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Reading Reviews for Insomnia
15 Reviews Found

Review #1, by GinnyPotter17 Lucius

10th August 2005:
Wow, that's really deep.

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Review #2, by herself Lucius

2nd January 2005:
you capture here the emotion i can never quite get into my own stories. wow.

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Review #3, by Carson Lucius

28th December 2004:
^_^ I liked it. Wow....It seems that pretty much all the Malfoy men are jerks, eh? Hmm....So THAT'S where Draco gets it...

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Review #4, by Carson Draco

28th December 2004:
It was good ^_^ I'm going to guess that the 'unpure' girl is Hermione.....Right?

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Review #5, by Dark Elf Lucius

1st September 2004:
wow..touching. u'v done very well in ur writing. keep it up.

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Review #6, by ~c/evans~ Lucius

7th January 2004:
Wow - this is so good . And so sad . You have such talent . Wow !! I just found out about your work . I'm glad i did !! Your one of my favorite authors now ! Really beautiful - please write more .

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Review #7, by Lira Lucius

5th December 2003:
That was really good! You are an excellent writer. :)

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Review #8, by Lani Insomnia

29th August 2003:
hey! wow...thats deep! poor Draco....how could ne1 so hot get hurt so bad??!!! n poor narcissa(spelling?).....awww....well, i dunno if ur gonna make another chappie but i hope u do! lani

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Review #9, by Forgotten Insomnia

27th August 2003:
I added this to my rec\'s, because everyone should read your writings. Not only this one, but all that I have read so far. You are one of the rare writer who have the talent to write absolutely anything, and make it powerful.

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Review #10, by NarcissaBlack Insomnia

11th August 2003:
I loved ur story. You captured the thoughts an emotions perfectly.

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Review #11, by bitch Insomnia

23rd February 2003:
wow. That was really well written. A beautiful insight into the charcter and body of \'Malfoy\' in general.

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Review #12, by MaxPOWER Insomnia

3rd February 2003:
Its great how you showed the three juxtaposed perspectives of Draco, Narcissa and Lucius. Yet they all turned out to be remarkably similar. Well written and deserving of praise.

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Review #13, by lemondrop Insomnia

26th January 2003:
This story is absolutely scary, and filled with bottled-up emotions. This is excellent, I suggest anyone to read this.

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Review #14, by LucindaMalfoy Insomnia

22nd January 2003:
I personally don't think anything needs to be added to this. It's powerful, just as it is...and heartbreaking. Well done!

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Review #15, by Angel Gurl Insomnia

21st January 2003:
Hey great story you should add to it of course, but i will re-read it to give you more pointers later I always re-read stories i like.

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