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Chapter Four: Operation G.L.T.L.U.

I woke up earlier than everyone else the next morning; so, instead of sitting around doing nothing, I decided to head down to the common room while it was still quiet and I would be able to take a look around. I realized I would have no such luck when I finally got downstairs and saw that the marauders had already taken their places in the center of the room. James had a golden snitch that he’d most likely stolen, and was playing with it while Peter watched him enthusiastically, Sirius was talking about someone named ‘Snivellus,’ and Remus, like when I first met him, was silently reading.

I watched them for a few seconds before finally closing the door to the stairwell and actually walking out into the common room. “Good Morning boys,” I said, and sat down on a couch next to Sirius. I received a smile and a “good morning” from everyone but Remus, who was too caught up in his reading to notice that I had arrived.

“Did you sleep well?” Sirius asked. I nodded and turned to James, who had the distinct look of someone who desperately wanted to ask a question but was terrified of the answer. I tilted my head. “You okay there James?”

He let the snitch fly a little as he thought to himself. He finally sighed, blushed, and asked, “Did, well, Lily happen to, y’know, say anything about me?

I scoffed and rolled my eyes. “Only that she can’t stand any of you, or me for that matter. God forbid anyone should disagree with her and actually like people she doesn’t.”

Remus looked up from his book. “What happened now? Oh, good morning Jay, did you sleep well?”

I smiled and nodded as Sirius said, “Evans likes us even less than we thought. She even hates people who like us.”

Remus raised his eyebrows. “Really? When did this happen? Oh, and by the way, she dislikes you guys. She likes me.”

We ignored his last statement. “You guys know Katie and EJ, right?” I asked. They all nodded, and there were assorted mutterings of ‘of course’ and ‘why wouldn’t we?’ “Well, she’s been harassing them for years now, just because they don’t hate you as much as she does.”

By this point, the snitch James had been playing with was annoyingly fluttering about the room, and James was holding his head in his hands.

Sirius gave his friend a sympathetic look and a pat on the back. “It’s like I told you before mate, you’re hopeless. Just find someone else”

Peter jumped around, trying to catch the snitch. I charmed it just as it flew tauntingly around his head, and it froze in mid-air so that he could grab it. “C’mon guys,” I said, “Let’s head down to breakfast.”

It was the single most pathetic thing I had ever seen in my entire life. James was depressed about Lily, and his depression had somehow spread over to Sirius. Sirius didn’t even look at the girl who stopped him in the corridors and asked him for a date (which according to Remus is a sign of the Apocalypse, especially considering she was blonde) and neither of them touched their food at breakfast. After about 10 minutes, I was thoroughly annoyed.

“Okay guys, Lily hates you. So what? Are you just gonna sit around and sulk, or are you gonna get up off your lazy asses and do something about it?”

The two of them thought about it for a moment, then perked up and shared a mischievous look, and the rest of us smiled, glad to see that we wouldn’t have to be dealing with their moping for any longer. We began to devise a cunning plot that would involve us being so nice to Lily that she had absolutely no choice but to love us. We agreed that it would be called Operation GLTLU: Get Lily to Like Us (“It’s so obvious that it’s not!” as according to Sirius). We soon realized that our plotting was earning us some very confused looks from our peers, and we decided that it would be better to head up to the common room, where we refined and organized everything that we came up with in the Great Hall. When we had our main ideas, Remus wrote everything on a clean piece of parchment in a list which went as follows:

1) Her name is not Evans, it is Lily. You should call her accordingly.
2) Under no circumstances should she find out about any pranks we may pull.
3) You are to be sickeningly nice to her, no matter the circumstance. This means no: sarcastic, sardonic, or otherwise rude comments, teasing, taunting, hexing or pranking her in any way, shape, or form
4) James is not allowed to ask her out more than once a month until Operation GLTLU is carried out successfully. Then, so as to make sure our success stays a success, he is only allowed to ask twice a month

Just as we were about to discuss our plan further, the object of our plotting walked through the common room door. Remus quickly folded up the piece of parchment and put it in his pocket, then politely said, “Hello Lily, enjoying your morning so far?”

She turned and smiled. “Hello Remus. Yes, thank you for asking.” Her tone was pleasant, and the look on her face suggested that he was the only one of us she could stand. She saw the rest us and her smile drooped. She muttered, “Potter, Black, Janet,” and walked off into the dormitories. I wanted to hit her. All that was stopping me was a small voice inside of my head telling me, this is for James; you’re doing this for James.

We sat for a few moments in the annoyed tension that now filled the room when suddenly, the last person we would have expected said, “Uhm, I don’t see what all of you seem to be upset about. At least she acknowledged the fact that you were actually here.” We all turned towards Peter, shocked, and started laughing. Even Peter, who it seemed hadn’t realized that he was joking until after we did, managed to get a laugh in.

Sirius shook his head and ran one hand through his hair. “Prongs, I want you to realize how extremely lucky you are that you’re my best friend, because if you weren’t, I would have to murder you for ever falling for a girl that difficult.” 

A/N: Hey everyone! After a tiny bit of tweaking, the new and improved chapter 4 has gone from being my least favorite to not being all that bad!  Review! Let me know what you think of the current one if you've never read this before, and tell me if you think it's improved or not if you've already read it before!!  Thanks for reading~!

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