2004-11-24 08:37:12
I spent 2 weeks reading Part 1 & Part 2, & never have I been so anxious to consume a story since JK's canon. As much as it broke my heart to read, I still came back addicted. What a BRILLIANT turn you took! It was incredibly dark but SO full of feeling & emotion on EVERYONE'S part. I wanted to run from Harry & to save him at the same time. Hermione's narratives were delivered with a beautiful melancholy. My heart breaks for her as she's entirely alone... I was fully present the entire time... now I have to go back & read DH's Epilogue or something to bring myself back down, & assure myself that it's OK, they lived & all is, in fact, well :)... But THANK YOU for so eloquently sharing your gift & braving taking the dark road. Although sad, it was brilliant!
2004-11-24 08:37:12
Loved both of the stories they were an interesting alternate seres of events. Different but believable at eh same time. Love the narrating by Hermione and that love was both his demise and saving grace.
So Harry can now summon the death eaters? Interesting cliffhanger, was that a fever or some thing.
The general populous of the wizard world thought Harry was dead why? Very good sequel to the other one.
2004-11-24 08:37:12
I cried at this story. I am not ashamed to admit it. This was one of the most excellent works of fiction I have read in a long time. Thank you for putting this out here for me to read and enjoy.
Wow, what an amazingly haunting and sad story! Very impressive, and as you said, no happy endings here, but that's okay because the ending feels realistic and right. You're a great writer :) 10/10
Wonderful. I almost wanted to cry at the end.
So sad! Poor Harry. I think that it was horrible how Snape and everybody condemed him. It made me so sad because I completely and totally agree with Hermione. 11/10
2004-11-24 08:37:12
loved the story it was well told and the chapters were nice and long just the way i like them
2004-11-24 08:37:12
First off, i have to say, this review is for both stories. for lack of a better word. calling them stories does not do them justice.
something you should know as you read this review is this:
i hate sad endings, with a passion.
But i felt compelled to read, i physically could not tear myself away, i wanted to! because i couldn't bear all the pain Harry went through. I just couldn't.
I even tried skipping chapters, (i know that will probably offend you but i promise you that is not my intention)
as i said, i tried skipping, only to be forced by my own mind to go back and read it all.
Most stories, i would have stopped at Ron's death, but it was impossible, i needed to know how and why. and then more questions came up that i needed to have answered.
Your style of writing is extremely effective, i did vry at the end, but there was also a sense of justice. If Harry had accepted help, not neccessarily from Dumbledore, but anyone else. This could have been avoided.
Congratulations on what i feel could be a best-selling novel (if it weren't for all the legal jargon that prevents you from using JK's characters etc)
my only problem. is that i can only mark it out of 10. i hope these stories have been nominated for awards or something!
WOW! what a story. i am litteraly catching my breath still after finishing the last chapter.
Brilliantly written, the style completely immerses you in the despair of H/Hr and an interesting side to voldie in the initial plot twist of possesing harry. In this story the dark lord truly was dark and poisonious and that came through the story brilliantly.

1 critisism only - on the the first story on the first page you post an angst warning "you will find no happy ending here"
That really needs to go - through the story itself you feel the despair of the characters through the writting style, but when reading you still secretly hope for a happy ending or light at the end of the tunnel, i think that it would make the story all the more powerful with that elelment of hope and suspense.
Ive added you to my favourite authors now and ill keep an eye out for your writtings as you really are a talented writer
You got what you wanted. He still is a hero, no matter what. 10/10
I'm crying here, like seriously crying. Yours is the third story I think to make me cry. I just can't say anything else. It was a brilliant piece of writing. 10/10
The entire chapter, I had tears pooling in my eyes. This is just so sad. 10/10
You think she saved him. You think that kissing him would have saved him because it would show him love, the love that he had forgotten. But no. Of course not. No, instead it killed him. 10/10 I wanted to cry when I read those three words.
BUT WE KNOW HE DOESN'T DO IT! RIGHT!?! If it is a continual loop, like in POA, then Harry shouldn't be alive in Snape's present. 10/10
Who did Snape kill that would be important to Harry? 10/10
Had to see it coming. With the title and the way Harry has been acting, it's like putting two and two together. Poor Hermione. 10/10
Okay, time for my predictions (I have no homework, so I get to read the rest of this tonight). Draco wrote to Bellatrix; Harry does go to the ball, but...there's always a but...it gets ruined somehow; let's see...Snape knows it was Harry and Hermione, he just doesn't have any proof, so he gets them cornered somehow or he suddenly remembers somehow.and Lupin was always switching sides, and that's why he and his brother didn't get along. Oh, and good chapter. It nearly killed me when Snape found out. 10/10
Malfoy's little stunt made me squirm so much! I was just sitting with my mouth open. 10/10
Right now I don't know what to think about the situation everyone is in. Voldemort is definiately starting to take more and more control. Harry would have never said that to his best mate's sister, or call his own Mum a Mudblood, but Voldemort would say that to a blood traitor and any muggle-born. 10/10
All I can say is this is not good, at all, and that I think that Lupin is out for Harry's blood, body, soul, head on a silver platter. You know, the bad stuff...or maybe good...I don't know.you've got me all messed up now. 10/10
You have a nack for titles. I liked this one because it was so figurative and literal at the same time. In the end, he did lose, didn't he. And he not only has to deal with the fact that, in reality he failed, but that he is the only one truely suffering for it. He sacrificed himself in the truest sense. Like Dumbledore said, there are worse fates than death. 10/10
This story itself feels more indepth than the first installment. In the previous one, most of the detail was left to the imagination, but in this one, your style is a little different. I can't quiet put my finger on it, but it is. Not worse, but different. 10/10
I loved that. Romulus and Remus. Were they twins like in the story? Just curious. I loved the names in DH that they chose for the radio, too. 10/10


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