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Reading Reviews for Lady In Red
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Review #1, by SoInLoveWithThisStory Lady In Red

25th February 2012:
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! This is amazing! I have never read a better story in my life! I don't even usually like Harry and Hermione together! THIS IS PERFECT IN EVERY WAY!

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Review #2, by lily flower Lady In Red

20th May 2008:
very nice

keep writting


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Review #3, by Firebolt_Calida Lady In Red

16th October 2007:
Loved it! That's all that needs to be said.

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Review #4, by Dolly_x Lady In Red

17th July 2007:

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Review #5, by rixie_rules Lady In Red

1st February 2006:
omg!!!!!!! absolutly beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had to stop myself from crying!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!!! really well written!!!!! rixie_rules (holly) xxx

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Review #6, by Lindsey Lady In Red

12th December 2005:
this is the most presious story I had ever read. WRITE MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oooo, I think I need a tissue!

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Review #7, by sammy132010 Lady In Red

15th June 2005:
This was great. I loved it. I really got caught up in it. I reread it three times! Its really great.

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Review #8, by Corinna Lady In Red

20th May 2005:
Awww that was so cool! Great Story!

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Review #9, by Moony01 Lady In Red

15th May 2005:
Great story!!! I love it! i usually dont like Harry/Hermione fics but this one is great!!

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Review #10, by Monkeymoiz Lady In Red

2nd May 2005:
Oh this is a really sweet and its really amazing,I think its absulutely lovely

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Review #11, by Lea Lady In Red

19th February 2005:
wow such a twist in the end LOVED IT

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Review #12, by Tori Lady In Red

31st December 2004:
That was the sweetest songfic i have ever read!!!!! tori

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Review #13, by fleur levant delacour Lady In Red

17th December 2004:

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Review #14, by Valentina Lady In Red

25th November 2004:
I Love Harry And Hermione Stories. They Are My Favorite Couple. Great Story. I Beg And Plead For You To Continue.

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Review #15, by DarkAutumnBreeze Lady In Red

1st October 2004:
this story is brilliant! i just sent my friend an email and told her to read it. its great! sweet. (ps read+review my stories plz!)

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Review #16, by Hermionette Lady In Red

2nd July 2004:
I love your stories! Keep writing.

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Review #17, by The Critic Lady In Red

13th February 2004:
A little predictable, and a little out of charcater, but entertaining. Your writing style is interesting, however, you could work on your originality. The Critic

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Review #18, by jessika_storm101 Lady In Red

2nd February 2004:
just read it again.. love it!!

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Review #19, by jessika_storm101 Lady In Red

28th January 2004:
Good job! I love your work. You can really make me think...'I am so there. I am one with the story.' you know? well I think it deseves a perfect 10! I've never done a songfic, but maybe one day I will. For now all I have is OC Romance/Action stories. Did I mention I love your work? SUPERB

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Review #20, by CloeBlack Lady In Red

26th December 2003:
scrarch typo. Hermione and HARRY are too alike to be a couple.

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Review #21, by Cloeblack Lady In Red

26th December 2003:
You can't just put harry and HERMIONE together. its just wrong I tell u! wrong wrong wrong! hermione is gonna end up with ron and thats the way its gonna work! its like making a jelly and jelly sandwich. hermione and ron are too alike to be a couple.

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Review #22, by Anne Lady In Red

21st December 2003:
I love it, and all the time I was thinking it was Ginny

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Review #23, by PsychoEzz Lady In Red

4th September 2003:
Wow! I was surprised at the end!

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Review #24, by someone Lady In Red

2nd September 2003:
beutiful! hehe, i found the song n played it while i read ur story! ^_^

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Review #25, by Susie Lady In Red

1st August 2003:
Yet another great story from you! what more can i say?

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