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1 Introduction and Prologue

Introduction to Part Two of The Traveller Trilogy. Harry is woken from a deep sleep the morning following his long journey. He had been dreaming of an incident from years before.

1965 1
2 Chapter One

I’ve been half expecting Kingsley to announce that he’s making himself Head Auror, after all.”

The Embassy official calls and Harry decides to make his way alone. On the long trip across the desert, Harry recalls the events at the London Ministry before he left.

3467 0
3 Chapter Two

Aks mi wa I is wearing.”

Harry continues to recall events before he left, including a mysterious telephone call. He wakes to find the cab driver may have been dozing too. Harry buys a hat.

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4 Chapter Three

Hey, I’m totally legit now, Harry. I’m a leaf that is totally turned.”

They finally arrive and Harry checks in with the local Sheriff where Harry is amazed to meet someone knew now living under a new identity.

2507 0
5 Chapter Four

She drives me nuts, she really does!”

After checking in at the motel, Harry returns to brief Sheriff Browning who has received an official introduction and request for prisoner access. Harry has to use a mixture of truths and half-truths to explain his presence.

2839 0
6 Chapter Five

Is that why you’ve got two Sheriffs?”

Dan takes Harry home and introduces him to he wife and children. Harry learns about the town’s troubles. Gail and Harry watch a news item from England about a student prank involving a Muggle Professor that Harry consulted before he left.

2841 0
7 Chapter Six

I tried to track them entering into town again, like I do every year. Damn things just appear from no-where.”

Harry attends the children’s tribal induction that William has been practising for. Browning confides that he was baffled by the annual appearance and disappearance of the wolf-like creatures. Harry visits the county jail to see the wizard in custody and asks why he hadn’t simply escaped.

2579 0
8 Chapter Seven

Slap me again, boy, and I’ll tear your head off.”

Harry and Dan join the search for Velasquez and visit the mine. They find the old Sheriff barely alive together with the body of Gail’s grandfather, a local Shaman and tribal leader.

2938 0
9 Chapter Eight

You realise we’re helping someone get away with murder?”

Harry stays with Velasquez while Dan goes for help. Velasquez accuses Harry of being a Shaman like his friend Billy.

2478 0
10 Chapter Nine

You heard the song. I knew you would, but you see I never have.”

Browning returns Harry to his hotel. Harry and Mary pay their respects to Velasquez’s son, George. Harry tells George how proudly his father spoke of him.

2396 0
11 Chapter Ten

Damn, I’m going to catch hell for this.”

Harry and Browning return to the grieving Johnson household and Harry is invited to participate in a sand painting. Late at night, Harry and Summer are treated to a spectacle of ghostly animals. The raven appears.

2682 0
12 Chapter Eleven

Just what would I tell Gail, anyway?”

Harry and Dan consult George in his Assay office about some rock samples. Dan admits that Billy knew he was using a false identity. Harry conspires with Sheriff Browning to keep Dan out of trouble.

2730 0
13 Chapter Twelve

Ha! I knew you weren’t really Harry Potter! His scar is bigger and he’s taller too.”

Stephenson is broken out of the county jail and is taken to the server farm. Gail begins to quiz Harry about Dan’s former life.

3210 0
14 Chapter Thirteen

Dad! You’re on TV!

Gail and William help Harry access the information from Stephenson. Harry and Dan search Sheriff Velasquez’s old office for clues.

3118 0
15 Chapter Fourteen

Say, you folks want to come on up? Keep your hands where I can see them, though.”

With the raven’s help, Harry makes a disturbing discovery in the desert. Harry, Dan and Gail wait at the hilltop tribal burial grounds, overlooking the mine entrance.

2857 0
16 Chapter Fifteen

Harry, look! It’s an old friend!”

The illegal mining operation is disrupted and closed down. The tribal elders are not pleased. The group inspects the strange cavern mined from solid rock.

2408 0
17 Chapter Sixteen

We’re going to owe Mr Washington another civic reception.

Mr Washington has good news. Billy ensured the town would prosper. Harry invites Dan and his family to stay over in Las Vegas where they take in a magic show. McAvery and Harry finally talk. McAvery is not impressed with Harry’s demands.

2300 0
18 Chapter Seventeen

Is that your card?”

The magic show leaves Harry baffled. Afterwards, Harry must leave to return home. The raven is named. Harry meets with Billy’s spirit who admits that he summoned Harry and explains that he will not be permitted to keep the magical gift.

2731 0
19 Chapter Eighteen (Epilogue to Part Two)

He has hair!”

Epilogue to Part Two. Years later, Harry tells Summer a little about her father’s original background and the circumstances in which he departed in search of a new life.

3927 0


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