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Review 3/8/2018.

This was an excellent read and had me riveted to read until the end.

I liked the idea of a secret ceremony that the Slytherin did before they left Hogwarts. And the tests that you thought up were brilliant.

I don't know if you'll ever read this review, but in case you do I just want you to know that I'm adding this to favorites and making you one of my favorite authors.

Well done.
An excellent premise and I loved reading it. This review is for the House Cup 2013

I like anything that adds to the HP world, and you presented a fine addition. The idea of Slytherins having a secret graduation ceremony is very fitting, and I love how grisly it was. You described it well and I like how the challenge presented itself differently to each of them. I also agreed that any Slytherin ceremony can only end with a single victor.

Excellent work and fine read.
This is such a great concept and plot for a story! I really love the idea of a challenge for all seventh year Slytherins so that they have to prove themselves true to their house. It sounds like a very Slytherin thing to do, especially since the majority of Slytherins that we see in canon (and their parents) are obsessed with heritage and blood status, as well as being fiercely proud of their roots and their house.

I really liked the secrecy of the whole thing, that none of the other houses know anything about it and (from what I gleamed reading) the younger students don't know until it's their turn. The name that you chose - the Order of Salazar - is really great!

The only bit of CC I have is that the method you used to open the chamber confused me a bit; from what I know, Parselmouths are rare in the wizarding world, and it's quite unlikely that there would always be someone who could speak Parseltongue.

I loved the way that you ended this, with the triplication of 'the circle'. It was so effective, and I thought it was a great ending to the one-shot. There was some lovely description and I liked your writing as well. Great job!

Sian :)
WOW! This was an amazing story! Like, really awesome. A great idea having the Slytherins pass a trial in their seventh year to be allowed to become a fully fledges Slytherin. It gives the House a whole new air. Imagining that to be able to fully graduate from Hogwarts in House Slytherin you had to prove what you were made of, gives the House tradition, respect, fear. A very original idea that could well fit into the HP world. Excellent!

What I found a bit odd is the manner you chose to open the door to the secret chamber where the trial was held. I may be wrong, but if I remember correctly, Parseltongues were pretty rare...in fact, apart from Voldemort and Harry I don't think there was someone else who was able to speak the tongue. Why did you chose to have it open like that? Also, I wanted to point out that the Slytherins have their House in the dungeons, not behind a portray hole. But these things are minor, they don't detract from the actual story. You are very talented with description and making the reader immerse himself in the story. Great story!
Really enjoyed this. I like the thought that Slytherin would want to leave something even more uniquely his than the Chamber, and this seems like a very Slytherin-esque type of challenge :) great writing, too!
good story :) you had a great idea and portrayed it wonderfully. good grammar and writing style too!! good work.

wow..its amazing..a part which we have never heard.or imagined..
wow, clever idea. I like this one, it's very original and has some good elements to it. I know this was added a long time ago, but if you do see this, then keep up the good work.
This is really good

It's a really different idea and i really like it

keep writting

Great story! I see you haven't written anything resently, but great job with the stuff you have written!
Chills up my spine. Seriously! That was an excellent story, very well written. It has real depth and thought behind it. The effort you put in is very evident. Well done.
I liked it quite a lot, especially the ending; it was very powerful.
Very inventive
An interesting idea. I liked it though.
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cool and dull, why only two and whats wit the quiddich, couldnt you be more immaginative? cool flame idea my thought was hp6.
Very well-written. 10/10
This was awsome
Interesting idea. Imaginative.
Good story but was the Captian by any chance Draco Malfoy??
wow! that's creepy!!!
2002-10-25 00:00:00
Neat! I always thought the Slytherins were a little creepy............ lotza love, shelby xoxo p.s Please read and review my stories \"Broken\" and \"Now That I Have You\". Especially \"Broken\". I \'m working really hard on it but I hardly ever get reviews! PLEASE!!!!!! It would mean so much to me! Thanx!
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Whoa that was so good! A job well done!
2002-10-25 00:00:00
wow.....that is really powerful...and good....wow....
2002-10-25 00:00:00
I loved it! What we never knew about Slytherins. Very original.


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