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Reading Reviews for Between Love and Hate
16 Reviews Found

Review #1, by HermioneEverdeen Between Love and Hate

26th December 2012:
It is really good!! I love the plot.

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Review #2, by yay Between Love and Hate

20th August 2007:
im intrastid and can not wat 4 the next chaptor so herey

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Review #3, by anon Between Love and Hate

6th April 2007:
please update soon. its a good start, im intregued (spelling?). i like the "this is my story" thing. its a bit cliffy, i like cliffhangers.
update soon.

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Review #4, by jeaneth Between Love and Hate

1st December 2004:
this is Boring

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Review #5, by latvian malfoy Between Love and Hate

21st December 2003:
how dare u put urself down? That was a great begining! if u want 2 read something horible, check out my fic When Girls Go Bad and Cards Get Worse.

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Review #6, by Demon Qween Between Love and Hate

11th July 2003:
Wow. I like it...a lot!! write more!!

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Review #7, by ILUVTOM(megan) Between Love and Hate

25th June 2003:
i need more *starts crying* y did u have to stop *sniff* :(

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Review #8, by Anon Between Love and Hate

22nd June 2003:
It\'s great so far!!!! Please write more soon!!!!!!!!!! Dont forget!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #9, by Anon Between Love and Hate

19th June 2003:
Thats great!!!! Please write more!!!!!!! Your great at writing!!

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Review #10, by Anon Between Love and Hate

19th June 2003:
Don\'t put your self down!! PLEASE WRITE MORE!!!!! Don\'t listen to people who are mean to you! Keep writing!!

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Review #11, by Anastasia Lunday Between Love and Hate

6th June 2003:
I hate you that\'s all you put?*sniff sniff:( * I want more more more. oh by the way that\'s pretty good for a start builds suspense. cool.

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Review #12, by Tweetyiscool Between Love and Hate

31st May 2003:
Not bad for a start! Keep going- I can\'t wait for more!

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Review #13, by Eowyn Between Love and Hate

19th March 2003:
Dis is wiked . keep goin luvvy. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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Review #14, by Eowyn Between Love and Hate

8th March 2003:
Hey you are a really good writer don\'t put yourself down it sounds like it\'s going to be one of the best story\'s i\'ve read on here if u want to no what crap is then read my story The Unexpected Letter. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Review #15, by Lily potter Between Love and Hate

7th March 2003:
Hey!! i think your story is gonna be great with that begining, with suspense and all those kinds of things!! update it soon, please, cause i\'m gonna star school next week and i\'m not sure if i\'ll read your story or anyone\'s because of it..!! please let me know when you update your story..!!! Lily.:)

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Review #16, by Lithinggrint Between Love and Hate

7th March 2003:
The beginning is pretty cool but dont make Draco a \"good guy\" in this story, alright? I hate this! Lithing Grint ;)

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