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2018-12-05 5:53am
Really loving this story! I'm excited to see what plot nuggets you have hidden up your sleeve and to see how all the characters pan out. Great work with everything!
2018-12-04 9:11pm
Love this story!! Love all the characters and their friendships with Nellie, they don't just feel like plot devices they feel real which is really well done! xx
2018-12-04 8:50pm
Thank you for this chapter !
I love the fire and the passion Nellie and James have together, it feels so palpable and raw.

I think it's safe to say the purebloods and Nellie's grandmother won't agree with her choices at all, so
I'm really excited for the rest of the story, and i want to see Nellie open up more to James but it's okay that it takes more time than that, let's not forget how many times he insulted her, and trust clearly doesn't come easily to her !

I have one more silly thing to ask that has been bugging me ; you mentioned that James has a tattoo on his arm in chapter 7 i think , it suits his image completely to have one and i want to know so badly what it is haha, but i'll be patient, thank you for updating honestly, your story is incredible !
2018-12-03 4:40pm
So so so good!! James and Nellie together are incredible, they feel so real and I’m rooting for them so much. Can’t wait for the next update!
I am so in love with this story and the characters!! Your writing is amazing and does a really good job at bringing out the emotions in me as if I were Nellie sometimes. Please keep working on this story because it has really great potential. I love this version of James Potter (II) and how he has a dark and injured side to him that clashes well with the OC but also matches her too.
2018-12-01 6:22pm
I absolutely love this story!!! Your writin is phenomenal and the tension between Nellie and James is so palpable. you truly have a gift! Excited for the next chapter :)
2018-12-01 12:53pm
Your update really made my day!
2018-12-01 2:20am
omg yas finally. I hope we get more Fred scenes and James and Nellie are such good and complex characters. so yeah please please update soon please
2018-11-30 5:48pm
Thank you for updating !
What a lovely chapter , Fred is so cute and as usual Nellie’s group of friends is an interesting bunch !
They finally kissed , I love that we never know how their conversations is gonna end but why leave her there James haha
The scene was so well written and intense , I can’t wait to read the next chapter !
2018-11-30 6:24am
WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN, NO UPDATES, NO NOTE. Happy to see that you are back again, this story is the only reason that I log in to this site anymore. You are such a good writer so please take care of yourself and update more chapters.
Love, the fan with to much time on her hands
2018-11-29 9:22pm
Wow what a chapter! James and Nellie finally finally adknowdeged there is something between them! I love Fred playing match maker. Although I feel so bad for Nellie about James’ complete 360 after their kiss. Nothing can ever be simple with them, can it? But then again, that’s part of what makes them so interesting. Also I love Nellie’s cheesy puns. I can’t bee-lieve you wouldn’t make me your equal—that’s so something I would do. I’m super excited to see the next chapter if that’s when things are start going to pick up again. I’m really curious to learn more about Nellies visions (it seems like she’s a seer or some sort) and I recently reread this story and I remember the strange women at the beginning of this story who made her nervous. And I know it was mentioned that Nellie normally get dragged to another ball during the winter holidays so maybe they’ll meet again? I would also love to learn more about Nellies mom, Veronica! Why did she leave? Where is she now? What would Nellie do if she ran into her? Thanks for the update and I can’t wait for the next one!
This chapter, like most chapters in your story, is beautifully written. I just want to say I really appreciate the detail in your imagery and description, which make for a remarkably refreshing read and allow for the reader to really develop a connection with Nellie. I completely support you in writing about sexual assault. I am also from the States, and have friends and family who've faced such situations. Your description of Nellie's emotions truly captures their experience. Thank you
2018-11-06 5:07am
Wow. The way you write is so profound, especially on this topic. This is by far one of the most advanced stories I’ve read on here, and I can tell it’ll be getting more intricate. Thank you for your amazing writing.
2018-11-04 6:54pm
Incredible story. So glad to see your still writing this!
2018-11-03 10:42pm
For some reason I couldn't submit a 2nd review for the next chapter, but I see others have submitted multiple reviews. Oh well!

I forgot to ask if Georgina is your seer.
2018-11-03 10:35pm
Wow, that definitely struck a chord! Very well written, including your AN and Ameera's review said it all.

