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Review #1, by IrisAya Co-Captain

26th May 2017:
[Comment 2/2]


First off, I forgot that I couldn't post two comments on the same chapter, shoot. So I have to post it here @.@ I need to stop rambling one day. So I'm marking this as a possible spoiler, fml because I can't delete the first one I posted and report this second half on the fifth chapter.

While I think Santiago would think it was an abrupt change, for her to interact positively with James. I canít help but think that after her self-proclaimed isolation, due to her feeling so ill and not wanting to talk about her illness, he might be even a bit happy that sheís not going back to that. Of course, I canít say for certain lol That blush was adorable and amusing, to me, though, once again imagining his face.

Of course, that ending had me watching my RSS feed consistently to see when the next chapter went into the queue. I made a comment earlier in the comment that Iíd hoped I would feel well enough to comment before this chapter and this is why, now.

Your A/N mentioned: ďPlease let me know what you think. I wasn't so sure about making her admit fancying James so soon, but oh well...Ē

Of course, I didnít consider something until Chapter 5 (which Iíll expand on later), but Iíll mention my thoughts prior to that. I didnít think it too early for Nautica to acknowledge that she possibly or did fancy him. Thereís a fair difference from admitting you might enjoy flirting with someone, his reactions, and his appearance versus wanting to date him or pursue him.

Then, after you entered Chapter 5 into the queue I reread and thought about Chapter 4 again. I considered that isolating yourself, to an extent, from your friends and having no real confidant/e regarding her difficulties with schooling and symptoms, could result in her being more likely to admit it to herself.

Especially with her recent interactions with him that show a bit of a newer side to him. Iím not saying that it drove her to think about it or think it only because of that and not her true feelings. Iím just thinking that it can aid the process along to coming to that point to consider something you mightíve not considered without it. I hope that made any sense at all.

Chapter 5ish:

Iím happy that her teammates and friends now know what is happening to Nautica. But Iím also saddened that it happened because of the incident at the quidditch match and not on her terms as she felt a bit pushed/forced into it, in a way.

I was hoping for a different answer from ďIím sorryĒ from many of her teammates, but itís an understanding immediate reaction of course.

I understand Santiagoís reaction and Nauticaís reaction, but I especially like that they were understanding of each otherís feelings and what backed them. Sounds like a healthy friendship, and she needs that sort of support now. I also enjoyed that she admitted that she could barely admit the cancer to herself, let alone anyone else.

After the last chapter, I was certain that James would visit Nautica after hours in the Hospital Wing and I enjoyed being correct on that thought. I was a bit thrown by the confession though.

It also feels very Nautica, with not wanting to burden her friends etc., to want him to leave because she wouldnít want to hurt James if anything happened. Breaks my heart for both James and Nautica, especially when James finds out (though I look forward to him possibly figuring out why she might have refused him then.)

Just, poor Nautica :( I hope it gets better at least, considering her friends now know and can help her out.

Thank you for updating and for writing this fic, of course! I look forward to the next update and hope that itís soon, but I completely understand how long it can take to write if needed.


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Review #2, by IrisAya A visit

26th May 2017:
[Comment 1/?]

So, Iíve been following this from when you posted the first chapter. Iíve been meaning to comment before this, particularly before this newest chapter was posted. The main thing thatís kept me from it is that Iíve been quite ill. So, this might combine all comments for the chapters into one, I apologize in advance for the huge comment that will inevitably come (because Iím too lazy to split it up, partly because the later chapters have obviously changed parts of comments.)

Chapter 1ish:

I generally donít start reading fics before there is at least a few chapters updated consistently, but I saw the topic and had to read it to see if I wanted to follow it. I absolutely understand what Nauticaís going through, not the same thing, but the end of December 2016, I was suddenly diagnosed with something awful.

In comparison to Nautica, the only possible treatment for my condition, period, was two major operations. Though, the nature of the surgeries required sections of my hair to need to be shaved for the incisions etc. The doctors and surgeons obviously saw my horror (like Nautica I LOVE my hair) and made sure to reassure, multiple times, that it wouldnít be a long-lasting issue and it would grow back.

For the next month, my main concern was ďWhat is going to happen to my hair?Ē and a bit of outrage when it happened. I couldnít bring myself to look at the damage to my hair when I had the first surgery a month later (and my mum further destroyed my hair because she apparently doesnít know how to handle hair other than pin-straight hair.). I feel Nautica on the topic SO much, Iím not a teen anymore, particularly when it first happened, so I canít even IMAGINE how poorly I would have reacted if I had been a teen! Though I do hope sheíll hit the point where she no longer cares much about it, in the weight of the other symptoms that are getting serious.

Chapter 2ish:

I kind of enjoy that sheís hard on James, Freddy, and Jeremiah knowing that other prefects/etc. will let things slide. But thatís probably just the kind of person I am.

Actually when this chapter came out, I thought Jamesí comment was related to the rumor that Nautica had resigned, and that he believed the rumors. It was this quote:
"Come on, Pheonix," James says, a twinkle in his eye as he steps forward slyly. "We're just having a bit of fun: you can understand that, yeah?"

It made me think of a few possible reasons circulating for her resignation from Captaincy.

Though, I was a bit worried about Nautica when they disappeared because you mentioned flying/hitting the outer wall. I was worried, until the next section, that sheíd end up being hurt from the incident. At least that didnít seem to happen. Apparently by this point Iíd already become rather attached to Nautica.

