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Another great chappie!

Interesting: just how did Danny know they'd be there? Hoping to see more of him in the next few chapters.

Neave's such an oddball, but it's great seeing how Remus reacts to her odd statements.

Looking forward to the next update.

Oh Neave.
I love her.
Her attitude to life is just remarkable.
Loyal and dedicated almost to a fault, an incredible friend and a powerful ally!

Danny knowing Remus would be there was rather odd. and I'm interested to find out Remus' reaction to his own feelings in this chapter.

Great update, keep up the great work
EmmyBacon xx
I'm really enjoying this story so far :)

Peter and Neave's friendship is super sweet and I hope his little double-agent role doesn't end up hurting that. It was interesting to see how she got on with Snape and their friendship-of-sorts too. They seem quite close (but maybe that's just Remus's jealous streak giving us that idea).

I can't wait to see what kind of plan they've come up with to get that notebook and I'm super excited to see how the story progresses.


Author's Response: Sorry for the delay in reply. I was changing internet providers and there was a few issues! Good news is I've had time to write chapter 3 which I'll be putting in for validation today. Thank you for the lovely feedback! It means a lot that your enjoying the story so far :) The parts you pointed out were my favourite bits to write in this chapter.
Hope you find time to review chapter 3 when it's posted :)
Brilliant update!

I LOVED Pete as a little double agent. It makes so much sense.

And your portrayal of Sirius is brilliant. Just little snippets to get his personality.

I'm wondering what this connection with Neave and Snape will be. Looking forward to reading more!

Let's find out how they get that notebook!

Brill stuff

Author's Response: Thank you! Sorry for the late reply I've had no internet for a week! Good news is its given me time to write chapter 3. All the bits you've mentioned were so fun to write I'm really starting to see parts of the story take shape :)
Nice concept.

I'm looking forward to where you're taking this. Great job =)

Author's Response: Aw my first review! Thanks for the support I've just put chapter two into submission. Hopefully you'll like seeing a bit more of the characters interactions!


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