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Review #1, by Marshal Endless Quidditch Practice

3rd April 2017:
I liked this. You did a nice job of showing the things that happen in the locker room before a quidditch practice. It looks to me like you were showing a bit of first year, second year and third year. It seemed to blur together a bit for me but then again my concentration hasn't been the greatest as of late.

Still I like the story and I think you got a good handle on Oliver and his obession with the quidditch matches. That I think is one of my favorite things about Oliver is his obsession so you did that very well. I was very amused by the line regarding two charts rather than one - so funny and soo Oliver.

But poor Harry falling asleep during an Oliver lecture. I'm surprised that Oliver wasn't more upset about it. I also like the small indications of Ginny and how you play at Harry's interest in her some even from such a young age. Very subtle and nicely played.

Great job on the story as a whole I certainly did enjoy reading this as you did a nice job depicting practices and a little bit of the Harry/Ginny ship.

Author's Response: Hi, Marshal! Thank you for doing CTF for the community!

You may be right with the locker room scene. This story was written for House Cup writing battle, I kept writing through midnight for the deadline and passing the draft to my fellow lions, it was a kind of lunatic work load, so it might lack some detailed descriptions.

I'm happy to hear you enjoyed Oliver in this story. The theme, "Game On" gave me the imagination about him and I enjoyed writing about him in the Quidditch pitch.

I was impressed by the pattern that the European hero has jet-black hair and the heroine has red hair or fair hair. So I wanted to indicate that in this story. :)

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Review #2, by Unicorn_Charm Endless Quidditch Practice

3rd April 2017:
Hey Kenny! CTF review!

The concept of this story is interesting. If I'm correct, we're going to see the progression of Harry and Ginny's relationship through different Quiddirch matches? That's definitely something I haven't seen before and am excited to see what you'll do with this.

Oliver's character is on point. His disregard for his teammates health and well being, with practice and winning being his number one priority. I was surprised that he didn't make Katie and Alicia stay and practice, regardless of them being sick XD

I loved the quips and smart remarks the twins would give Oliver when they were tired and just sick of him going on about quidditch.

I loved the first encounter with Harry and Ginny here. How she just silently handed him the towel and scampered off. That's definitely true to her character at that age. Being so intimidated, yet enamoured with Harry. It was such a sweet moment.

Oh Oliver. So intense again here. Not even caring about what the Dementors are doing to Harry, only that he would be able to get rid of them. Again, total disregard for the well being of his teammates. Sometimes I think Oliver is a horrible person, to be honest.

So this was interesting, that even though we know Harry has a crush on Cho at this point, he dreamed of Ginny's red hair. That was a nice little touch to show that Harry and Ginny were always meant to be together. Im wondering if you're going to incorporate anything from 4th year, considering that there wasn't any quidditch that year.

This is a great start to what I'm sure will be a sweet story. Can't wait to read more!

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: Hi, Meg! Thank you for reading this for CTF! It was fun to write Oliver for House Cup activity back to 2015,(or 2016? my memory is vague...right?)

At first, I wrote about Oliver's obsession with Quidditch, then I enjoyed writing Harry's mind movement towards Ginny. I respect your imagination around Snamione ship. I can't write like that. I wish I could have courage to write more about...(M rated things) you know what I mean?

I need to come back to your story as well. :D
I mean I need to describe the things beyond just the sweet moment or episode... :D

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Review #3, by DougA Endless Quidditch Practice

4th March 2017:
Ok, nice start. I'm interested to see how this develops.

Author's Response: Thank you, DougA. I'll add more chapters, later.

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