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Review #1, by nott theodore Teddy Lupin

29th April 2017:
CTF Jailbreak Review

Hi Branwen!

It's been way too long since I got to read any of your lovely writing, but this was a really lovely story. It's kind of coincidental because I was actually starting to think about writing a Bill/Fleur fic the other day, and I realised that the age gap between them was actually quite a big one, given that she was still at school in the Goblet of Fire and he'd been working for a few years by then. I really liked the way that you brought it up here as Fleur was trying to reassure Bill about Victoire going out for a date with Teddy and the age difference between them.

This was so lovely, though - I loved the way that you captured the relationship between Bill and Fleur, with her trying to reassure him and stop him from getting too protective of his eldest daughter, and then the fact that the attraction is still there for them after all this time. They're a really cute couple and now I'm wondering why I don't read more of them because this was really sweet. The dialogue between them here was perfect.

I loved Bill's characterisation here especially, and the way that he was so protective of Victoire but he didn't do anything stupid about it. And Victoire and the way that she was so embarrassed but excited about her date was really sweet as well. I loved this story!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Aww, I'm so happy that you liked my Bill/Fleur! Fleur is actually one of my favorite HP characters, and I love them as a couple, so I really enjoyed writing this and I'm so glad they came across well in this!

And like... I actually do get where Bill is coming from, but at the same time. yeah, pot calling the kettle black there, especially since Fleur was just barely out of school. :P

Thank you so, so much!

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Review #2, by krazyboutharryginny Teddy Lupin

29th April 2017:
This was a fun little story! Bill and Fleur is a pairing that I honestly haven't spent much time thinking about; same thing with Teddy and Victoire, though to a lesser extent. It was definitely interesting to read a story about both, even if we don't actually see Teddy at any point ahaha.

I thought your characterization was totally spot on. Victoire and Dominique were both such teenagers, but were both unique. I liked that they both sassed Bill a little without really being disrespectful, I think that's a sign of a healthy parent-child relationship tbh ahaha. And Bill and Fleur seemed like great parents, and I loved their playful back-and-forth and how much of a Dad Bill was ahaha.

The details in this were great too. I particularly liked how both Fleur and Bill noticed that Victoire was dressed differently than usual and that led to them realizing she was going on a date. And it really cracked me up when Bill was staring at the ceiling, and Fleur was thinking about how it's "a nice enough ceiling, as ceilings went".

Bill and Fleur were precious tbh, I already touched on this but I really did love their interactions. There was a lot of love there for sure and it was obvious in the way they spoke to each other here :)

Great work!


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Review #3, by Ron 4 Hermione Teddy Lupin

4th April 2017:
Hey there, here for CTF!

Aww, a love that this is a story about Bill and Fleur, I donít read enough about them. I love the slight changes youíve made to Victorie because sheís going on this date, the skirt and makeup, itís just so typical of what girls do. And I love the way you write Victoire to because often sheís portrayed as the double of her mother and a girly girl but I definitely think growing up with all those cousins, and being a Weasley, would have made her a little more tomboy-ish.

Aha, dad mode alert. So he doesnít like that does he, you can see why though, his first daughter, all grown up and going on a date. Itís cute. I like Fleurís role though, and how sheís trying to calm him down, I especially like the comparison between her and Bill. You donít really hear much about how Fleur and Bill got together, but I like your descriptions. Especially the idea of Fleur not helping the situation, I can imagine the Veela in her coming out and seducing Bill. Although Iím not sure how hard he would have tried to resist.

I love how short and sweet this is, itís just a little snippet into their life and itís cute and fluffy. Great job.

-Shaza :)

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Review #4, by MuggleMaybe Teddy Lupin

4th April 2017:
Hello lovely! Back again to give your stories the CTF litmus test for Hufflepuff Game 3 ;)

first of all: HAHAHAHA! This is just too funny! I loved seeing Bill and Fleur as parents of teenagers. You'd think, given his somewhat rebellious steak, that Bill would be a laid back dad. I like that you turned the tables and made him the one who's anxious about his little girl dating a Man (not a boy lol!). And, in the same vein, it's nice to see Fleur given a more carefree attitude. I enjoy seeing characters written in ways that are both original and believable wth canon, and you've done that well.

Victoire is just perfectly in character here. What a teenager. The way she tells them the truth but not the truth is so spot on. And her pronouncement that Teddy is boring because he doesn't blow things up made me laugh. I think she might be bluffing about being bored by him there, considering she clearly likes him! What a cutie, though

I so often think that parents forget what it was like to be young. When Fleur pointed out the age difference between her and BIll, I laughed out loud. YES. GOOD POINT. And then their discussion of the various... um... activities that they did at Bill's office had me dying of laughter. Those rebels! Bill might be worried, but I say Like father, like daughter!

Also, I am making a note for myself that if there is a dialogue category in the site-wide awards, I need to nominate this. You're dialogue is just perfect! I wish I could say something more wizened about it, but that's all I've got: It's PERFECT.

You write such great next gens! ♥
xoxo Renee

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