Dean, Oliver, Seamus, OC, OtherCanon
Drama, Humor, Romance
Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse
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First Published
2012-09-25 13:14:20
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2017-11-26 23:10:01
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2017-11-26 23:10:01
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Take Two and Call Me in the Morning

“Maybe we could be one of those modern triads, and share a flat after they get married.” I’m only half-joking.

Dean snorts something that sounds like “Co-dependent.”

2325 57
2 The Job Thousands would Kill For

To be fair, Charm isn’t the worst publication to intern for. It does promote young girls being strong, having opinions, and the like. Unfortunately those articles are wedged in-between the “Healthiest Snacks to Trim Fat” and “Ways to Make Him Say ‘Ahh’.”

4018 31
3 The Proposition

Rose gently sets a blue file folder on the table.

“Please tell me you’re not keeping files on Theo now.”

She glowers. “This isn’t about Theo.”


“This is about the Quidditch article I don’t want to write.”


4317 26
4 An Interview with Mister Wood

Then Wood knocks back his pint in one go. Seamus and I are both staring, me in horror and Seamus as though he had just found his future husband.

“Right.” I put my hands on Seamus’s shoulders, forcing him away. Dejectedly, he shuffles to a corner table.

Wood makes a sad face. “Aww, but he was the nice one.”

2957 21
5 A Very Brief Foray into Journalism

“Edie, come on. Is it worth giving him a bad name just because he pissed you off?”

3048 16
6 Lessons in Chemistry

“I know you’re a columnist—” I shoot him a glare, as if by reflex, and he corrects, “Journalist, right. But it seems like we have to spend some more time together professionally, and I really let it get off on the wrong foot. The timing was…not great for me, personally, but it’s still my fault.”

3086 21
7 Hell Hath No Fury like Rose Zeller Scorned

Turning tables, imaginary explosions, sugar and spite.

4304 18
8 Mother/Matchmaker

Setups, tofu and menopause.

3664 19
9 Bad Publicity

Tabloids, hipsters and plans made.

4389 17
10 And the Award Goes To...

Wedding dresses, spinach puffs and revenge.

4368 19
11 The Magic Touch

Plans foiled, little brothers, and slap-fights.

4855 15
12 Clink

Petty theft, not-dates and The Hanging Moon.

4234 15
13 In a Puff of Smoke

Kestrell green, questions answered, and nativity scenes.

4602 12
14 A Funny Thing Happened

Scrubbing toilets, self-realizations and Howlers.

3312 9
15 Motion Sickness

Fried eggs, daydreams and rude awakenings.

4843 14
16 Lisa Turpin-Finch-Fletchley Unravels

Breakfast disputes, irksome memories, and the first draft.

4020 14
17 Incendio!

Hot cocoa, lurking about, and very bad ideas.

3809 12
18 You've Got Moxie, Kid

Disguises, flirty doorknobs, and Priori Incantatem.

4790 17
19 Nothin' but a Number

Distractions, broken eggs and fresh air.

4079 15
20 The Match

Victories, losses, and potentially poisoned butterbeer.

4866 19
21 Apology Not Accepted

Relocations, prams and tiaras.

4618 9
22 Vanity, Not Love

Bathrobes, stern talkings-to, and squishy noses.

4329 7
23 The Opposite of Dreadful

Revolutions, smarmy pre-teens and Next-Times.

5066 10
24 Makeshift

Dog-eared pages, lobster puffs and a wedding.

5151 8
25 Good Decisions

Learning to swim, letters, and bad waltzing.

5287 11
26 And What a Mess It's Been

“What would’ve happened, if we’d met under different circumstances?”

5058 12
27 The Unfortunate Truth

“The only difference is that you pretend to better than the rest of us! Don’t give me that holier than thou bollocks.”

5046 7
28 A King on Her Throne

“Crying won’t get you anywhere. You have to seize what’s yours and never apologize for it.”

5225 8
29 Happy New Year?

Well, there’s always scrubbing toilets at the Rusty Knight.

5052 13
30 Girl Seeks General Sense of Purpose

Suddenly, I realize it: I am the villain of my own story.

5483 6
31 Just Edie

I’m too afraid to turn around. I want to stay suspended like this, in my excitement and nerves, in the moments before things could go terribly wrong.

4768 21
32 You Can Never Really Go Home

He kept it.

He kept it and it’s as if everyone else in the room has disappeared. For a few fleeting moments it’s only Oliver and me, and for the first time since I’ve arrived today, he’s really looking at me. Like he used to.

4863 12
33 Morning

Clearly Ada thinks that I stayed at the Three Broomsticks last night, and I’m not going to correct her. Actually, I tried to have an “Adult Sleepover” with your older brother! And failed!

3822 7


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