Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew
Drama, Romance, AU
Mild Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
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First Published
2006-03-09 09:26:51
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2008-01-20 20:21:42
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2008-01-20 20:21:42
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Whoopsie!

Times are changing....

1481 92
2 The Time Turner Draught

Hermione can't pay proper attention in Potions and gets a surprise result...

1568 117
3 Fitting In

Hermione gets a nice surprise from Dumbledore

875 60
4 Meeting the Marauders

Hermione starts to enjoy the company of Moony, Padfoot, Prongs and Lily

2068 87
5 Late Night Rendevous

Lily asks Hermione to assist on patrol.

3233 87
6 Intrigueing Severus

Hermione goes to her first Advanced class..On a Sunday...after that horrible incident with James...

1953 78
7 Two Can Play at That Game

Hermione over hears a very interesting conversation

1651 79
8 Hogsmeade Dates Part I

How does Lily react to Sirius' kiss? How does James react? And, there's a Hogsmeade weekend coming up. Who goes with whom?

1733 63
9 Hogsmeade Dates Part II

Hermione and James grow closer in Hogsmeade, much to the protest of Hermione and....Lily?

2863 55
10 Apologies and Heartaches

And, finally, the Three Broomsticks. Be prepared for a LOT of new twists. Mwahahaha... (Enjoy and please review)

2563 71
11 Giving In On All Accounts

Hermione has a long overdue chat with Dumbledore. And...I can't say the rest, you just have to read, okay? :o)

1826 90
12 Present or Future?

Hermione lifted the lacewing flies to the brew and watched it bubble. Just as she was pouring the silver potion onto the ground, four boys and Lily came bursting through the door.

1442 69
13 Into The Pensieve

Hermione gets a little taste of her future, and a little taste of her past. Confusion guaranteed! :o)

2682 70
14 The Aspects of Choices

He hadn't really expected her to understand, but before any explanation could be made, he had to lay the groundwork. He wanted to convince her to choose this future, instead of the one she was so accustomed to having. Wow, I can sympathize with Dumbledore.... ^_^

5172 99
15 The Greater Good

Harry began pacing back and forth across the empty classroom floor. He had bumped into several desks, but took no notice of their new positions lying on the floor. Disgruntled, he ran his rough hand through his hair and sighed. "So I was right, then? You're my mum."

2722 83
16 Slytherins and Decisions

Hermione walked from Dumbledore's office in a daze. She knew what she should do, what she had to do, and what she wanted to do. All of those were completely different things, and only one could be done--and her choice had to be made soon.

2055 88
17 Where I Belong

Hermione took a deep breath stood from the sofa, along with James and Sirius. She took turns hugging each of them in turn, happy tears filling her eyes.

5691 84
18 Leaving the Past Behind

To her, they were acting immature and childish, and sure, her actions could be viewed the same, but in the end it all came down to her choice, her decision and her sacrifice. She would have to pay for her actions, whereas they would have no repercussions. They had no reason to complain. None.

2248 61
19 Reunion

All eyes were on Hermione as she stood up. Harry was standing on her other side, and Snape was standing just in front of her, where the potion used to be.

2379 220


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