Teddy, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, OC, OtherCanon
Fluff, Humor, Romance
Next Generation
Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
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2007-09-12 01:34:09
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2009-05-01 16:54:28
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2009-05-01 16:54:28
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Numerous and Constantly Multiplying Weasley Clan

James meddles in the affairs of J.D. and Rose, but none of his kinsmen and kinswomen are eager to get invovled.

2083 203
2 Wise Advice From The Dobster

James holds a pre-season meeting of the Gryffies, no one cares, and Dobby Longbottom offers some advice.

2333 130
3 A Snog, An Imagination Journal, & A Chanting Mob

James and Tegan go on a mission, there is an attempted abduction of the Imagination Journal, and Quidditch tryouts yield some unsurprising results.

2719 121
4 How Aberystwyth Can Reflect A Girl’s Internal Strife

The Gryffies play hangwizard, Tegan is disappointed, and there is a successful abduction of the Imagination Journal.

2987 143
5 Don’t Bother Praying To The Quidditch Deity

James and the Gryffies talk nutrition and emotionally scarring experiences, engage in semi-heretical practices, and battle the Slytherin Quidditch Team.

3960 110
6 Pickin’ Fights With Slytherins

James confronts a Slytherin who has done wrong by his one true love, and bickers with J.D.

2273 90
7 That’s So Albus!

Tegan is cranky, James is overprotective, and the Gryffies try to start a new fad.

3963 119
8 Mano a Womano

James has his first session with his Psychological Healer, discovers just how bitter fifteen-year-olds can be, and wins a wrestling match.

3787 129
9 Like The Cry Of A Terminally Ill Cat

James reminisces, Tegan goes halfsies, and they both manage to escape from the eighth circle of hell.

7869 116
10 Flight of the Dawlish

The Gryffies debate minute grammatica, Dawlish gives up, and a new teacher joins the staff.

9485 97
11 V.O.L.D.E.M.O.R.T.

Teddy Lupin is a hollaback girl, Snorky Scamander is angry, and Tegan is a player (but not what you think).

5922 95
12 Ay, There’s The Rub

Snorky gains notoriety, V.O.L.D.E.M.O.R.T. gains some unlikely supporters, and Ms. Richelieu-Llewellyn opens a can of worms.

6476 71
13 The Fraudulent Magician

Huw has discovered his true calling, Dobby questions the very crux of James’s motives, and Snorky has four resolutions to share.

5896 90
14 His Story

J.D. attacks, Professor Longbottom comes up one eye short, and there is a Happy Days reference.

6854 96
15 On Ne Sait Jamais

The Gryffies plan, Hagrid bakes, and a challenge is made.

4708 63
16 Let The Sound Take You Away

H.U.W. rides, Rhys instructs, and Tegan is a bit randy.

7311 82
17 Make Your Own Kind Of Music

Rhys apologises, the bands battle, and Lewd Wig is assaulted.

4817 61
18 The Phoenix and the Turtle

James shops, J.D. walks out, and someone pops a question.

9051 17
19 Her Story

Tegan narrates, Disapparates, and deliberates.

9120 29
20 The Jacobean Faction

D. Francis Longbottom publishes his magnum opus, Snorky gives an interview, and James throws an impressive temper tantrum.

3564 26
21 Lupus in Fabula

Arlie quits, Tegan hugs, and Snorky makes an announcement.

5165 77
22 The Epoch of Incredulity

J.D. spazzes, Micah harasses, and someone walks in on somebody else naked.

4702 67
23 Pineapple Wig

J.D. goes undercover, James orders the lobster, and someone is arrested for treason.

7144 72
24 Boom Goes The Dynamite

Dobby Longbottom sets up shop, Micah needs somebody to love, and we discover what Tegan has in common with "Tricky Dick" Nixon.

4999 50
25 Cuckoo Bananas

The gang debates the nature of a zombie apocalypse, Micah has a new admirer, and Snorky ruins everything.

3022 131


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