Though I donít quite relate on the not telling her friends, not that I blame her at all. My friends and coworkers know that Iíve had health issues for years and the diagnosis suddenly explained a ton of things. So Iím used to my body failing me, to a certain extent. But I can emphasize with her considering her body hasnít ever and how jarring that would be. At this point, Iíd hoped that her friends would find out soon, because it can be super lonely and itís good to have people around you that can understand why you may be acting oddly or snappishly.

Final comment on that chapter, I kind of love Freddy, just his personality I guess.

Chapter 3ish:

Oh man, disgusting medicine, I feel for you Nautica. Hopefully it works in the long-run though!

"Why do you keep asking?"

Oh yes, Freddy why do you keep asking?

Iím kind of curious as to what is causing Nautica to faint. I wonder if itís a side-effect of the potion or something like that. Either way, not enjoyable in any way, especially if it happens often.

At the same time, I understand why James woke Nautica up, but at the same time Iím annoyed (with Nautica) at him for doing it. Especially because sheís obviously there for a legitimate reason.

Of course, my previous thought about James believing the rumor that sheíd resigned and possibly reasons behind it were proven false here, but it was also nice.

With his honestly about the bludger incident (blaming himself) and why he does silly pranks (and that question about the statue), thatís when I began to get an image (on my earlier hunch from Freddy) that James had liked her for at least a bit. I also liked, a bit, how Nautica honestly thought on him enough to really decide if she had hated him, truly, and a possible reason why.

I can only imagine (with my idea of his feelings and having now read this chapter) how James will react when he finds out the true reason sheís in the Hospital Wing and resigned.

Re: losing hair, see above also. Once again, I feel totally in-line with Nautica on this. I basically lost it when I first take a full look at my hair post-surgeries.

I canít blame Nautica for snapping when the bucket of blue goop fell on them, I would too. Iím imagining Jamesí and Freddyís faces and Iím laughing to myself about it. I wonder who it was meant for, though, and a bit wow on Jeremiah still laughing when it wasnít even meant for them!

Chapter 4ish:

At least it hasnít gotten worse, I mean itís not great that the mass hasnít improved, but frankly with something like this, no news is sometimes good news still.

Iím happy sheís still able to be a prefect, but I canít help but wonder how long itíll last. Especially with her mental list of symptoms :/

I enjoyed this chapter particularly, because Nautica showed signs of being able to move past the panic-mode of a new diagnosis and think things through a bit more. I loved the Co-Captain idea and enjoyed her playfulness with James after she spoke to Tessla about Co-Captaining.

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Review #3, by Potterhead1994 A visit

24th May 2017:
It was touching, the confrontation between her and Santiago . And oh, her and James .

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Review #4, by Violet Potter 434 A visit

24th May 2017:
I love it and its great but I have a science exam tomorrow so I cant say much more than
i'm sorry this is short and
please write quickly

love from me xxx

Author's Response: Well, good luck on your exam! Thanks for taking time for me then!

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Review #5, by Violet Potter 434 Co-Captain

14th May 2017:
Ugh I need more

You can't just say she likes James and make her collapses and leave me at that

I wanna see his reaction

Its so amazing - this story
And chapter
For that matter

I love it so much

Please update soon

Love from me xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing again! I appreciate it and I'm glad you love the story:) update coming soonish.

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Review #6, by The Justice League Co-Captain

14th May 2017:
I hope her friends find out next chapter, ns I love all the conversations with James!

Author's Response: Okay I'm glad you like the interactions between her and James. I was worried about that:) thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #7, by Scose Break Down

4th May 2017:
So touching, so moving. Such a beautiful story. Excited to read more soon. Please continue writing, lots of love

Author's Response: Awh thank you:) I'm glad you like it.

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Review #8, by Violet Potter 434 Break Down

2nd May 2017:
ugh this just gets better and better

I can't wait for more

its just so different-but in a good way

love from me xx

Author's Response: Yay I'm so glad you're enjoying this!

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Review #9, by PthePotatoes Prefect Rounds

26th April 2017:
Oh James, must you be a troublemaker ? You did a good job portraying him and Freddie. I do wander if they'll get back at her for taking points. Please update soon.

Author's Response: Why thank you:) I was between making him a normal prankster or a bad boy. I'll be working on it.

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Review #10, by halo_girl Resignation

22nd April 2017:
This is a really good beginning :) I'm excited to see where you take this. This is different for sure.

Author's Response: Thank you for the response!

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Review #11, by AccioTeddyLupin Resignation

21st April 2017:
I've never seen anything like this on HPFF before! I can't wait for it to unfold. Good luck!

Author's Response: Awh well, thank you:) I'm hoping to keep it going on a good path.

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Review #12, by Violet Potter 434 Resignation

21st April 2017:
hey this is great, a bit sad but then its going to be and I support that, I know you'll try and get the serious message across well

but the writing is fantastic

please write more soon as I want to see where this is going

love from me xxx

Author's Response: Yay, thank you for reviewing:) I appreciate the feedback always.

I already put up the second chapter. I hope you enjoy:) This is going to be a bit of a challenge for me. Trying to convey how serious a situation it is for her, but try not to overdramatize Nautica. It's a balance I'll be trying to keep.

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