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Oh, please continue!!!
I really like this! You should continue it with the help of a beta. . .I'm a huge AD/MM ship, so you'll be my best friend if you pick this back up!!!
2005-12-07 1:12pm
I LOVE your storys well i love the ones with minerva and albus as lovers! plzzzzzzzzz do more like that!!
YAY CONTINUE!!! WEEEEEE this is really good
2004-10-02 3:25pm
First of all, you REALLY need a Beta...a lot is two words, Professor is misspelled, and why are there little slashes / before every " or ' ?This fic could have potential...but the glaring mistakes and awkward //'s take so much away from it... AL
2003-10-10 6:33pm
Me likey! I can imagine him writing multiple drafts for a letter! He's so head over heals in love! Fawkes was good too. I really thought he was going to zoom through the window and smack the wall! One question, do you have a Beta? I noticed a few things here or there and would love to beta for you! Never done it before,but there's a first time for everything!
2003-09-09 4:08pm
Lovely start. Don't stop there! The punctuation is a little confusing.


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