to start looking. An hour later he was in a pissed off mood. Where in the hell is she he thought as he neared the last compartment. He was about to go in when he heard shouting. He ducked in corner just as pothead and weasel came running out. They slammed the compartment door and kept running. Draco strode up to the door just as it was flung open. Standing in the doorway was his mystery girl smirking. She tilted her head up to look at what was blocking her way. He saw her narrow her eyes. Now what did I do he thought as she opened her mouth to say something. She shut it when she saw that he was not going to say something. Draco watched as a knowing look came into her eyes. O shit he thought this chick is up to something. Ok that was kinda short sorry. I just hate typing. I would rather write it out on paper ANYWAYS! How did yall like this chappie? I don't know why but I always HATE what I write. Eveybody in my school thinks im gonna be a writer even my english teacher. She said in front of the class "I try to remember everything Morgan writes so I can tell people I knew Morgan(Last name) before she became a famous writer look at what she wrote!!!) ok well R&R tell me what ya think (Flames welcome) Luv Morgan p.s. I DON'T WANT TO BE A WRITER!!!! I WANNA BE A VET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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