I notice a trend in Nell to be submissive and always blame herself, not just with this assault by Flint, but even when James "assaults" her emotions. It probably stems from the rigid pure blood upbringing. Clearly with Adam at least, there's a history of abuse. It always hits a nerve with me when I read about the abuse young Sirius Black experienced. Fortunately he had a James Potter to help him escape that abusive life. Hopefully Nell will have her own James Potter to help her and hopefully their story won't be tragic like that of Sirius and his James. Looking forward to the next chapter.
2018-11-03 7:18pm
This was great and really important. Thank you. And I look forward to the next chapter!
2018-11-03 11:44am
Hi, thank you for posting this chapter and more importantly thank you for addressing such subjects.
As someone who attends university too and who tries to follow what happens in the world (I couldn't help but note the parallel maybe to Brett Kavanaugh and Dr.Ford ?) , that is so important because as you've said so many women and other genders too experience that and more often than not, there's alcohol and ill intentions involved and it's someone you know.
It's frustrating and so unfair that I'm sure Flint will still walk around carefree in the same school as Nellie because few things are done as usual and no one should ever think that it is acceptable to do so in the first place and even worse, that there are no consequences .
Nellie is a strong female character and that's refreshing, and thankfully she has great people surrounding her and supporting/believing her .
Hopefully things will improve for our world and generation and thank you again for such a refreshing, enlightening, well-written story !!
I love the sexual tension between Nellie and James! Great, witty writing! Can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Oh, there will be plenty more sexual tension in the future! Thank you for reviewing!!
Loving this story so far!
I especially love the friendship group that Nellie is a part of - the fact that it is a mixture of Ravenclaw and Slytherin, and just the general teasing and comfort that they have with each other.
Fred Weasley sounds like a babe and I would love to see more of him.
James Potter is definitely an enigma and I'm excited to see his character development (I'm kind of assuming we'll see that) and I am a sucker for a James/OC fic so obviously I want to see something happen between him and Nellie.
You've hinted that there is more than fluff to this story and I feel like there has been some hints at a darker tone but I hope it doesn't take away from the fluff too much, but I mean it's your story so go for it if that's what you want to do.
Can't wait for the next chapter! x

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like it!! Fred will definitely appear in many many chapters throughout the story, and while the story may get a little darker there will always still be the same style of writing and fun interactions with friends so it won't shift too much! Thank you so much for reviewing and I hope you enjoy the next chapters!
2018-10-29 6:55pm
Incredible story so far, one of my favorites on this site. Completely in love with your inclusions of other literary works out there (The catcher and the Rhye one really got me). Nellie is one of my favorite characters, independent and aware. Nice to see there are strong female characters who aren’t crumbling under a boys appearance like we see so often. Can not wait to read the next chapter and see where the plot takes us. Absolutely brilliant, good work.

Author's Response: Thank you so so much and thank you again for reviewing! I really do try to write Nellie as a strong and independent person, as well as the other women in the story (even if they aren't the nicest). I hope you enjoy the chapters that were just posted!
2018-10-29 6:09pm
I just noticed but did James pay for the butterbeers ? It’s what is written but Nellie didn’t mention it haha

Author's Response: HAHA - no, he did not! I just forgot to add her paying for them!
2018-10-29 10:25am
You made my day by posting this chapter ! Thank you !

I felt like all of Nellie's possible suitors were there and the jealousy is back I guess lol ( i was so disappointed in James after chapter 11 ). Why does he have to be so mean to Nellie like that ?
After chapter 11, my guess is that he thought Nellie was different and when he saw her talking to Calliope, he assumed they were close and insulted Nellie as a result even though he clearly didn't know she was basically threatening her. Because now his reaction is so different , he warns Nellie against Christian instead of lashing out on her. It's so sad to read that she just stores everything bad about her life to forget and carry on as usual ... James should apologize properly to her.

And her dream is so scary ? With all the dreams , her migraines , she could be a seer , right ? Since we don't know a lot about her mother , it might come from there. I am making wild guesses , i am so excited but a bit scared , clearly something dark will happen.

Author's Response: Wow, astute - she definitely could be a seer, or something like it! You are right in guessing that something dark (or multiple things) will happen, but you'll have to wait and see! Thank you SO much for reviewing and I hope you enjoy the chapter that was just posted!
2018-10-28 9:54pm
Wow this is so so good! I love slowly learning more about Nellie and I’m glad that this story shows that her life isn’t all fun and games and the Potter boys can’t come along and magically fix that. I think a lot of people seem to forget that when they’re writing. I also feel so bad for Nellie. She’s had such a hard life and James just simply doesn’t understand and probably won’t ever be able to understand just what she’s been through. I also love Adam. He seems like such an amazing brother and I hope we can meet him in person soon! Looking forward to the next chapter. I’m not sure how James is ever gonna fix this one

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! The Potter's definitely can't fix all of life's problems, and I try to write Nellie as a very separate entity from her interactions with James because they shouldn't define her. Adam is actually briefly in the first chapter, but his role will definitely be more important in a few chapters!!
2018-10-28 5:21am
You bet I'm back for more! This isn't just another fluffy James/OC, there's a lot of underlying mystery to Ms. Burke and I'm thoroughly intrigued and can't wait to see you peel off her layers. Like what's causing her migraines? Who's the unnamed lady at the ball in chapter 1? Why does it seem like there's peril looming in her future? Why does James have to be such an unwarranted insufferable moron towards her? Is it just because he lives for the hunt and derives some sadistic pleasure in pushing her buttons. I guess all in due time. How long do you anticipate this story to be? Thanks!

Author's Response: Wow - very astute! Perhaps the migraines and the unnamed woman are connected to a certain peril? And James is absolutely insufferable, but perhaps in the next couple of chapters he will show a different side. This story is LONG, and I've sort of been considering everything up until chapter thirteen to be an introduction of sorts. It will start moving very quickly very fast, and I hope you'll continue to let me know what you think!


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