Albus, Hugo, James (II), OC
Crossover, General, Romance
Next Generation
Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature
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Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2014-08-30 16:52:08
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2016-09-24 14:42:27
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2016-09-24 14:42:27
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The one with the brownies, air bending training and a Welcoming ceremony

So we're off to see the city, the wonderful city of....actually Republic city is a bit of a mouthful isn't it? 

2869 1
2 The one with the Potters, bison riding and a new friend

Every time I looked at Lumen, I had a feeling that something was ending.

3944 1
3 The one with Everest, a Lion turtle, and Air bending received.

"Its huge: Are you telling me that a turtle is holding it up?" 

2197 0
4 The one with the council, unanswered questions, and the Trolley System

 I have a knack for guessing things in Divination. Must be the whole air bending spirit world thing I have going on.

2498 1
5 The one with the Zhu-Li hotel, City Tours, and Invisible animals

I turned to look at her face, surprised to see that she was disturbed. She was the Avatar, this should be somewhere pleasant to her. But instead of wonder on her face there was apprehension and worry, blue eyes fixed on the vines as if they'd attack if she took her eyes off them.

2466 0
6 The one with rooftop flights, lunch, and the observatory

I looked back at the empty railing, the bird all but vanished, and wondered if I really was going crazy.

3318 0
7 The one with a dream, the airbending temple and meeting the masters

I wanted to know what was so bloody special about that tree!

3029 1
8 The one with Training, Masters, and Lumen

"I'm meant to bend all four"
"And you will. Just be patient. If you carry on I'll bring out my nature metaphors"
"Please don't" Al said, and I shot him a half-hearted glare. He stuck his tongue out.

4777 0
9 The one with Markets, Misha, and an impromptu visit to the Spirit vines

Pretty sure Al's Dad already beat me to this record, and he's now number one Witch Weekly 'hottest Dad award'. Honestly how bad can it be?

2696 0
10 The one with smoke, Vines, and breaking the Statue of Secrecy

I bloody knew she'd beat me here, she had 'Vida-is-an-idiot' senses so sharp that she was probably already on her way before we had even ran into the vine district.

2158 0
11 The one with a picnic, spirit training, and a poor jealous air bender child

"You can teleport?"

3110 0
12 The one with Pro-Bending, Angry Spirits, and Mira the Spirit Master

 "To enter the Vine District you have to become a Master. Will you do it?"

3055 0
13 The one with Vida's Birthday, A Red Dress, and The Eastern Park

I was startled that the words came so easily. He loved me. Just like that.

3325 0
14 The one with Master tattoos, Misha, and Back-steet bending tournaments

 "Calm down Vida, he's kidding. Hey. isn't that one of your friends in the ring?"


2993 0
15 The one with The Spirit Welcoming, Midday Epiphanies and the Banyan Grove Tree

 "That isn't like Al"

5331 0


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